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Hello everyone,

I hope that all of you are happy and well. I'm hearing so much about the StarGate in the Gulf of Aden and understand that things will happen very soon, but on the meanwhile:

Here is a nice movie to show to your kids (even though it will probably made you laugh very loud as well ;)

And now the important issue..., I'm from Israel and many don't know (or have insufficient information sources) but things are really not as the media tell. Israel is very close to global war with Iran and this is the current plan of the Dark Ones - their plan to delay what the light is about to bring. Our Prime Minister is very corrupted (currently the public know about 6 different subjects that our also corrupted police is investigating) and he want to be "remembered good" (there is election in few weeks). His plan is to destroy the Hamas in Gaza and by doing so TO KILL MANY INNOCENCE POOR PEOPLE in the Gaza strip. I'm not saying that the Hamas is "free of charge" for what is going on, on the contrary - they are shooting missiles on the south of Israel for the past two years (!!) even while they were in a so-called "seas fire" with Israel they shoot missiles on civilians at a rate of 20 to 50 per day.

Currently there are two main problems:
1) Its true that The Hamas is hurting civilians, BUT more then 95% of the people in Gaza are just poor and don't have even the basic needs for living. THEY ARE NOT INVOLVED IN ANY TERROR despite what the media say and they need our light.

2) The public opinion in Israel is mostly against Gaza, not against the Hamas, against the whole Gaza strip because of the many many missiles that were shoot at us. They need our love - it will help them to forgive and to see the bigger picture.

I would like to ask you all to help this situation by sending light, imagine the whole area colored in gold. I'm a friend of Wisdom Paradise (you know him from the daily lightworker reports) and a channeler and had shared the circle of light with him (therefore i have information on how it can be used) so i am asking all of you to please imagine a beam of light going from this circle which is expanding on each day (as more souls join) down to the Gaza strip and to Israel. This circle of light is currently one of the most powerful tools we have! This is really important because the situation in Israel is one of the last attempts of the Dark to cause global war and this had to be treated with respect and blocked by a strong wave of pure LOVE and radiating LIGHT. And i know that many of you will help and allow this to end fast.

Thank you all for you time and efforts and know that we're VERY close to the many big things!

Love and light to all of you dear family of light.
We are one.
Astro Star.

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thank you for giving us the inside story. I will pray for your safety and send much love & light to you.
Love and light and blessings to Isreal and Gaza. I have lit a candle, with intent to bring some light into the dark hearts that woul harm another soul also in the hope that the light will banish the dark.

Thinking of you Astro Star, be safe,

much love

patrish xxx
Astro Star, you are in my thoughts!
I have asked the source of Universal White Time Healing to beam Golden Blessed Light to Gaza, to fill the land and to feed the peoples hearts with this loving light.

Much Love and Light to you, my friend.

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