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Checkin to see how the many transformations are affecting the physical out there. I don't know if that is how it is supposed to happen but one thing I have noticed over the last three days is that I have had a temper that is as short as the node on my little finger. For no reason I cannot stand failure to work with details, for anyone around me. I was also very particular about doing things with speed for the last two days. Then suddenly I am patient and so very loving to every one. I cannot stand anyone doing anyone wrong right now. I guess this is what is called transmutation? Where the negative energies will be released by first of all manifesting and then disapearing completely. That's for me. Ok my head feels really full like and a hell of alot fuzzy. Am with challenges but am so at peace right now. I hope stuff is happening with you guys...but it wil be fun to hear of a guy who has teleported.

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me to
What on earth are you talking about...mood swings make people teleport now?
LOL not really Great one. It's just that teleporting will be part of what will come as a gift of the higher dimensions where you have come from but talking about here and we wait to be teleporters...the software in moods and feelings and emotions are at an interesting up down mixture. This has been predicted before that it wil be a way of these energies leaving the being in all dimensions because they cannot survive as we anchor on the 5th dimension.
Well, I feel very odd since yesterday... my head feels so light and pleasant sensation goes tru my whole body... everybody at my work place is acting weird, like they were thinking intensively all the time and it takes few moments until they are aware that you're talkin to them :)... Don't know what to make of it... Oh and yesterday my friend and neighbour in one person, who's 26 years old, went to sleep at about 8 pm... usually she stays wake till 12 pm... not to mention that I was supposed to go to her, but we both agreed that we'll better meet the next day :) ... everybody I meet says: "Today I felt like I was falling asleep while working"... it's really something I didn't experience earlier in my life... Even coffee doesn't work...

Hi, I also have those mood swings, really short temper, tired and every little pain comes up. Since december 2008 I have a string of illenesses , and it doesn't stop, it is so weird. Also I notice I can predict some events, not big ones. Like seeing/ feeling that someone is calling my name, and then a second later it happens. And since I am on forums like these and reading I see a light behind my eyes. I don't what to make of all of this.
teleported did you check :Steven Greer - The promise of New Energy in barcelona

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