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A word of thanks where thanks is due to sosoe

Following a thread over at sosoe i stumbled upon a statement which due to it's pure falsehood begged a response.

I stumbled upon an ex-member of soe (banned) operating here under a new name. He had apparently made posts here attacking both sosoe and soe. This person had made death threats over at sosoe and was rightfully so, banned from sosoe.

I would like to thank sosoe for identfying this member before threats were made to soe members (his initial ban here was along such lines as to be heading towards the reason he was banned at sosoe)

in oneness.
the admin team

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It is nice to know that we all have the concept of how to deal with each other.
And that there are no death threats. Although there is much profanity on soSoE and insults toward the members of SOE.
But okay no death threats is a beginning. That is reserved for the less developed ones who running our Earth .
Too bad for this division, here SoE and overthere soSoE. Finally, we are ordinary people with a great sense of responsibility for our Earth and each other.

Thank you Tony, that you have dare yourself in the cave of the bear. You're a good administrator here at SoE, thank you ...
I agree with that Trudy, very true...Though for the life of me, I can't figure out why Tony hasn't given me a death threat yet...LOL

Oh HI Tony, so good to see you here. ;) hehehe
Well, I guess I missed that one. :0 It's nice to know that Tony is 'on the job.'

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