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Hi everyone,
I just wanted to say a few things about health issues & tips regarding some articles I posted here...

"We are so radically different, what is good for one person isn't (necessarily) good for another"~ I remember such words from a person(Donna Eden, founder of Energy Medicine)who couldn't even eat vegetables or fruit because they turned into poison in her body due to missing 3 enzymes. She could only eat animal fat and sugar for a period in life until she discovered how to heal herself.

It's hard to know what is going to be helpful, also with each of us with different needs & at different stages on our evolutionary paths, I feel we ultimately need to discover what works. And if we are to discuss health issues, or problems in general, (although I don't think one can underestimate the effects of inner consciousness work, the many energy modalities, frequencies & medicines, the power of love as a healing agent, the innate healing abilities some of us were born with or are awakening to, and so forth), I felt that it's also equally important to share practical, possible alternative solutions, also tangible ones for anybody who might find them useful so I've listed a few. love, light & cheers, mlp

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Thank you for your kind comments dear CCS, I'm glad your sister found relief and a modality that is helping her! Thanks also for the link and for your helpful ideas & articles too! There seems to be many great healing modalities out there...such an innovative time we live in. Some have been especially helpful for my father who absolutely refused to take anything (even vitamins) or go to the doctor to get help when he began developing particular symptoms a couple years ago. It made me ponder all the more about the nature of healing itself.It would be great if we can all have access to solutions we really need. Life also presented some new things recently that I'm trying out with my father for him, which I hope I can post soon. love, light & cheers, mlp

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