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When you look around the internet, one thing that always seems to work good in many communities is something like a newsletter effort. The idea is that for each month, the newsletter would have the best of each section that is available on SOE.

for one thing, it's not that hard of a research effort to retrace the best of any section. A little written creation about that specific best of article or video depending on the section. and a provided link.

Perhaps different sections too other than just the best of. Just an idea I am throwing here because I've seen the benefits of such an effort in other communities (even smaller ones than this) so I believe it may be fun and beneficial. Help concentrate the energies towards constructive directions. :) And as it grows, we could think of different things to add as well.

Let me know what you all think.


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there is the code journal: (it's a programming newsletter.)....

I can think of more...but this is a good example of a decent newsletter. :)
Maybe an idea, put once a week the news on SoE TV , you can add vids or photos to it and you can comment on certain events, I think Brad who be glad to help you out with this....
Secondly, I find it a good idea.......yes really refreshing......newsletter/newspaper... where all the people of SoE can share or show out their achieving or experience with...... whatever they think is important enough for us to know....and to learn about.......... it's just an idea......explanation of the moon explain the solar position and so on......
I love the both ideas newsletter and TV!
Now who's going to do it? Or how can we help?
With so many members on Soe and this being such a great idea I think this thread shouldn't disappear so quickly, so I break my silent oath just to bump this thread. ;-) Take care guys. =)
Your right Silent, there are a lot of members here. :). looks like I'll have to use the big guns. FREE Virtual Coffee to all that reply gies c(_) there you go ;).

So far the idea seems to be good. I'd love the input of more people. I like the "greatest of" suggestion. Get the highlights. May get some "letters to the editors" from members too so there's some kind of interactions going on too in some way.

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