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Back in 1968, it seems that everyone had nothing to do to better than procreate, i'm the result of such an era. There's a reason they call it Baby Boomers. The parents went bang, and I went boom 9 months later (in the back seat of a car but that's another entirely independent post hehe). And for all of you who want a lesson in productivity, I was one of two to go boom back then, they didn't mess around back then. I'm a twin, (yeah that's right, there's two of ME are you prepared? I can see the Admins pulling their hair out already) ;). I have 2 sisters one older and one younger and my twin brother who probably looks more like anyone of you than he does ME. I blame the milk man and the mail man back then. lol.

My youth was fairly normal born catholic, learned religion in school, along with the other subjects offered by the school. at the age of 7 however, I found books at the library that really set me on my career path. yes, at 7 I knew what I was going to do in my life. And that was, become a software developer. So when I had time to myself back then, I'd open up a good programming book and learn so much from them all. As I was learning to program and do analysis at the age of 7 through about 13 I developed a very logical and analytical mind and a thirst for knowledge that has stuck to me like glue. I moved a lot during that time as well (which helped me become very social as some might have noticed hehe). so I always had an endless supply of new programming books to read and learn from. But this is a group about ascension and spirituality, so suffice to say by flow of my life's path, I'm a good software developer today. That's all for programming.

At about 13 we started getting different ideas, superstition, ghosts, vampires, magic, UFOs and ETs, anything occult telepathy, telekinesis, you name it all became new interests in my life at about that age and so my trusted libraries were there to help me with that new quest for knowledge. According to a recent discussion with Apocolipstick however, I learned this whole pagan thing wrong :) very wrong. So that part I am relearning from the beginning. At about 16 or so I heard of an error (or possible error) in the latin to french translation of the bible and since then i have had many questions that I wanted to find the answer to. It pushed me towards discovering that there is an piece of an answer in more than one (if not all) religions and belief systems out there. And that I could only get a more complete answer by combining the answers from the different religions together somehow to form one more complete answer. So I kept on studying the different religions I was aware of to see how complete an answer I could actually get. They were better answers, but it still feels like something was missing.

This went on for a long while in my life, reading what I could, find out a little more, but progress wasn't very fast due to the lack of things I could actually get my hands on to learn about. While doing that, I tried to do good in school cause I knew I need that to pursue my career and well, tried to keep all balanced all the way through. I like to think I did pretty good so far. When the internet was established it really helped all my research on all these subjects I was curious about. really boosted what I could read about and I also found out about many other religions I just couldn't find out about from our local library and as expected gave me more complete answer still to the questions I was trying to answer to myself. Then in 2001 I saw the disclosure project do it's first live video that they did with all these millitary witnesses and well UFO took a strong turn in my life. So I started looking into that.

What brought me to SOE was the whole effort from before. Like many of us, I wanted to see that ship appear on that date, and I won't lie that i was very disappointed when it did, though I had my strong hunch that it wouldn't. As I mentioned in a post on 10-14-08 back then and as I can say again today, the one thing I remember most about the whole 10-14-08 experience was how everyone there wanted this so bad for one thing, and how I could really feel the energies of everyone that was participating in the everyone was not only helping others (people would post a picture or something others would comment and see if it helped, but also how everybody wanted this to happen for them selves and for everyone else. IT gave me a glimpse of just how connected the would could really be especially if such events were to happen. And that kind of feeling really resonated with me. After 10-14-08 and the no show of the event, I was still surprised to see how many reacted how many saw this as a beginning of things, not the end of things. So when I learned that the people that had that energy in them were gathering on SOE, well I joined :).

Since the beginning of this SOE experience, I've made friends with some of you guys, and still to this day, I feel we're all here for right reasons, those of us that are here. there's a reason why in french an elevator is called an Ascenseur (sounds close to ascension huh?) And every elevator has it's ups and downs and let's face it we've been to the level 5 basements of this place more than once, SOE is no exception, it's not about eliminating them, it's about experiencing them and growing stronger as the family we claim to be, and come out of it closer and stronger. Those that stick around realize this to some level. What makes us shine to the outside world is how we indeed stick together in times of tribulations. this ability to do just that, as good as how we all worked together back in the days of 10-14-08 is exactly why I am still here.

Enough about me, what about you guys? ;)

Did I say a little? my God I need to rethink my scales ;).

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Thank you for sharing ME...I knew you were a smarty ! hehehe
I thinking about posting about me but Its a long one, lol..........
Its lovely to know you better ME
I believe the term is, Old Fart ;). hehehe

Tony said:
Now i am beginning to understand a little, the ban i put on ME resulted in YOU, the evil one of the two being left behind. I simply banned the wrong ONE.

BRB... need to do something......

Hahahahaha great introduction ME, am still getting over the first paragraph. Will read it paragraph at a time to retain my sanity. To much for this "old... what was it you called me" to take in in one go hahaha
Nice info about you, ME, thank you :)
I def resonate with the fact that we are here for that common reason of experiencing and growing from there. omg, i so do remember the 10-14-08 blogspot days, i use to be on it everyday before Brad created SoE. Thanx for your insight!
Awesome M.E!! wow.. twins scarey..hahaha Jk Loved ur story!!
LOL not at all, cause my bro is 2/3 shitforbrains.ROFLMAO

Pleiadian Agenda said:
Great post mystical, but now that I know you are a twin, my entire 1/3 theory about you is blown to hell ;)

Love ya man <3

Where the hell is Claudia?!? Everyone knows you're a big POOFIE!!! Skip the formalities!
Well tony's ban script is having problems with my user name (or is it my twins name lol). So I guess he might have vowed that if I was to be here, he'd destroy the place in hopes to destroy me with it ROFLMAO and then quickly came back to his senses ;) hehe.

Nah, tony wouldn't do that, Tony is just awesome :) though I should expect a comeback on this comment you're reading right now ;) hehe.

Kerrie said:
After 10-14-08 and the no show of the event, I was still surprised to see how many reacted how many saw this as a beginning of things, not the end of things. So when I learned that the people that had that energy in them were gathering on SOE, well I joined :).

I'll try again take 2 what did you do? the ning site just stopped when I tried to post on your post you have awesome powers Enigma it kept saying closed for maintenance:)

What I was saying is you hit the nail on the head with your above comment, so true we have a great spirit :) LOL

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