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hi guys just a quick post. i was meditating this morning and all of a suddan the name Sananda burst through my mind, and at the very same time my whole body started to shake and was buzzing with incredible energy. Has anyone heard of Sananda, as i have found opposing views when i try to research it on the internet.

thanks all
lots of love

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Dear Andromeda,

Depending on where you look, and what questions you ask, Sananda is either an Ascended Master here to help humanity with their imminent shift to the higher levels, or a charlatan that is posing as a guru.

Myself, I do not pass judgment, but I invite you to research more on the subject.
Lord Sananda is an individualised energy that resides within the realm of the Ascended Masters. He is usually viewed as the Ascended Master version of Jesus Christ. In reality the Sananda energy is the Christ Consciousness personified. In your meditation the Christ Consciousness energy came through you - in the form that we know as Sananda. This is high geometric source energy, I would suggest you were given some kind of activation and would imagine your meditations shall be deeper & more connected now, I would suggest you could very easily start directly channeling this energy.

Here is what my guides, The Nine, responded to two questions about Lord Sananda
Magenta Pixie :)

You asked us, is the Lord Sananda the Ascended Master version of Jesus Christ?

The men on Earth who lived lives that have contributed to the person you know as Jesus Christ embodied the "Christ Consciousness." Sananda is the archetype Geometric Master that is the personification of Christ Consciousness. Therefore, he could be viewed as the Ascended Master version of any person living on Earth who embodied Christ Consciousness within their lives. But "Sananda" is not an ascended version of any one human being. Those who walked the Earth who make up the person you know as 'Jesus' have moved forward in their journey and their soul construct is part of Sananda simply because they embraced the Christ Consciousness. Yet Sananda embraces many, many soul constructs including all the Lightworkers on Earth today.

You asked us, is Lord Sananda of the dark?

There is positive Light and positive Dark. The Lord Sananda, Ascended Master, and all beings that vibrate within Christ Consciousness frequency are polarized positive. There is also negative Light and negative Dark. Lord Sananda, Ascended Master is the opposite frequency to the negative.

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