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A really well planned future and the change is very near --- Mark H Update April 25/09

Mark H Update April 25/09
[The question for Mark was. I welcome the news that eventually every person on earth will be given $10 million. However, would that not cause more problems in some areas like transportation ?]

We have answered quite a few inquires on this subject before. We'll try to add a bit to the specific content of this one.

I must start with the given that this is a 3D question wanting a 3D answer. However, as Einstein said, "You can never solve a problem with the same consciousness that created the problem".

Understand that with our Announcement comes arrests and decloakings all which will lift many of the suppressions that hold the existing matrix in place. The goal is 5D awareness.

With NESARA's implementation very much of what has been set in place to force us into economic slavery and destructive consumerism will begin to submit to new ways of perceiving and expressing.

The funds are not here to prosper Porsche or Ferraris, which are seriously polluting the environment and dumbing down our consciousness to its lowest physical level of duality. We are going to be upshifting our technologies to ones supporting higher awareness of the interdependence of all life, terrestrial, celestial, and universal.

What we will be shifting to are lifting platforms which will not require highways at all. They will incorporate anti-gravity and other advanced technologies that are here but sequestered from the public while utilized by the secret government for suppressing your freedom.

Think of all the highways now clogged with commuter traffic and trucks hauling produce and products from coast to coast on a daily basis.

We will be decentralizing most of our big city coagulation's into smaller and completely self-sufficient complexes of no more than 10,000 people in a given area. They will have a central core with circular bands equidistant from the central civic core with all medical and administrative needs centered within walking distance of the living housing areas.

One of the means for accomplishing this is through the use of replicators connected to the ships main computer systems which will send the templates to local units in each area at the same time.

Recycling of all disposables will take place in this same complex and credits will be given for doing that. The credits can then be used for exchange for all necessary items which will be produced on the spot and, in a few cases, a portable replicator will take a custom order and then go to the building site and erect a complete home through artificial intelligence and nano-technology in a single operation. It will then return to its mobile size and readiness to respond to the next request.

This is a complete subject matter that would require too many words to describe at this point. All these technologies will be automatically recycling waste with no residues to dispose of. No coal, oil or other polluting power sources will be required.

The existing highways will be demolecularized as will all the power plants and power lines during the first year after NESARA's implementation.

Retrofit black boxes will change existing vehicles into non-polluting ones very quickly while the air, water, soil and new technologies are introduced and rapidly replicated.

The key item is that every single individual will have a direct cosmic adviser to help them learn who they really are and what their mission and purpose for being here is. They will then develop a plan that upgrades awareness so that we are all coming into an appreciation of how to proceed without polluting or destroying the ecology of the planet.

Vast planetary projects are planned and people able and motivated to administer these projects have mostly been identified and all who resonate with those projects will be brought together to accomplish them with the maximum of joy, fulfillment and mutual support.

Many that do not have sufficient spiritual preparation to participate at an appropriate level will get whatever training and assistance needed and then choose their way to participate.

For those who still do not have enough motivation they will be beamed up to the ships and compassionately transported to another world which exactly matches their skills and awareness levels. They will not even realize they are not here anymore and will continue to live, learn and progress at their own rate.

Most of the darkhats who do not choose ascension as part of the planetary whole will also go elsewhere, with no judgement or blame, and many already have. A very small percentage of the controllers who have demonstrated no spiritual progress throughout their whole existence will have their memories erased, that's called second death, and their essence will be used in future creation cycles.

As you can see from these examples, the whole planet is awakening and rejoining in a loose affiliation with the over-arching goals of planetary ascension. We have only 3.0 years remaining to complete this process. We can not be allowed to rampage through the universe polluting and destroying planets without accountability.

The buck stops here in 3D-4D. We must work together to correct and release all that is not viable on 5D and higher levels before we can leave this level. Those that choose will. Those that don't won't.

Many, but not all, of the ones wanting only to do nothing while everyone else moves on will be the ones moving on. Some will quickly respond to the challenge and assistance given and be fully ready to move up into the 5th Dimension with the planet.

Any that resist will become increasingly more and more uncomfortable in the presence of those that do choose to expand and progress. They will then go to other venues and allowed as much time as they require to move onto an appropriate timeline. They will not rejoin this one which will continue to lift and expand into higher and higher realms of joy and fulfillment beyond anyone's current conceptions.

These are important things to discuss at this moment as there is far less time to make these shifts than anyone yet realizes.

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Amen! :)
sure that would be great if that happened, but I though that their message was not to come and rescue us but to observe us lift ourselves. I've heard a lot of people say this dude is bullshit so what am I supposed to think?
yes, observe

Mark Glaser said:
sure that would be great if that happened, but I though that their message was not to come and rescue us but to observe us lift ourselves. I've heard a lot of people say this dude is bullshit so what am I supposed to think?

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