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From what David Wilcock is saying that 80% of the people will Ascend with the Planet, except for the ones like the Illuminati and the people underground. Even if your not a perfect person and are confused you will still ascend. So what he is saying the two dimensions of 3rd and 4th will merge together in 2012 before the Cataclysm.

So if you just have 53% of love for others that is all you need to move on. Ofcourse he says it's important to work on your self but this is what he's saying that is what is going to happen. It's going to be on a massive scale not just on an individual scale.

He also says some souls will go on pass 4th dimension and move to 5th since some will be more evolved than others at the time.

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i would go along with that Aaron from my research.....

morning xx
Link please? From what I have read there will be earth changes but no were near as the prophecies of old.
from what Ive learned to move to the 4rth density positive polarity you need to be 53% service to others. 4rth density negative polarity you need to be 95% service to self. If you die, you go to time/soace where you will be reunited with your higher self your true self your soul. whatever you will, to plan out your next incarnation.
The ones who sit in the middle( most of us) will experience a euphoric connection to source then be move to an earth duplicate and continue on their lives till their souls learn what it takes to get to the 4rth density positive or negative.

Now assuming this is correct. are really as many as 80% of people gonna ascend to 4rth density positive? think about it. you may me nice to other you may be a good person but is 53% of your thoughts and action service to others or love?
how do you calculate the service to others percentage?
Reb said:
how do you calculate the service to others percentage?
you couldnt tally it up perfectly. you'd just have to make sure that do good for other a little over the half than you do for yourselves. wich is kinda hard since, unless your like a doctor or something, cuase most of us have jobs were you only serve for yourself
It's not really about reaching a quota or calculating a percentage so much, I believe what they are trying to say is that as long as you are committed to loving and helping/serving other people MORE than manipulating them, even the slightest bit more toward helping, you don't have anything to worry about ascension-wise.

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