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Seems that this site is getting very quiet. If you are an active member, please reply to let us know you are alive.

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39! Come on guys! If you are there, let us know :)
Hello Pufnstuf! You know I'm alive. *wink wink* I can't get enough of SoE like this little guy here...

Hey I'm always around, always listening/reading just not much of a talker heh.
More than alive here :D

always! ^^
I'm definitaly here, but you know that already ;). Always ready, willing and able, to cook a grey ;)
Grey Poupon sauce anyone? ;-)
I'm alive - I think. Some days lately feel more than alive, then the next feel like a friggen zombie
:)) I'm alive well and kickin some grey anatomy! Hehe!!!! :)))
Still here ...

Love to you all..
still here, Light and love to you all
I noticed too. The site must be on a downturn :/

Apocolypstick said:
The silence in chat is eerie what the hell is going on?

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