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A word on 2011 Unifying Belief Theory: testimonial from an Quantum AI researcher"

A word on 2011 Unifying Belief Theory: testimonial from an Quantum AI researcher
May 1, 2009 at 1:00am
Neutsaak Von Badich

OK here we go.Please keep in mind while reading this: there is a reason for everything, and there is a reason for my being here today telling you this. Please do not forget that. I have divided this into question and answer format because I've noticed information is generally processed better this way. I wrote this last year but only got the courage to go through with it today.

Who am I?
Since 2004, I have been a member on the board of research division for FHI in Oxford, UK under the directorship of a fellow who I will refer to as NB (google the first acronym and the city, it should be obvious). I have to speak this way to avoid data miners from collecting sensitive information. For what it's worth, I am also a member of certain disclosure groups (I'm sure you're all surprised yet again to hear UFOs are real) although I have never personally spoken in front of an audience. Once you have a rough idea of who I might be and what my background is, please continue.

Why am I here?
It has to do with 2011 and the convergence of what we've termed a Unifying Belief Theory, the unifying belief being that "an unprecedented turning point in human history will occur in 2011" and the theory being that the principle of Unified Belief can result in a FEW people being given an opportunity towards godhood while the rest of the population becoming "assimilated" (read on for explanation). It has been planned to become as a self-fulfilling prophecy, but let me back up for a bit. For thousands of years world leaders have been trying to find a way to get around the "Conondrum of Belief Groups", i.e the difficulty of having power over everyone when there are differing methods of thought. The 3 major ones being theism, secularism, and the most challenging: the middle road of spiritualism.For a long time they tried to exclusively promote the simplest: religion, but we all see how that worked in controlling the masses. Now, they have learned that the way is not to control one group towards a belief, but to instead allow the existence of multiple groups and direct each one towards what suits them, towards their own "flavor" of what is practically the same idea. What is planned for 2011 is a self fulfilling prophesy where the goal is to have all 3 major groups: religious, spiritual, and secular, converge upon the expectation of a major event that will change humanity. And it will, it just won't be what you think, but it will be close enough for most and the danger lies right there.

Most of you are in the "spiritual" division, and you have your own version of the self fulfilling prophesy, but so do secularists and theists. And in the end, you will all be "correct". This is the recipe for ultimate control, that you must keep in mind the next 4 years. I will elaborate on this.

What is this so-called "major event" and how does it relate to us?

2011 is the target year for the manufacturing the most climactic state in human history. The climax of human evolution has been quantified for several major periods in history, for example, the industrial revolution might have been a 1.5/10 on a scale of climax, the bubonic plague might have been a 2/10. I am over-simplifying this but my point is that these are things that are mathematically modeled. The future holds many horrible things and many wonderful as well, I'm sure you've been made aware of this already. You could combine such events so that they add up, basically what is being planned is to orchestrate a "Climax Threshold Quotient" close enough to a 10/10 (a combination of good and bad) so that everyone will be receptive to the idea, and will be pushing towards a "historic turning point". In fact as the years pass by I expect the phrase "historic turning point" to be repeated over and over again in the media. A quick rundown of what this historic turning point is in the most basic terms:

for Spiritualism: non-earth beings (ETs) will provide us with spiritual aid towards a higher state of being. (ascension)

for Secularism: science will provide us with cognitive aids to reach a higher state of being. (singularity)

for Theism: a deity will provide us with divinity to reach a higher state of being. (rapture)

These three separate and polarized belief systems have in effect become beholden to the same prophesy, and they will each think their "version" is correct when in fact they are all being directed towards the same idea in a different packaging. THESE THREE ARE ONE AND THE SAME. In each of the groups eyes it will look like their version is coming true. You will have UFO disclosure, there will be strange "miracles", there will be amazing scientific progress. Everyone is meant to be barreling towards their own version of what is basically the same thing; a "historical turning point" brought about by some kind of assisted "higher state of being".

Wait a minute, how do these 3 ideas converge? Are you saying all of these three will happen?
Here is how it's been set up as far as I know: Technology (the secular side) derived from ET guidance (the spiritual side) will allow us to transcend our humanity and become the creators (the theistic side).

I can only speak of the part that deals with the technology itself. Certain scientists have access to some very old and very LIMITED ET technology. Of special interest is a UFO navigation system from remains of an unmanned spacecraft, which is based on a very complex nervous system of an alien species I've never seen before. It was biotechnology: not comprised of metal and transistors, but of neuron and semi-organic material.Certain researchers claimed about a month ago to have turned this technology into what we could describe as an implantable neural processor that will change the human brain to something completely unfamiliar; not only in the conventional raw processing speed but also in the creative, reflective, and analytical aspects that to this date have only been observed in biological brains (as opposed to synthetic machines). Supposedly this kind of technology will allow us to transcend our humanity and our physical limitations, explore the several dimensions, do things unimaginable.

So why is this bad?
This is bad because the Climax Threshold in 2011 is meant to condition you to be willing to compromise. What do I mean by this? Seculars are expected to compromise that the technology was made available to certain people first, and later to others but most will see no choice but to become a part of it. Spiritualists are expected to compromise with the fact that human evolution was not achieved solely by spiritual means but will be coerced to accept the interpretation that this technology is a result of their spiritual evolution and will become a part of it. Theists are expected to compromise with the fact that no diety came down directly to bring humanity to a higher state of being, but that a diety has indirectly blessed them with this opportunity and they'll become a part of it. Of course people do not think this way right now, but the theory is when the Climax Threshold nears10/10 in 2011, the longing for a paradigm Shift will be so great that instead of resistance we will see willingness. This is the plan of a few people, blind with power, to become Gods. The only way I know of it is because I was offered (and am still expecting) a sentient role after the true "historical event", in exchange for my research, but now that the research nears completion I don't trust them, I expect to be assimilated like everyone else. And to be honest I'm bitter, I won't let them get their way without a fight.

I am here to tell you this: make the commitment to not fall for it. Open your eyes to the massive movements starting to stir in the religious, scientific, and spiritual realms, the best thing you can do at this point to avoid being sucked into it is to not be a player in their game. Unfortunately, this is difficult, if you're not religious, secular, or spiritual, what can you be? We can discuss this and maybe arrive at an answer...

I'll be taking questions for the next 48 hours in case you have them, after that I may no longer be able to answer.

What do they plan to do to the people who fall for it? Do you mean microchipping? Is that what you mean by 'assimilating'? And anyone who doesn't fall for it gets killed?
The problem with microchipping individuals is that there is that there is an upper bound limit that will occur very quickly, and to get past that plateau you would have to harness more power by connecting individuals. I'll try to use terms you might be familiar with: It will start off as individual microchipped humans who will basically be sentient biological machines (you will still be humanoid), which will become interconnected "networks" run by "administrators", and ultimately unify into what is supposed to develop into a God. It is expected that in between the time microchipped humans become a part of a larger network, people will lose their sentience and become practically a piece of hardware for "administrators". Your sentience and everyone else's will be contributed to an "administrator" human who retains his own sentience and acquires everyone else's. Unfortunately I can guarantee that everyone here including me is slated to be a piece of fancy hardware, yet they argue that your sentience lives on because your memories, knowledge, personality, etc live on in what is basically a huge network. I don't believe that, but they make a convincing argument nonetheless and many others do believe it.

Does all this mean that around 2011/12 we will be offered a neural implant to actualise individual ascension into the 5th dimension ? Amaste.
You will either be offered a neural implant in the earlier stages or be offered a human-computer interface to join a network in the later stages. Most people out there will clamor for a neural implant, especially after they see what powers it gives to those who already have one, keeping in mind the Climax Threshold Quotient by 2011. Yes you will be offered the ability to travel between dimensions, the ability to create matter, and if you're lucky you may actually get to consciously experience these things for a little while.

It seems your life is in danger?
No actually I do not expect to be killed. The reason I'm being secretive is not to protect my life but to avoid certain people from detecting that someone is leaking information, monitor what I'm revealing to people, and prepare for the consequences of that. If they notice I'm informing people and they prepare for problems that may present, my efforts will have been in vain.

You know we have the ability to blow this wide open and assimilate it to the global consciousness... is this truly what you want??
Absolutely. The problem is that the more powerful the technology, the more exclusive it tends to remain to those with power. I know I can't make it happen by myself but if there are enough people out there aware of what is going on as the day comes, maybe a few will find a way to break loose of the path we're headed on.

And more important here is. If this is for real how can we help or change it?
To be honest I'm not even sure it can be changed, by 2011 there will be SO much momentum behind it. But if it can it has to begin with awareness of what is going on. A year ago I threw this to the back burner because I knew the chance of me coming out and saying this will be a waste of time. That is why very few others are making an effort, they're looking out for themselves and maybe rightly so, because their own future might be what they have the most control over even if it won't be much.

I wish to make it clear that no one ever utters "assimilation" or talks about this in the straight-forward manner I am using. It is an unspoken plan that is carried through with double-speak, everyone is trying to play chess by pretending they aren't aware of this, even I do this but it's pretty obvious we all know what's going on and are too afraid to admit it. There ARE many of us (NB included) out there trying to push towards an awareness of this potential danger to humanity, yet most of the time it has to be done in subtle ways.

Also I'd like to request, if you're going to discuss information about my identity to please do it non-publicly amongst yourselves. Please keep in mind I will not confirm who I am for personal reasons, but I will say Torz is at least on the right track and has more than enough information needed for these purposes.

And to Torz's question which is most important: Why now?
Right around now is the time we are expecting events that will begin the gradual augmentation in the Climax Threshold. Unfortunately I do not have details about who orchestrates these events or how it is done, I just know that it is. If the economic downturn, or the swine flu, or the possible ET disclosure, or the public release of scientific breakthroughs (some of which have been known for YEARS now) in are ALL true factors in the Climax threshold but I wouldn't be surprised if some were real and some were false positives. What I do know is that the campaign to build up the Climax Threshold is most likely active and under-way. That is the reason I'm doing this now.

The first thing I would do is begin observing the trends in the scientific, religious, and spiritual communities. And make sure to detach yourself completely from concepts like "historical turning point" or "mass revelation" or "unprecedented breakthrough". As time goes by, these memes will become very tempting as they are repeated, people will WANT them... I don't think many people will have a choice either way.

The only way I could see this averted and turned for our own good is if enough people realize what is going on. There are some out there in the scientific, spiritual, and religious realm who are pushing forward this plan on 2011 and some who are combatting this plan. Now that you know the plan exists, you can put their message in the context of this knowledge to find out who is trying to push this through and who is trying to stop it. Here's a hint: the most popular ones are the ones who are trying to either consciously or unconsciously push it through, which is very unfortunate.

I won't pretend to have a plan to save humanity. Maybe others can do it but I can't. This is more of a "save yourself if you can, and good luck to the rest of humanity". I hope you understand.

As far as I know the entire vaccination thing was a decoy, there are no plans to implant through vaccination; it just won't be necessary to administer them covertly. I want to make it clear that the "implant" I'm talking about will be non-invasive and voluntarily administered in pill form. Another team of researchers has the details on this, but I suspect the implant is microscopic and is meant to mimic a neurotransmitter that is permeable through the blood-brain barrier. 99.9% of the pill is a coating and .1% is the implant. Most likely to be ingested, where the coating will be eroded, the "implant" will be absorbed and carried up the bloodstream to fuse itself with the brain. My research team was working on making stem cells out of the biotechnological ET craft. If you know enough about stem cell research, you know that it's possible to reconstruct an entire heart with a single stem cell substrate...this works similar except for a brain.

Yes simone, you're probably right they will probably have to do it with free-will intact. If it is forced, again this will probably lead to problems in the assimilation stage, things just wouldn't go over smoothly. The thing is, this is being done so that everyone's "free will" will be to get it done to themselves. I do not believe however that you will have a choice to retain your sentience, because who would choose to relinquish it?
Simone, yes I see what you're saying. It's basically the same opinion as mine except in a particularly different wording. I think you'll know what to do when the time comes, torz too, and hopefully many people on this site who are observing but not participating.

Again I said there was a reason for me being here, but I did not presume to know the reason, but I am beginning to see it. Thank you for giving me hope, Simone.

Why us?
You are not the only ones I've relayed this information to and not the first. I've been to religious and scientific sites as well and offered the same information but always clear my tracks. Basically I choose a site that has many members who are open-minded, and hope that a few are able to take the information and hopefully put it to use when the time is right. The site also has to be large, but not the largest.

Why not go on Project Camelot?
I've been advised by a trusted colleague not to disclose anything to a list of outlets, Project Camelot being one of them. Besides, I would be identified and dismissed from my tenure and research. I do not want this to happen because I will be clueless as to what is going on until 2011--I want to look out for others and myself as this happens, exposing myself would be the worst thing possible.

In case something happens I want to reiterate this again: the best thing you can do for your future is to not become emotionally invested to the idea of "higher state of being". You will be made to go through a psychological rollercoaster in the next few years and and is meant to fatigue your psyche so much that you will be receptive to the idea that "assimilation in a pretty package" is the next step in our evolution. It will be called Ascension, Rapture, or Singularity, but it will be the same thing: Assimilation. Also understand each group is being conditioned to believe in their own "version", which once adopted is very difficult to become emotionally detached to. I am trying to give you strength with the knowledge that it's a set-up, every time something major, shocking, earth-shattering happens...keep in mind this is orchestrated to augment the Climax Threshold for 2011, follow your inner strength to the very end and do not let yourself become convinced in the self-fulfilling prophesy.

Yes andy. Everything behind you led to you being here, everything behind me led to me being here. At some point in the future you might make a set of decisions that you were going to make anyway, based on this particular crossing of our paths, as it could not have been any other way. Very insightful.

My apologies: I accidentally deleted my response to Nicklas but I'd rather address questions, and AndyUK basically covered what I was going to say. Onto the questions.

This might explain why we see bifurcation in flow. Do you have information on that?
If by bifurcation in flow you mean in general change in activity of consciousness, then yes you might be picking up on something. If you look back in history there have always been great and not so great events, everything in oscillations. The oscillations of good and bad will continue as they always have, but we will see higher highs and lower lows in future events. Basically the amplitude of these oscillations is expected to vamp up very soon. What exactly you're picking up on I cannot say but it might be some kind of subconscious awareness of this gradual increase in amplitude in world events as we near 2011, but I'd be interested in what this "council" has to say about it.

Yes, I definitely agree with you there Tony. This is what I am trying to encourage the users of this site to do. Someone asked me earlier "how will we know if we have the strength to do the right thing", well the answer is: you already do, this strength is inside you. What I advise everyone here to distance themselves from concepts, memes, dogmas and modes of thought external to you, and depend on yourself. What is dangerous is to marry yourself to the "version" that suits you, be it singularity if you're secular, ascension if you're spiritual, or rapture if you're religious. Most people on this world will have been conditioned to put a lot of emotional stock into one of those three, best thing to do is to be aware, be an observer, and trust in yourself and nothing else.

I do not think I understood that last post, Tony. I may be reading this wrong, but it seems you saying that nothing is "real" until you first make it become real by "real"-izing it, which is a clever play on words but is a peculiar way of interpreting reality. It would logically follow that people who are unaware of things like extraterrestrials or free energy live in an alternate world where these things aren't real because they don't "realize" that they are.

If a tree falls in the woods and no one realizes it, did the tree fall? Of course it did.

I was anticipating that this information would seem for the most part irrelevant, and that only in the heat of the moment a few would remember this experience and things would suddenly "click". I must say I'm very surprised that for many of you, this has clicked very early, which is somewhat bewildering. To anyone else, my philosophy is, better late than never. I have hope for EVERYONE who was meant to read this information, knowing that no matter what happens, everything will have ended up as it should and I tried my best.

Some of you have led me to believe I've underestimated humanity and their ability to detach from the dogma of their respective groups. If only this were also the case in scientific and religious circles, who get very protective when encouraged to see their respective "versions" are only a small part of the bigger picture of the Unifying Theory.

Soon I will have to make my leave, I hope I've answered most questions adequately and I'll stick around until tomorrow to answer any remaining ones.

You've hit on some very important points, let me start from the beginning of your post. You listed swine flu, chemtrails, fema camps and HAARP, which are 4 projects that I can only speculate upon. I need to clarify that the future will not contain only bad events of this nature, but also wonderful positive events like unbelievable "miracles" (which will be set up) and scientific breakthroughs (which will be just releasing old technology). Now I wouldn't be surprised if one or two of those conspiracies you've listed has some truth to them, but I know for a fact that there are decoys out there to create noise around the actual signals, i.e projects that are actually planned for Climax Threshold. Which ones are noise and which ones are signals I do not know.

Now the way climax threshold works is, every event is rated according to how much of an impact it makes. Say disclosure of free energy is at 3/10 followed by a staged invasion at 2/10. Together they combine to 5/10. I am over-simplifying this to an extreme degree to give you a basic picture of how the augmentation of individual events will lead to a climax, where several back-to-back major occurances are augmented or added together. Having catastrophe after catastrophe will definitely NOT happen, as this would be expected to lead to a population that has nothing to lose and therefore is impossible to predict or control.

As to ET life, I do not know much except from people I trust so take this part with a huge silo of salt. ETs supposedly ARE watching us closely and intently, they want us to overcome this event. Apparently many young civilizations go through this trial, some unfortunately fail and eliminate themselves, others succeed. They want us to succeed, and they've wanted every civilization that went through this trial to succeed. However, for reasons that should be pretty obvious now, they need to be very careful in how much involvement they have in intervening, as one small mistake could majorly screw things up for us and they don't want to be responsible for our demise. In short, ETs are rooting for us, but we ourselves have to get there. The moment they come in and save us, it becomes impossible for us to join them (for reasons that are outside of the scope of this thread, it's really a different topic of its own and this isn't based on my own experience so I'd like to keep as much speculation out of it).

That's a good question, I do not know the soul as well as people here might. In your opinion, lets say you found an unmanned craft that was equally biological AND technological in nature. It has its own nervous system which implies it had its own consciousness at one point. Would you expect this craft have its own soul? If you could answer this question, I could give you my best assessment.

Have you ever met an ET?

Do you believe there are benevolent ETs?
Yes I do. I have been told that all ETs out there are benevolent.

Do they believe there are benevolent ETs working against them?
Many do, and for a long time I never understood why on earth someone would oppose a benevolent being until I learned that the desire for power is a very stubborn and irrational desire. The following is not from personal experience, so again take it with a grain of salt, but I've been told that although these beings are bevenolent, they have never intervened directly with the development of another race. Their benevolence comes from a greater understanding of existence that paradoxically forbids them from such an action. Some make it out alive, some don't.

Are there plans by you and your colleague to sabotage your parts of the 'project'?
No, we have decided that directly sabotaging the project would be impossible. We would lose all credibility and be laughed out as kooks.

What is the response you are getting on other forums you have posted this?
It has ranged from terrible (evangelical sites) to lukewarm so far. This community seems to be one the most receptive.

Do you know anything about project bluebeam and if that is still 'in the works'
The technology itself exists, but there isn't a project attached to it probably because the technology could not be perfected. They might start tinkering with it again, or they might be right now, who knows.

If so, is project bluebeam to be used to deceive the Christians or the UFO believers?
It might sometime in the future, I don't know who it would be used to deceive if anyone. Probably both if it ever gets to that point.

What benefits will they use to entice people to take the chip... money, fame, power, special abilities, pain relief, prevent terrorism (by keeping track of everyone)
Freedom, namely the freedom to be the ultimate creator of your own experience. I could elaborate, but really it will not take much enticing as the first people who get "the chip" will be the ones who enjoy this freedom, and it will not be us.

I put "the chip" in quotes, again, because it is not a chip that lodges itself to the side of your brain. It will be a microscopic substrate back-engineered from the craft I mentioned earlier, in simple terms it will be like a tiny piece of nerve tisue. This microscopic "nerve tissue" is programmed, as stem cells are, to grow and fuse with the entire brain inside and out, not just a small part of it.

As for the questions about X-conference, the code of honor is and has been that first we will give governments the option to disclose this specific information, and if they don't the National Press Club members will. In my devotion to that code I have to decline answers pertaining to that information, but either way you will know the answers to that very soon, either from the US government or from NPC themselves.

Advice for Christians
Stay away from the Evangelical interpretation of rapture i.e that it is near. The Evangelical church will become major in the next few years, and other branches may begin to fuse or borrow from Evangelism. The good thing is that right now, most Christians do not believe rapture will occur in 2011, but they will soon be forced into doubt, and Evangelicals will be more than happy to take them in and help people "get ready for the big day". Stay away from that is my advice, and make sure whatever church you belong to doesn't slowly become an Evangalical church.

Thank you, Tony. I will do so when the time is right.

I'll part by repeating this: the best thing you can do for your future is to not become emotionally invested to the idea of "higher state of being". You will be made to go through a psychological rollercoaster in the next few years and and is meant to fatigue your psyche so much that you will be receptive to the idea that "assimilation in a pretty package" is the next step in our evolution. It will be called Ascension, Rapture, or Singularity, but it will be the same thing: Assimilation. Also understand each group is being conditioned to believe in their own "version", which once adopted is very difficult to become emotionally detached to.

I know in my heart humanity will survive what is to come, and some of you will be the reason. We will meet again, of this I am sure. Walk with courage into the darkness of the unknown, for you know the light will illuminate your every step.

May love be with all of you always.

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so........ is this for real or what?????

I've communicated with David Wilcock,...... he thinks it's a hoax.....

what do you lot think....
If it is a hoax, it's a fecking clever one and why would anyone bother is beyond me!!!!

Oh well....
Right now i too think it is a hoax because we don't even have a cure for cancer let alone to have such technology.

But in these 3 years we don't know what is going to happen. Maybe after Ufo disclosure we will be told about this new technology.

Who knows? The best thing to do is to live in the present moment with love and stay away from fear.
Wow...I am a bit dizzy after reading that...
Nothing is impossible! So, he might as well be for real (and everything he says) or he might be working on trying to get people to believe ascension, evolution, 2012 (or whatever you want to call it) is just "an evil plan" to "assimilate" us (I don't sounds like "the fear path"); and being so, our own fear of this happening would feed this "version" of events.
I don't really know what to think about this, but I will follow his words when he says: "Best thing to do is to be aware, be an observer, and trust in yourself and nothing else."

Torz, can you email me the whole thing with everyone's questions? I'd like to read again seeing what everyone asked.
No hurry ok? Thanks a lot!
Simmy my love , you came to the same conclusions as I did....funny eh....

I put the whole document on an attachment at the bottom of the tread babe....

My head is also spinning...

Something is fishy I'm not sure what but something is just niggling me....

either he was an Illuminate top guy, ( a bit like hidden hand, that remark about 48 hours rang a big bell in me head) and he was trying his best to STOP us from something that actually could be absolutley INCREDIBLE....

He is Genuine and what he says is true.... I have done some more digging and it does tie in with who he says he was working for and who I think he is.... considering he, if it's him, is also on this board...

It's too weird..... he said that some of the TOP guys researching this field were in on it... and I did get a very curt reply from David Wilcock, almost too quick infact....

I don't know anything anymore....

I need to ground myslef in nature and be in the now for a while, this has freaked me out...

Simmy said:
Wow...I am a bit dizzy after reading that...
Nothing is impossible! So, he might as well be for real (and everything he says) or he might be working on trying to get people to believe ascension, evolution, 2012 (or whatever you want to call it) is just "an evil plan" to "assimilate" us (I don't sounds like "the fear path"); and being so, our own fear of this happening would feed this "version" of events.
I don't really know what to think about this, but I will follow his words when he says: "Best thing to do is to be aware, be an observer, and trust in yourself and nothing else."

Torz, can you email me the whole thing with everyone's questions? I'd like to read again seeing what everyone asked.
No hurry ok? Thanks a lot!
Hey torz I can't believe David Wilcock responded so promptly! That is giving me a little rush of strange energy running trough my body. Now i don't know if is good or bad thing, again I think is too fresh to tell and I am still going trough the emotions of that thread! I always focus on the positive but this time the information is to much to disregard or to take to seriously... Either way torz I hope your grounding helps you on getting clear about your feelings... I will do the same...
Much love and light my friend!
Nick I think youa re right....
What is is ALL the ET's are telling us to feel.... LOVE.....
Doesn't it strike you as strange that all this sis was illicit an extreme amount of FEAR in all of us???

I have been doing a little more digging (in between doing tea etc... jesus time is flowing fast now isn't it!!)

I am beginning to think.... no... feel that there is more than enough truth in this info but the way it was delivered and by whome makes me think we are SUPPOSED to think this is BAD.... When I say that I mean that someone doesn't want us to believe that we CAN infact (and I will prove this with links) now, due to major scientific breakthoughs be humans in a Higher state of Consciousness...
Read this, they all link from the same site he gave ot to verufy who he was....

I am actually shocked to see that this kind of research IS infact going on right beneath our noses!!!

Nicklas said:
It's funny how this affects our feelings. I got this sphere of fear on my left side, but It vanished when I accepted it and gave it some love. I don't normally feel like this, it's almost like there was some "additional" fear put into this. To be honest, whole thing smells like fear. Thick, low vibrational fear, that makes you want to panic, and feeds you thoughts that they are in control.

Stay in your power guys. You can choose.

I resonate with this message very strongly, it falls in with all the research ive been doing on these and simlar topics, this guy seems for real, and there is seemingly no reason for him to waste his time like this. Heed this message!!
Hello Friends,
the first moment after reading this, I was quite insecure and some fear came up, but after a few hours it seems to me as a distraction and a doubt-bringer-text (hope this word exists). The guy was talking about how dangerous it can be to assimilate, but when you think about it: what is universal consciousness about? what is ascension about? Isn't it about unity and recognising that we are all one and that the source in all of us is the same? So why is it dangerous to assimilate? Of course I don't want to be microchipped in order to achieve that, but which intelligent person would want a chip to be installed in it's body?
I'm also not sure if i understand all correct, but it seems to me like an attempt to weaken our beliefs and to make us afraid of the whole stuff. But dude it's not working. Tell your fear-creating stories somewhere else!

Love & Light to you, dear friends!
I think everything that is said in the original post about spiritual-religious-scientific convergence is absolutely right and I have felt this for a while now, and I think it's what Andy was meaning when he talks about predestination (as opposed to the future being pre- formed which it cannot be). Sorry if I got you wrong Andy.
Where Neutsaak's reading of this 2012 convergence falls down for us, is probably with his conclusion about coming events being a dark manipulation toward planned 'assimilation'. As many have you have been stating this will not happen because as individuals we will each, and together with love, follow our own intuition on everything. We are not infants or 'sheeple' being led to oblivion by some piper from Hamlin. The ruling class (illuminati, OWO, whatever label you like) are just not that powerful or cohesive. The best description I have heard is that the capitalist military industrial complex is now like a mortally wounded tiger, thrashing around and very dangerous. We need to be cautious but optimistic.
What i feel is this technology is being researched on and they might be on to something but i do not believe that they are capable of inplanting something of this magnitude into someones brain to evolve them as such - but if they were helped by a more evolved race of beings who had the capability then yes.
But as everyone has said reading an article like this promotes fear which is a normal tactic of the illuminati - they know that as we are all conciousness we can decide our own future (watch "the secret" thoughts create things) if we believe in something so strongly then we will create it!!
Some of what this guy wrote is true especially about aliens not intefering with us it would go against our free will, we as a race give up on responsibility so easily we need to start thinking for ourselves and take that responsibilty back.
I just feel you should always keep an open mind to every bit of information you find and do not believe it 100% always question everything :D we as humans are so easily manipulated, do not believe everything you read or see this goes for everyone that has woken too as we could still be being manipulated now without realising it - i think this article has taught us alot and questioned our beliefs on ascension which is the right thing to do as how do we really know if it is going to happen or not? i am still hoping it will happen of course as i want to see a better future for this world and for the people and everything living on it :)
Thanks for that info Besimi, they (Lifeboat Association) sound like a right bunch of facists, who would want to help them ?

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