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For anyone who doesn't know, and an update for all who do.......

Mariell and I met here in November of 2008, and fell in love. We spent a year and a half online everyday, spending as much time together as we could, and going crazy with the Atlantic Ocean between the two of us. Her in Bucharest, in Fernandina Beach, Florida.

After saving enough money, conquering every fear I had, and deciding to "GO FOR IT", I went for it.

I got to Bucharest on March 24, 2010. I never left. Mariell and I got married on April 30th. And today, June 11th, 2010.......after months of anxiety and what ifs, I got my Romanian residency. 

I guess my point is this: In the beginning, I was so afraid of falling in love, because I was so SURE I could not have a long distant relationship. I said to myself, why waste my time? Why give myself false hope? Why mislead myself and this women?? Who am I kidding, etc??

That my friends, is FEAR talking. Fear of change, Fear of success. FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN.  I can't tell you how many times in the beginning I didn't want to let the walls down and just trust in my higher manifest a better life. Something new. Something at the time I chose to perceive as impossible.

But I did the impossible. I created a plan, and I stuck to the plan. I even came here knowing I could be refused residency for god knows any red tape reason a govt wants. But I did it anyway. Giving up a job back home. Giving up a nice apartment. Giving up KNOWN SECURITY, to jump out of the plane without the parachute and take the risk.

So here I am. 19 months later. A plan successful. And why? Because I let my shields down. I let CHANGE in. And that change meant tears and money and fear of failure and fear of other's incompetence and all kinds of other fears. But you know what? I succeeded.

I now have a wife and 3 children in Romania. I am with my twinflame, for make no mistake I knew it was her from the first time I saw her picture, in November of 2008. It's like we picked it up where we left it off when we met.

So just remember my friends. Any one of you can accomplish anything you want just by surrendering to your higher self. Your angels will carry you. Sure, your brain may be the devil along the way, teasing you with "what ifs" and the like, but if you stick to your truth and you stick to your guns, you can accomplish anything you decide to challenge yourself with.

Oh yeah, pics of the marriage and Bucharest for those who had asked before.......and Mariell and I  thank you for all your support along the way.

Love ya guys.

Pleiadian Agenda and Mariell
(Phil & Marina Justin)

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Sweet pic indeed :):):).
.I'm so glad for You guys.
This is such a wonderful love story! Well done guys! I wish you both and your kids all the happiness in the world!!
p.s.: Great pics!!
Great job guys Love,Light & Blessings to all
Thanks for sharing Guys!, hope you live your dreams in your most wonderful fulfilment.
Blessings to You and your kids.
That's so lovely to hear. We are all in this game together, this is OUR Earth!
Congratulation for you two, PA and Mariell. This was meant to be. Im so happy for you.

May your hearts bring you peace love and wisdom always.
Love you guys.

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