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A Surprising Way To Divine Freedom By Shanta Gabriel ... And ... Global Serenity Meditation By Joanna

A Surprising Way To Divine Freedom By Shanta Gabriel & Archangel Gabriel

The message from Archangel Gabriel this week reminds us that we have gifts that are very important to the Earth at this time, no matter what we have thought of them.

The Gabriel Message Card for this Week:


One Way to Freedom is by Total Acceptance
of Your Incredible Differences.

Shanta's Message .....

Growing up in the military, it was never cool to be different from everyone else. Try as I might however, I could never blend in as was required of me. I tried to be like a chameleon changing my color to please everyone, but it never worked. For most of my life, I felt as though I was strangely different than other people.

The awareness that I could not fit into other people's agendas, and that I did not think or feel like others, plagued me and lessened my self-esteem. I wanted so much to be loved and accepted as I was. Underneath it all, I was the one who was judging myself the most harshly for being different. In the wisdom of my soul, the separateness of this experience drove me to the spiritual path.

When I first started being coached by Archangel Gabriel in 1990, I was flooded with a new kind of love in my heart. It helped me to feel that it was my own acceptance and love of myself that could change the course of my life. I was shown that the qualities that I felt others dismissed in me were, in fact, the ones that allowed me to bring my gifts and talents forward to empower my life.

Many highly sensitive souls are especially aware of the often monumental ways that they are different. It often causes severe issues with confidence and self-esteem, and yet it is these unique and incredible qualities that the Earth needs right now. In fact since 2012, we are being amazingly supported by the Universe to be our most authentic selves and people seem to be more open to our gifts now.

Only you can offer your special gifts to the symphony of all life. Those aspects that may have most embarrassed you throughout your life are the ones that life is calling you to bring to the world. These qualities are your soul gifts that you have developed for lifetimes.

No matter what it feels like, you have beautiful qualities and inspiration to offer to the world. With patience and an open heart, these gifts are springing into your awareness. Do your best not to judge yourself. That innocent being within you is asking for your loving acceptance.

With your own loving-kindness and compassion for yourself, trust opens within you and more gifts are able to surface. All is in Divine Timing. Your support system is coming together on all levels to assist you. It is an important time for you to allow yourself to relax and receive knowing that all is well.

Divine Presence,

May I know in my heart and mind the special gifts my soul has brought into this life for me to use. I ask for greater Trust in myself and Faith that I am being inspired and guided in every moment. Help me to receive the inspiration within me at a deeper level than ever before. I ask for the strength and the courage to use my soul's gifts as a blessing to the world.

Please assist me to hear the song within me that makes my heart sing. Please give me the confidence to share it with others in appropriate ways.

I ask to see the Beauty that is opening within me, and to be a radiant Light to the world using my gifts and talents to serve in beautiful ways. May all that I do be in harmony with my Soul's purpose.

Thank you for blessing me so I remember that it is safe to expand into new levels of Love, Success and Abundance in every area of my life. For these and all my gifts and blessings, I say thank you, God. And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel
Video - "Pleiadian Broadcast October 2019" By Christine Day
Archangel Gabriel's Message .....
You have all been trained on this earth to fit in, to be a part of the way things have been, and to not go out of your way to change “what is.” This is the training and yet, deep down most people know the truth — that it is only by being different that great changes can occur. Creativity lies in not being the same as everyone else. It results from listening and moving to a different tune — the one within, not outside, yourself.
So many people go through life feeling like an outcast, as if there is something wrong with them because they are different from other people. We are saying that these incredible differences are your gifts to give to the world. It is time to accept these differences and follow the lead of your creative self. Trying to fit in stifles your spirit. Freedom comes from knowing that those parts of you that are different from others hold the key to the joy and success that you desire.
It is in the acceptance of all of yourself that you will grow. You cannot love only that which you consider good and reject the other parts of yourself. Those other parts have purpose also. Understanding this will lead you to the place of wholeness that you long for. Wholeness means feeling total joy and love within yourself, feeling connection with your God Source and all of life. This is only possible if you can love and accept all the different parts of your personality and human make-up.

Self-criticism is one of the biggest factors in causing personal pain and slowing growth. So it would seem helpful to find a new role for your inner critic. There are many situations where this type of voice can be useful. Simply tell this side of your personality that you do appreciate its efforts to make you a better person, and keep it busy by sending it to work in those areas where you need more order and organization in your life. When you set judgment aside, you will begin to feel an expansiveness in your mind that allows inspiration and creativity to enter. You do have these creative parts of your personality. These are the parts of you that strive for expansion and are linked to your Higher Power and to the Angelic energy.


If you call upon the Angel of Inspiration and Creativity to show you ways to expand and enrich your life, a powerful focus of energy will begin to work in this direction. As you begin to use this new creative flow, it will become stronger and stronger. Creative Solutions will appear where they were not apparent previously. You will begin to break through old patterns of thought that hold you back, and doors will open to bring more joy, prosperity and originality into every area of your life.

When you can accept all parts of yourself as unique and special in their own way, there will be a sense of peace within you. There will be less fear in following your inner guidance and intuition. You will begin to trust yourself and to express your uniqueness. Remember that all the humans who are revered and considered great by the world, are highly valued for their differences, not for their sameness.

Keep this as your intention. Choose freedom and expansion instead of fear and contraction. Ask yourself what you would do if you could do anything? What would make your heart sing? Then ask for assistance from the Angels to create your vision for the good of all, and know all things are possible. Miracles are the natural order of the universe. Be willing to have things change in your life for the better. Be willing to see the good within you and accept the incredible differences that make you who you are. And always remember, you are greatly loved — just as you are.

Your message from Archangel Gabriel today is:

Your way to freedom is by total acceptance
of your incredible differences.

Shanta Gabriel
for Archangel Gabriel
September 15, 2019
Video - "Sending & Receiving Blessings of Love From The Heart of God By Melanie Beckler" -

Soul Satisfying Synchronicities By Ann Albers & The Angels

The Angel's Message .....

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Imagine your life as a Divine dance of synchronistic events that seem to fall magically in place. Imagine that you live in a flow of grace and guidance that allows you to enjoy the journey of life even as you create more. Imagine enjoying seeming "coincidences" that surprise and delight you at every turn.

This type of life is not only possible but will, by the very nature of the universe and its design, come about as you learn to listen to your hearts and embrace the love and joy you can find in any given moment. These synchronicities are a sign that you are living in the flow of grace, in a high vibrational reality of love, where all beings are guided in harmony and love.

You will have a thought and later that day see something that validates your inspiration. You will feel like being in a certain place at a certain time, only to discover you meet someone with answers or some sort of blessing for you. You will have an urge to say something to someone, only to discover an answer or a connection.

The creator orchestrates this universe in a loving, inspiring, and harmonious way. When you trust your heart, the still small voice within, and your natural urges, you will find yourself tuning into this orchestration. When you fight against your natural urges you may miss your guidance and struggle trying to get life on track without the ease and grace that could naturally be yours.

There are two ways to live your life – the human way, and the heavenly way. The human way relies on you figuring out solutions to your own problems, making them happen, and hoping they work. The heavenly way relies on you aligning your energy with Love in any way you can, being clear in your intent, an acting only when joyfully guided. Both work. The first requires more work in your external world. The second requires more work between the ears!

Your synchronicities are a clear sign that you are creating the heavenly way. Enjoy them. Delight in them. Ask the universe for more of them. They are clear and beautiful indicators that you are living your life the heavenly way!

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Video - "#1 Most Important Spiritual Practice" By Melanie Beckler

Message From Ann .....

Hi Everyone,

I woke up Saturday morning with my house taken apart – by choice! I had decided to get the carpets cleaned and spent Friday night moving everything out of the way. I always feeling like a deep clean after a deep round of growth. So, it was disconcerting when the dear soul who usually cleans them couldn’t make it. I understood. But I didn’t want to put all that furniture back without clean rugs!

I sat there, prayed, and decided something good would come of this. “OK, God, what next?” The urge to Google a specific phrase popped in my head. Within minutes I was talking to a gentleman who was not only able to come clean my carpets that day but did so within two hours. I could hear him saying, “Amazing,” and when I asked why, he said he had a job that day ten minutes from me! Amazing indeed. The universe is remarkably coordinated. Abraham of "AZ Same Day Service” did an awesome job and we had a great conversation sharing useful information with each other... of course! Way to go God!

Sunday I woke up with plans were to write the newsletter and queue up Facebook posts, but that didn’t feel quite right. “OK God, what do you want to do today through me?” I asked. “Go to the butterfly garden,” came the answer. Oooh, that sounded fun. I’ve been cooped up with the tooth issues for over a month and hadn’t had a nice outing, so off I went. What a delight! Of course I love the butterflies, but when I heard someone playing live violin in the garden, I was delighted to discover it was a musician I’d seen twice in concert playing with Robin Miller (who plays at all my seminars).

I went to sit and meditate amidst flowers, butterflies, mist, greenery, and heavenly music. I'm not sure how long I was out but I awakened in time to see an employee of the garden, sharing Animal Ambassador Draco, with other guests. Draco happened to be a very mischievous Chinese Water Dragon who loved attention, belly rubs, and posing for selfies with me! He had such a sweet energy. I was petting him when a delightful woman came up, put her hands above him, and started to smile. She was sharing energy with him!

She and I looked at each other. We knew each other even though we didn’t know each other. Soul saw soul. Light saw light. She, her daughter, granddaughter, and great-grandson were all there – four generations of beautiful, strong, empowered, and spiritual beings. I felt like I’d met another soul family! We shared a wonderful conversation about energy, guidance, trusting the journey… then went our way. I felt like they were validating everything I will be talking about in Manifesting in the Flow of Grace, which is what I’m teaching in a month!

It didn’t stop there. I was thanking God on the way home for boosting my faith to be so strong once again and I got cut off by a car with FAITH on the license plates. The day continued to unfold with more wonderful signs that I was on path.

This is the way life is meant to be lived. I could have stayed at home and forced myself to work, but I would have missed a beautiful meditation, a wonderful story for my class and newsletter, validation that I was on track, and a magical morning. I could have been stressing over teeth, but in my joy they continue to heal even more quickly.

In the flow of grace once again, I felt alive, connected, and joyous, and best of all, I felt in love again, with life!

Here are a few things you can do to open up to synchronicity

1.  Be kind to yourself. Take care of yourself. Honor your light.

Self-love is one of the highest vibrations. I’m not talking about arrogance or narcissism. I’m talking about honoring the divine light within yourself, talking to yourself kindly, and treating yourself with love.  Doing so sends out a signal to the universe that says, “I know I deserve goodness and guidance.”  Self-deprecation blocks the very same.

2. Listen to your heart 

We have good minds for a reason. They help us reason, figure out answers to problems, and create. However, they were not meant to dictate to a helpless heart! The mind is meant to serve the heart. So, when your head says, “I should do X, Y, Z,” but your heart feels differently, pay attention. Listen to your heart as soon as is practically possible.

For example, I used to force myself to do my work before doing anything else. It came from a very old program - “Finish your homework before you can play." I’ve changed now. If my work gets done when I think it should, great. If not, I trust that God will guide me to finish it when it is needed, but in a more balanced and loving way.

Listening to your heart helps you live in a flow of grace where synchronicities are commonplace.

3. Receive the love fully

Every time you have a synchronicity, thank God and your angels for the love and tell them you’re open to more! They love to love! They delight in your joy. Allowing yourself to receive the love and feel the joy sends a signal - “More please!” I squeal with delight when a license plate validates my current thought. I love it when animals do something cute around me to remind me to relax or see the humor in life. I get all excited when I meet someone synchronistically and we share a magic moment of connection… even if I’ll never see them again.

By opening to receive the love rather than just brushing the synchronicity aside as mere “coincidence” you open to more!

While we have no control over synchronicities, we do have control over whether or not we listen to our heart's and our guidance, and in that flow, we start manifesting things, people, and events we didn’t even know we needed! Life becomes a truly delightful adventure!

Love you all!
Have a blessed week! I hope to see some of you in Sedona in Oct. Info is below!

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Video - "Becoming An Ocean Meditation" By Steve Nobel -


Global Serenity Meditation By Joanna

Greetings dear LoveLights 


A warm welcome to all joining in this meditation circle for the first time, and much love and gratitude to everyone continuing to bring your Inner Divine Light through this circle of Universal Love (or in any other way) with and around the beautiful Earth!  

For all who have been aligning with the DNA-RNA Activations this year, usually in the 12-12 Gateways each month, for September we'll be flowing the monthly activation on the 21st, through the 21-12 mirror node vibration leading up to the Equinox on September 23rd. From today through to the Equinox, however, star family and other light guardians around and within the Earth are calling on embodied Love Anchors (us!) to meditate and/or creatively focus in whatever way we feel inspired (art, singing, music, dance, creating crystal grids etc) to bring soothing, relaxing blue-green light tones through our hearts of love in union with Gaia and all loving beings assisting Earth's Shift...and radiate those vibrations of refreshment through the Earth's energy field and light-grids, washing through the 4-3D layers around and within the planet for calm and well-being.

As the fire element is imbalanced and over-amplified in many areas around the Earth on this physical plane in the current energetic intensity, together we can assist in union with Gaia and her elemental beings, with star family and many divine guardians, including our sisters and brothers of the 5D Inner Earth light realms, in bringing calm and serenity of the blue-green light flows, touched with golden light of restoration of Universal Love, to flow tranquillity and regeneration around the planet.  



Begin with breathing deeply into your heart and gently relax. Breathe…relax…know you are cradled in the eternal LoveLight of Source and countless guiding, supporting, protecting Beings of Love….cradled in the pure Light of your Soul….connected in every moment with the Heart of beloved Gaia, and with all assisting soul groups and higher dimensional light-grids around this planet and Solar System.

Feel yourself bathed, embraced and always supported by the infinite Love of your Soul, your soul families in the higher dimensional layers of Light, by those guiding and guarding the planetary Shift, and the eternal Source of all Life. Deep joy flows with this loving group and all within and around the Earth focusing for ascension, within this great Wave of Loving Transformation.

Feel the warmest, most peaceful lovelight filling you as you breathe into your heart, radiating from you like a Star as you breathe out, joyful, blissful, in harmony with the Universe. Honour the divine soul expression of the Infinite Source you are ~ we all are ~ all life is.

As you breathe the Light of Oneness into your being, know that the whole Earth, the energy field of the planet, all of Gaia’s higher dimensional light-grids, are being bathed continuously in Infinite Unconditional Love….and that this universal LoveLight is filling your heart and whole being.

See/feel this Light coming through now in soft blue-green tones ~ aqua, teal, ocean blue through to forest green, the green of fresh Spring leaves ~ deeply relaxing, deeply serene, soft and flowing, dampening fires wherever they're burning in destructive ways, and seeing/feeling a pure Golden Ray of resurrection streaming through the blue-green tones, bringing Rebirth in Love vibrations all around the Earth, humanity, the animals, the plant world, refreshing the environment and all nature spirits, the elementals, bringing all energies into equilibrium.

Bring your peaceful focus through your heart in Oneness with all Life, in union and unity with all beings of love aligning and supporting planetary ascension, in the highest vibrations of peace, joy, and unity with the interplanetary and galactic community of Love. See, feel, hold the intention of the Light of Universal Love anchoring through you, radiating all around you, connecting with Gaia and all supporting light-grids, for total refreshment, for freedom in Love of this beautiful planet Earth, humanity, and all life here, within the Solar System and beyond. We are the Love, we are the Light, we are the Oneness.

We call through our beings the highest Ascension potential of Earth, bathing now in the blue light of serenity, the green light of regeneration, the golden light of restoration, activating the natural impulse of Love, Compassion and Cherishment within all life on Earth, together as One in the network of Universal Love, radiating Unconditional Love through our beings in unity with Ascended Earth, the planetary light-grids, humanity and all life, in union with beloved Gaia. May the infinitely renewing Light of the Divinity Within unfold this planetary Shift in ever deeper joy and peace. And So BE It.



Thank you all dear friends on Earth for BEing here, anchoring and flowing your gifts of Love. Loving gratitude to you and all beings of Love guiding, supporting and assisting this beautiful planetary ascension,



Video - "Embracing The Flow Meditation - Aligning With Universal Intelligence" By Steve Nobel -

The Incoming higher frequencies and light energies brings awakening
opening up our perspective and conscious collective

Seeing all with Love feeling all I Am
deep and profound innerstandings being activated

Divine Creator Source of all that is shines to touch all
Open Up To The Light within the inner core We visualize a new world

Aware Awake and knowing that we are Free
Traveling on thoughts awakening from dreams
as we co-create a Universe of bliss

Light beings from all dimensions coming now through
The higher self our inner knowing become One with All

Love is our way Light is our path
Expanding the vastness of all that is Oneness

Throughout the endless skies love shine within all

Now we Create and manifest to live and co-exist in Peace
We are re-connected from the beginning of time

Love born from the galactic heart of creation overcome all
to lift our consciousness to a higher existence for all shall be

The infinite Light shines from the one Star


text:Rab Adamson

Infinite Blessings of Divine Love, Light, Peace, Joy, & Abundance to All of You,

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