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Updated 2009 July 15:
An Open Letter from Alex Collier

July 14, 2009

As many of you are aware, I am being bitterly attacked from the Billy Meier/FIGU camp, especially by their U.S. publicist, Michael Horn. I am being addressed as a liar and a fraud. Apparently, because I changed my name and at most times in my life during on going contacts, I chose to not share this reality with people who were acquaintances. Why would I? You also need to know that I have addressed this issue publicly in earlier lectures years ago. But maybe it’s necessary to deal with it for the last time.

In the early 90's when I came forward, the talks were very small. More like living room chats, just a hand full of people. I stopped speaking in 2002. After being addressed in front of my mailbox by three well dressed men that were part of a "Program", I was told to "Shut the f*#@ up". I was then told that friends were going to be hurt if I did not shut up. The names were given to me. They were not kidding and it wasn't a joke. They were going to kill friends and family members.

Fast forward the internet. I had no idea that the information would go where it has. In 1990 when Morenay had asked me to speak and share "some of my experiences" I reluctantly said yes. I spoke to my Dad regarding this. My dad had an experience of my contacts when we lived in upper state NY. We spoke of it that morning and as my Dad was a strong catholic, his questions were very direct. I felt that if I was going to speak he needed to know. Dad was afraid of what would not only happen to me but our family. My brothers and sisters, and himself by government and religious harassment, etc.... We spoke about using another name to share the information in some way to protect my family.

At times in my life while contacts were on going it has been very difficult and hard to share it. I had a head full of knowledge, and experiences but could not share it. I was told that at those times there was no one I could truly trust. When I did not listen to the “Andromedans”, they would prove to be right. Supposed friends betrayed and stole from me. Enough said about that.

I have shared the information that I was asked to. I don't sell anything. I was told by the Andromedans not to make a business of this in any way. And so I haven't. I have tried very hard to keep a low profile and protect my family from hurt and prejudice, by those who don't give a damn about my family. All they want is to keep their name in lights and beat their chest, by declaring they have the secret and they are the only ones with the truth. That Mr. Billy Meier is the only contactee in the entire world. That’s the lie, Ladies and Gentlemen. Billy is not and nor has he ever been the only one.

I am very saddened that many researchers and authors who have found their own evidence to collaborate information shared by the Andromedans and other races are now being attacked for it. They are also accused of being involved in and perpetrating a fraud. Dr Salla, Paola Harris, and Col.Wendelle Stevens to just name a few. They have tirelessly dedicated themselves to helping humanity. Mr. Horn’s accusations are despicable.

Paola Harris is one of the most honest and sincere persons on earth, whose integrity is beyond reproach. It’s disgusting that she should continue to be abused and harassed by this man only because she interviewed me. She was simply doing her job in the most objective way.

Dr. Salla's efforts to help bring humanity together and see the bigger picture will have a profound effect on humanity in a positive way for decades. And I also feel that Dr Salla's honesty is beyond reproach.

Col. Stevens, whom I met for the first time in Japan, is a real gentleman. He has tirelessly researched contactees for 50 years. His should be the only voice any of us listen to regarding who is a real contactee or not. And his work is probably the largest single contribution to humanity regarding Exopolitics. Point of fact.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I frankly at this point don't care if any of you believe or not. All the research, all of the sacrifices everyone in this field has made and will make is due to endless hours of lost family time, as well as the loss of family and peace of mind. And of course the ridicule from others, who have no clue how huge and important this subject really is. This has been and was done for humanity. This is for us as a race to have a new perspective, a new place to start when the lies of our false history collapse under the weight of truth, that we are not alone and have never been; a revelation that we are so much more than we have been told.

The “lie” is that Billy Meier is the only contactee. And if the "Pleiadians" (excuse me) "The Plejarians" (they changed their name, too), told Billy he was the only one, then they have lied. You must keep this in prospective also as well. There are in fact many contactees in the world. I have been told that there are at least 1,407 at this present moment. You may be one of them yourself. I think we should continue to move forward and help humanity achieve its potential.

Ladies and Gentlemen, in closing I have given what I can. It’s out there and that's what I agreed to do. You can choose to read it, listen to it, and research it or not. The information is the Andromedans' prospective. That's it. I would of course always encourage you to research the field. There is a wealth of information out there by many great dedicated researchers and speakers. NO ONE HAS THE WHOLE STORY. But it’s for you to discover who you are and your place in this drama of conscious and spiritual evolution. Be your own savior. Take the pressure off of GOD and help yourself. The worst case is you will be an inspiration and leader to others, to invest in themselves and see themselves as they truly are: genetic royalty and incredible beings.

I feel it’s necessary to add this last clarification for you. I have no vested interest in this information. And as such I really could care less what anyone thinks. My intention was to share the information and give a different prospective. I have had a lot of growth to go through and am now the father of five. I must put the welfare of my family first and move beyond this sideshow with FIGU/Michael Horn.

I am done with this. Think what you will, but please keep your minds open. It’s the only way your life will work…

Alex Collier

Updated 2009 July 15:
An Open Letter from Dr. Michael Salla regarding Alex Collier

To all, below is a statement by Alex Collier concerning recent criticisms against him by Michael Horn. Horn's main criticisms are that Alex did not confide his childhood contact experience to Horn and others in the mid-to-late 1980s; changed his name prior to going public with his claims in the early 1990s; and has not provided hard evidence to support his claims. Alex satisfactorily responds to the first two criticisms and explains why he went silent in 2002 due to threats against family and friends. Such threats pertain to the release of hard evidence in favor of his claims. As a former human rights investigator and researcher, professional standards and ethics always need to be applied to witnesses of events whose retelling involves significant personal risk. Since Alex was then and still is a father with young children, I immediately accepted and respected his concerns. In my five year investigation of Alex's claims, I have found no evidence of fraud, and been privy to additional evidence in support of his claims that has not been made public.

I find it ironic that Alex who has not sought to profit from his contact experiences, permits the free distribution of his information and has not encouraged a cult around himself, is attacked by someone who profits from the Meier material, bullies others into surrendering copyright ownership of Meier's photos, and actively promotes a cult movement around Meier as a modern profit; sorry, reincarnated prophet, Enoch/Henoch, Isaiah, Jesus/Jmannuel, Muhammed, etc. I find Horn's internet antics and unscrupulous attacks against Alex Collier and others as transparently directed towards promoting the Meier case. He is after all Meier's U.S. publicist.

It is important that people like Alex are protected so they can safely share their material, rather than be hounded for not releasing information to the public that they sincerely believe would endanger family and friends. I stand by my earlier statements that Alex Collier is very credible and a man of great integrity whose friendship I value. For those interested in learning more about Alex Collier's experiences concerning a race of human looking extraterrestrials from the Andromeda constellation, I have created a page here with links, witness statements, video testimonies, and the results so far of my own ongoing investigation into Alex's remarkable claims.

Michael E. Salla, Ph.D.
Kealakekua , Hawaii

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In cases such as these, I tend to favor the one who speaks softly and eloquently, managing to bring across a point without resorting to swearing or shouting.

After all, even though it's about the information being relayed rather than the form of the message, I find that message designed to harm or ridicule are always very light on debatable points and actual data, usually constructed around a single unproven supposition.

P.S. Personally, I had a few Arcturan experiences, but nothing I feel that needs concern anyone else or change humanity...
This letter I have placed upon the previous Lea / Michael Horn posted ''letter'' of Alex Collier.
What was placed by Michael Horn.. .. was not the whole letter of Alex Collier. This one is. So now we can see both sides!
agreed, ive resonated with him since the first time i saw his speeches
These is some of the reply ,that I made on Lea's post.

'' I never had any doubt about Billy Meier ,cause of his evidence,handicaped,ordinary farmer with kids ect.And most of lessons on these ''extraordinaries'' I got from him. ...but I never had enything against A,C. too:):):) cause all I wanted
was to see ,so many people out-there,speaking about UFO-Extraterrestrial existance, in way to raise the awareness of
masses about them. You know UFO fenomenon can and is shattering all the Old foundation of lies and deceptions about our origine and truth. .....Alex C. even if, in it's ''fame-desire'' so to speak,he's done a lot to ''nudge'' the humanity on
UFO-Extr.Intelligence anyway. ...:):):) over-all he will remain one of those who spoke -up ...''

----It's not the time for contactees to fight eachother now. Never was anyway.
It blurs and confuse masses interests on ufos, extraterrestrials,interdimensionality,channelings ect. ..making people
doubt even more of these things ,that they already do.It simply doesn't serve the positivity. ....Love.




There are so many ufo contactees.
Right on, i resonate with a lot of what alex has to say.
Hi Trudy!Bless your heart for posting this! Thank you so much! love & light, mlp
Many thanks to Alex Collier for waking me up and helping me search for my own truth. It doesn't really matter whether you believe him or not. It is up to you to do your own research and learn the truth.
Hi, the problem is that people who don't believe in this want to speak for all of human kind. They think by ridicule him and make him suspicious that we would follow like a mindless flock. I think it is great and courageous to speak out about things like this. And it is up to the individuality to believe or not to believe, it is their right. And if you don't believe and you want to express your opinion it should be in a respectfull way. It is right for Alex that he says that he doesn't care if you believe or not, he is just spreading the message. Just like you have that phrase:"Don't shoot the messenger".

Wish you lots of love and light

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