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Alfa Spaceship - Oct 9, 2010. ...I am inviting you all to spend the day of tomorrow, Sunday, meditating in inner silence.

Alpha Spaceship . Oct/ 9/ 2010. This is the process we like to call...

This is the we like to call "Ascension"

Greetings from Alpha Spaceship!

How beautiful it is for us to see so many Light Workers making an effort to succeed in converting this young planet into a New Earth for all her inhabitants! A New Earth that will contain a New Humanity made up of people of all ages and all ideologies sharing together a happy and enriching life!

I am Sohin, Commander of the Stellar Alpha Spaceship, in a mission to help and rescue all living beings (not only humans) of planet Earth.

For that reason we are here, in a common mission with other brethren of the Cosmos, united in a goal: to raise your level of consciousness until you become through your own merits - not through ours - human being candidates to form part of the Galactic Federation of Stars and Planets.

This is the process that we like to call "Ascension". We are in a deciding moment of this process, for each of you must decide now if you are willing to join the large group of men and women who will populate the New Earth or if, on the contrary, you will decide to incarnate on planets similar to Earth, just like you have been doing until now but without generating any evolutionary change or obvious spiritual improvement in your rapprochement with the Celestial Father.

The Supreme Intelligence offers you this opportunity to join this quantum leap, and it depends on you whether you board the train or remain on Earth. It is a long-road train, as there are still many things to learn, transmute and improve; but nothing is achieved in one day (not even in a Cosmic Day).

Tomorrow will be a very special day, astrologically speaking: 10-10-10. The number !0 is the first number formed by two figures, after counting from 1 to 9. Tomorrow, this number will be repeated three times so the energy of that first combined number will arrive to you from the outside and also from the inside (from your interior) multiplied by three.

The number 10 in itself symbolizes perfection, and what is the same, all that which is divine and heavenly. For that reason, it is an ideal day to ask the Divine to make you perfect in all and each one of your three aspects: in the physical aspect (in the form of health and stamina), in the mental aspect (in the form of peace and well-being), and in its spiritual aspect (in the form of happiness and personal contentment).

I am inviting you all to spend the day of tomorrow, Sunday, meditating in inner silence, without any disturbing external distraction that takes you out of your center.

And if you are reading this message after this day has passed, it matters not because the Energy our loving Father is sending from His heart will have implanted itself as an indelible footprint in all of your hearts. What happens is that if you spend this day fully conscious of its influence on you, it will have a much greater benefit because of it.

I love you very much, and I hug you from my inner Being.

Peace and Love.

Source: Commander Sohin

Channel: Kris-Won


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Thank you Commander! Peace Love and Light!

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