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Ive been surfing the internet and there are many many many 2012, ascension, 5th dimensions blogs and sites (which is keeping my hopes up considering all the diverse sources)... All i ask is for all of you to visit some of these sites and drop off off in a comment or disscussion or forum... etc... Hopefully we can get this site running at its full potential of productivity with different sources, and theories, videos excerpts etc. etc.

Another thing ive truly came to realize thanks to a member of SoE ;).. We must all seek our own path for ascension and salvation.. Do your own research and come up with your own opinions, have freindly debates, or whatever and remember to be at one with the universe for we are a living pulse all working simultaneously at the same time... Do NOT ever follow anyone.. This site has no leader, we are all leaders.. (But many thanks to you Brad for making this possible and raising awareness to people(I was one of them not to long ago) :p ) so please take what i said into consideration..

<3 & L

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It is a good idea. you have my support.
Great Krono... Also its pretty enlightening to see other peoples theories etc. from a diffrent source... It makes me feel like were truly on the right path... SO take some time and research some ascension sites, recruit... its worth it..
Soe is already on my blog
Great idea, bro. Myself, I would like to recruit some light workers in my area. This may not be an easy task. The southern states here in the US are nick named The Bible Belt. But i think people every where are ready for a change anyway.
great idea, and good luck simpleman the south eh, you have a hard task !
lol yeah...south is one hard state to crack... But eventually they'll come around..hopefuly, but remember there are those that are ok with the slavery were in today, and there paradigm of reality wont go pass 3d cause they wont allow it... so dont be hostile in the approach of awareness... I get alot of ignorant people al the time trying to discourage me ... evidentally the elitist did there job into brainwashing people... tell them is ok to be skeptical, but at least be aware

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