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Everytime I visit this site (thank you Brad) I anticipate, with a growing weariness, new chanelled messages from the GFOL with pretty graphics and ambient music. Fine words indeed we hear but the world needs more than this and you know it. Here is my request...
Send to earth a ship of great size for all the world to see, just as you promised you would in 2008. We need this. I do not want 'saving' so don't use that lame excuse, I know I am responsible for my own ascension. Come out from behind the curtain. Give us a date. Are you up to it?
Looking forward to your reply.

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Thanks SoSoe, if the GFOL are suddenly of the dark I must have missed something. The point is I can't be the only one getting a bit tired of all these fine but abstract words provided by channelers. I like meat in my sandwich. If our extraterrestrial brothers and sisters don't come up with a lightship soon I fear my request does indeed fall on nonexistent ears. How sad for us all.
Patrick they cant doo that because people would freak out and start to make panic ;o that means if there is panic people would get killed tooo ... And our ET brothers are not here to save us ... They are here to remind us who we are and what do we have to doo. They are here to point the fingers to the right direction. This shit that we are in we have to clean it by our self this is not their shit. And i know it would be easier for us that they would just show them self to everyone and that we would finally see that they really exist :D well the only thing we can do is web site's and that we tell our friends and everyone else about this + Meditations :) And wait for the disclosure to happen because that will change alot of things :)

By jure
at this moment in time, they will only show up in the case of impending disaster, natural or atomic for example. We are being watched closely with a giant evacuation force if need be.
It is said that in 2012, will be the end of the 'quarantine' of earth if you will after which point they will be able to land and say hello.
Between now and then, there will be the increase in UFO reports in the news to feed slowly to people minds, to prepare them. Its likely a formal disclosure of the alien presence will be made by Obama some time soon.
Don't worry. won't be long :)
I agree.. Official UFO Disclosure Globally is a must before First Contact.. Most countries are trying to anyway, but why are the masses not hearing them?

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