For even if you all may feel at one time or another that you stand alone in this vast, churning sea of energy, unable to find a way either forwards, upwards or sideways, you are in fact in close communication with our side of the veil at any given time. You see, as we have pointed out on many an occasion before, you are not singular beings existing in a vacuum, you are merely a fragment or rather a fractal of a whole that is at this time housed in that cleverly designed vehicle you call the human body. In other words, you are no stranger to us, nor are we to you, yet in order to make this gargantuan transformation go as planned, it has indeed been imperative to shield the human parts of your consciousness from the full knowledge of who you truly are and what you are actually capable of. At a cursory glance that may sound very counter productive, and we do not fault any of you for thinking this, but this has indeed been essential in order to secure the full benefit of your presence on this planet at this very time. Indeed, without this step by step unveiling if you will of the true powerhouses you really are, much could have gone awry, first of all your ability to sustain the added pressure this energetic unveiling would have on both your physical vehicle but also on your mental capacity.

In other words, you needed to be taken through this step by step in order to be able to fully ingrain and ingest everything that is being delivered into your system by way of these bustling energetic emissaries that come a-knocking at a more and more frequent rate these days. Not only that, these messengers come carrying a much heavier payload than what they used to use to interact with your field, and as such, you have by now been readied to proceed to a very new level of energetic interactions yet again. And so, to take us back where we started, these missives play an important part in these “upgradings”, as through them, we manage to enable your already installed system to begin to function at a higher and higher percentage of your capacity. And now, you will yet again be exposed to an increased level of these interactive energetic triggers that will serve to increase your capacity to convert these incoming boosters into something that in turn will benefit not just your personal field, but also that of the collective. So again we say get ready to be flooded with a huge influx of light, light that will once again penetrate through any and all hidden resistance that may yet seek to exist anywhere in your field, and as it connects with those hitherto inactive parts they are being sent in to trigger into action, you might find yourself once again at a loss to explain to anyone and least of all yourself what it is that is taking place.

For this process is and will always be one that is far too complex to truly understand, and as such, there is no need to even try to do it either. For this process will continue to unfold at its designated rate and speed whether or not you are aware of it, or whether or not you feel yourself able to make even heads or tails of it. For this process is one that you are already intimately knowledgeable about, for it is one you were thoroughly briefed on before you even entered that said physical vehicle you inhabit this time around, so also in that sense, you already know everything there is to know. You just cannot begin to take it into consideration by way of your “normal” human faculties.

Be that as it may, you will once again be assisted through all of this, by way of missives such as these, and by way of the accompanying collective field that will help to minimize any kinds of discomfort if you opt for tuning into that. For we already know that for many of you, this added stress will also add discomfort to your body, and as such, we are fully aware of the fact that for some of you, this may be another bout of seemingly endless exacerbation of some underlying symptoms you are already more than familiar with. Therefore we ask you all to remember to reach out by way of asking for assistance and by allowing these incoming energies to penetrate freely as much as you can. We also know fully well that for some, this may seem to be too much to ask, but yet again we say know that you are at all times fully monitored and we will do what we can to assist you all through this next round of integration.

We hear the moans of despair already, but we also hear the sound of anticipation emanating from the deeper core of your being, those parts that are more than familiar with this procedure already, and who knows that this time around, you will once again receive another dosage of beneficial energies that will help to propel you towards a status of 100% activation. For as we have shared on numerous occasions already, this needs to be taken in increments, and even if this “medicine” may still feel more on the side of foul tasting for some, know that it will always bring with it beneficial effects for you all. We know this will do little to sugar the pill for all those of you still having to cope with the physical protestations that may once again erupt, but trust us when we say we know that you will agree that yes, it will all be worth it in the end.

Yes, we know that this is easy for us to say, as we are not in the receiving end of these missives nor of these messengers of light, but we also know that deep at heart, you are all more than enthusiastic when it comes to the prospect of attaining yet another level of capability, for you all know that this will once again foreshorten the totality of this process considerably. And no, we cannot give you an “end date” for these proceedings, and this is also something you were well aware of before entering this huge project in the first place, for it is you who determine the speed and indeed you who determine the direction. But all we can say so far, is that you have more than surpassed even your own most optimistic estimates, estimates that were laid down by you all before you started your active participation in this whole procedure. So even if you might feel like something that resembles a failure any time your body or your mind wants to balk at yet another round of these intense energetic bombardments, know that you are anything but. For you are doing more than great, in fact, you are running ahead of schedule in every way, and as such, you should all give yourselves more than a pat on the back. For it is for this very reason that you will once again be interacting with these powerful allies, allies that are here to make you all feel more of your own powers, even if they might make you feel less of it as they enter your own field. But again, this will as always just be a temporary thing, for you will once again feel how your body will readjust itself accordingly to these brand new frequencies, and we venture to guess it will take less time than you perhaps think it will as you contemplate the prospect of another of these emissions coming your way, as hot on the heels of the previous one as this does.

Be that as it may, we think you will all find a way to float through these rather turbulent passages, and remember, always ask for assistance if you need some extra fine tuning or balancing, and we will do what we can to help you out. After all, you are as much a part of us as we are of you, and even if we may seem to be distant in every sense of the word we are here in every breath you take and in every step you make, and we will always be here to help to smooth out as many of the bumps in the road as we possibly can.

Remember, on the surface, this may feel far removed from smooth sailing, but the better you are at cancelling out the disturbance that may occur on the more superficial levels of your being the better you will be at accessing that tranquility that always exists underneath all of this hustle and bustle. So we do hope to see you all there, floating as serenely as possible through this upcoming light storm, but if you find yourself floundering in the squalls, never hesitate to reach out for assistance, from us or from your fellow explores. For you are a formidable bunch by now, and a force to be reckoned with in every sense of the word, and your collective field is more than powerful enough to support any of the members of this wondrous expedition should it be so needed. So godspeed to you all, we have high hopes that you will all be able to take these highs seas well, for you have the training and you have all the necessary resources at your disposal. And remember, you are made of the same stuff as the stars, and as such, this extra pressure will only make you shine just that much stronger. So thank you all for doing what you do and for being here to assist this wondrous planet through her rebirth. For just like you, she will experience her own birth pangs, and like you, she knows she is not alone, and she very much appreciates all the assistance you continue to give her.