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Hello sisters and brothers, I wish everyone are well, and full of love and light.

I have a question regarding an invitation I got here in Toronto to celebrate the end of the Mayan calendar for the next 28 of October, according with this invitation some scientists did a recalculation and came out with this date, since I haven’t heard anything at all, I was wondering if any of you know something about it, and maybe would like to elaborate, Thank you in advanced.


Love and Light



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Have you been under a rock brother ? Just kidding.

well, i think that what ever is to happen, if any thing noticeable at all were to happen, there isn't really any more or less you could do in the mean time, lets just wait and see. personally, i think when anything noticeable happens, its out of the blue and unexpected, i feel like ive learnt not to look to much into dates. although i do feel numorolgy wise they do have significance, so even if nothing immidiatly noticeable happens in the world, its probably still a good time to meditate. :)

 Thank you everybody for your input, I took the time to see the videos and I did some research, I couldn’t help but notice a big amount of ego in this gentleman I may be wrong, but just to find that he is the only one who express this theory and claim that he is absolutely right and the rest are wrong, it didn’t give me a good felling, not to mention I couldn’t feel any resonance with his words, but then again is just my perception, I am  still learning and the time will give an answer.

Thank you again for your response, I value your presence so much my dear family


Love and Light



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