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We are in the time of change, some calling it a shift I call it a leap, a leap of faith. A leap into the belief of who we truly are. I have been working during my sleeping hours which up until last night have not been very many. I have been plagued by insomnia ever since I can remember. So when I sleep more than four hours its one of two things: I am sick and on the mend or I am downloading information from spirit. Well I aint sick. So during my 3 d rest time I was taken on a journey walking, on a path of what the future is to be. It all started with a call. Let me explain. I was in total darkness, until I heard my name being called. It was like someone was singing it. My name was not a name but a vibration and the sound of it woke me. It woke me up with a gentle caress of unconditional love and total peace. It was euphoric and as I opened my eyes I was amazed at the way the world looked. It looked as if it was split into three different levels. Each level had different things and people on it all working towards different issues. I was guided along this path as an observer to witness and understand what would be. I was told that world would of course end as we know it but not as it has been foretold to us or has been written before. What I observed was just amazing. Everyone was working toward the same goal but just taking different paths to get there. This of course is something we all already know. The first level was very similar to earth the one thing that appeared to be missing was violence. Everyone was kind and thoughtful. They assisted and cared for one another. They worked together as if they were united. I felt pride, hope and most importantly LOVE. The second level appeared to be very vivid, alive, energized and electric. The color and sound were intense. I watched as peoples thoughts manifested right before their eyes. There was no wrong or right everything just was. Peoples hearts were connected to their minds. Communication was no longer necessary on a verbal level or physical level but now on a telepathic one, which was not only heard in the mind but felt in the heart. We still held a physical form but it seemed lighter almost transparent. We walked in thought not in steps. I don’t know if you understand what that means but it was impressive to witness. I again was moved by what I witnessed. I felt what they felt which was a connection to all that is. That oneness we only dream about. I felt empowered beyond belief. On This level there were no attachments, no emotions not in the way we were use to feeling them, there was only love. Not in the way we know it now but in the way that was deeper like the beauty in a moment. Kinda like when you come upon a scenic view and it takes your breath away because of its beauty or when parents see and hold their child for the very first time. The expression on their face is illuminated by the love in their heart. A moment in time that you wanted to make last forever because everything was just so right. I wanted to stay longer but my energy Light being told me I had not even starched the surface of what was to be and I had to move on. Now mind you I was informed that there are many levels but on the earth there were to only be three. As I pressed on I found everything on this level was energy. This energy vibration was made of light / color /sound. I felt that there was no time. No past no present no future. We did not have bodies like we do now. We were made up of energy. It was like watching a mesmerizing light show, complete with sound and all. To watch this merging and balancing with all that is, male and female united as one. Amazed by the unity of the spiritual self connecting to the comic self was not only magnificent but beyond all reality. We are now one is what vibrated through me. It was the tune of my soul, my spirit, my essence. I was in a spiritual trance. There was so much going on around me, moving at the speed of light. I was in aw as I knew exactly what was going on and who I was truly meant to be. I felt as if I climbed that mountain, swam that sea and I came to rest in the vibration of me. The message I received while I was there was the path to source is not out there, but its within myself. Its not in a book or in a class. Its not in a channel or from some guru. I can’t buy it, take it, hear it, see it, or fake it. I would know I was there by the way I felt. It is something that is beyond words. It is a connection showing me the mastership of self. I am the one who always knew. I am source my path has lead me to me. So as always it comes to past we come full circle the beginning is the end and the end the beginning. So as I came to this conclusion everything begin to fade to black it is not our fear of moving forward it is our fear of moving back. I opened my eyes to see I was in my bed one something in the afternoon. I thought omg what a strange dream, it seemed so real, and then I heard my name called in that singsong way and felt the tears roll down my face as I knew I would be there someday. This is the massage channeled from me, through me, for me and I am sharing it with you.
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Thank You for sharing this it touches my heart so gently Love & Light

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