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Admin announcement 5% of video's contained links to removed video's

We kindly request that members check their uploaded video's and to delete video's whos link points to a removed video.

Thanks to a member (Trudy) some 5% of video's have already been removed because the links no longer worked. This could ofcourse be frustrating for members searching for certain categories of video's.

Please help us keep the content actual. Going through all 4500+ videos's is to much to ask of the admins, please check your own content upload.

Thank you up front.

p.s. Interesting to see that 50% of the removed video's were removed by the users (youtube), the other 50% were removed due to violations of the terms and conditions of youtube!!?? these mainly concerned ufo's, NWO, Conspiracy video's and such like material

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they dont want us seeing what we have seen ;D

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