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Letters and answers between Michael Horn, and Alex Collier, a.k.a. Ralph Amagran, fraud backing down. After 4 year of battle between the truth and non-truth Alex 'gives up the fight' and goes back into his proverbial corner.

Hi there Gaz,

I think that you may find the following interesting:

To All Concerned,

I recently asked Michael Salla and Paola Harris to provide me with credible, substantiated evidence for their claims that "Alex Collier" (Ralph Amagran) is a "genuine lifelong Andromedan contactee". In response to their threats to sue me, I told them that I would immediately apologize for my expressing my opinion that they, along with "Collier", were perpetrating and perpetuating a hoax, upon receipt of said evidence from them. I should add that I have been requesting this evidence for the past four years.

I just received a response, though not from Salla or Harris but from "Collier". That response makes it crystal clear that there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever, existing anywhere, to support any of their claims. None. Not one photo or film. Not a single, solitary witness. Not a piece of credible information. Not anything...just a self-serving, embarrassing cop-out from the perpetrator of this nearly 20-year fraud, Ralph Amagran, aka "Alex Collier".

While I have included below the letter that "Collier" published, interspersed with specific comments by me, I will state some of the more obvious revelations here, in briefer form.

"Collier", who is forced to admit that he changed his name from Ralph Amagran, attributes this to fear that coming forward as a "genuine lifelong Andromedan contactee" under his real name would have endangered his family, presumably by government and religious agents. We immediately understand the illogical, preposterousness of such a statement - certainly no "operatives" worth their salt would be fooled by someone changing their name! I'm an ordinary person and I wasn't fooled by it.

He then goes on, unrepentantly, to steal a page, so to speak, from Billy Meier's true life experiences as he still tries to legitimize his claimed "contacts" - naturally without a speck of evidence to substantiate them. He alludes to "information" that he disseminated that his imaginary Andromedan ETs ("A's", as he puts it) "asked" him to. Never mind the beyond idiotic notion that an advanced race of space travelers, from millions of light years away, contacted a former IRS agent, the delusional gibberish that constitutes "Collier's" best evidence ( as was provided to me by Michael Salla, should be enough for any intelligent person, even one who entertained the possibility of truthfulness here, to immediately see through this shameful hoax.

He then goes on to actually complain about having been challenged to substantiate his evidence and about the stress this has brought his family. Such grandiose nonsense is typical of people who are narcissists, sociopaths and con artists, and who always blame someone else for their troubles - as well as the pain that they themselves cause their own family members, friends, etc.

But while "Collier" reveals himself as a shallow, opportunistic huckster, he effectively reveals Michael Salla and Paola Harris as very willing accomplices in this fraud - since the evidence that they themselves claimed to have been aware of for years, simply doesn't I have long suggested.

The only reason that any of them should ever be invited to set foot on any stage, anywhere, should be solely to account for this stupid hoax, and their belligerent, unwavering support and promotion of it. If Michael Salla has any sense, and we've never seen any evidence of that, he would take down his nonsense filled website(s) and also beg forgiveness from all of the people that ever got involved in this "Alex Collier" farce, upon which he has effectively based his own, now totally demolished, credibility and reputation.

While doubtless there exist dopey New Agers, conspiracy theorists and UFO enthusiasts who may prefer to see something else other than "Collier's" own, self-pitying admission, it bears repeating: This has been a cynical, opportunistic hoax, which is now over. And, as I suggest in my expanded response below, the next heap to be cleaned up is what remains of "exopolitics", its equally delusional, unsubstantiated claims...and those who perpetrate them.


Footnotes about a Fraud

Read on, dear readers, and let this be a huge lesson to all about discernment, standards of evidence and proof, integrity and truthfulness, among other things.

An Open Letter from Alex Collier

As many of he are aware, I am being bitterly attacked from the Billy Meier /FIGU Cult camp.

MH: Not at all, especially since there's no "Billy Meier/FIGU Cult camp". But he is being challenged, by me, to prove his claims of the last nearly 20 years, which certainly shouldn't be too much to ask, especially since, if they are true, they would constitute the most important story in human history, right?

AC: I am being addressed as a liar and a fraud. Apparently because I changed my name. And because at certain times in my life during ongoing contacts I wasn't sharing this reality with people who were acquaintances. I want he to know that I have addressed this issue publicly in earlier lectures years ago. But maybe its necessary to deal with it for the last time.

MH: No, he's being addressed as a liar and a fraud because of the absolutely delusional, inaccurate, unsubstantiated information that he claims was given to him by extraterrestrials. And because people (like Steve, Rose, Ron, Dore and me) who knew him then also know that he used, and altered, the Meier information in order to make himself appear to be someone that he's not. Changing his name was part of that fraud. And he's still trying to get away with it. Case in point: "at certain times in my life during ongoing contacts". Exactly where is the evidence for those "contacts"? Did he share it with Michael Salla and Paola Harris (whose sad situation will be addressed later in this response)?

AC: In the early 90's when I came forward, the talks were very small. More like living room talks . Just a hand full of people. I stopped speaking in 2002. After being addressed in front of my mailbox by 3 well dressed men that were part of a "Program". I was told to "Shut the Blank up". I was then told that friends were going to be hurt if I did not shut up. The names were given to me. They were not kidding and it wasn't a joke. They were going to kill friends and family members.

MH: Anecdotal at best. And should anyone indeed have threatened him it in no way makes his obviously fake story more credible. Frankly, many people tried to tell him to "Shut the Blank up" simply because he's a liar and, as we shall see, it's obvious that people, like his own family, were hurt because he continued with his hoax.

AC: Fast forward the internet. I had no idea that the information would go where it has. I had none at all.

MH: "No idea", really? Some not so very smart ETs he's got there. Of course Meier had already written about the internet and where it "would go"...back in 1958 (see: Nos. 93 and 127). But he was already so deep into his hoax that he didn't see that information of Meier's and tried to make it his own.

AC: In 1990 when Morenay had asked me to speak and share "some of my experiences" I reluctantly said yes. I spoke to my Dad regarding this. My dad had an experience of my contacts when we lived in up state NY. We spoke of it that morning and as my Dad was a strong catholic, his questions were very direct. I felt that if I was going to speak he needed to know. Dad was afraid of what would not only happen to me but our family. My brothers and sisters, and himself by government and religious harassment etc..... We spoke about using another name to share the info in someway.

MH: So we are to believe that some nefarious "government" agents, who would presumably threaten Ralph Amagran and his family, wouldn't have the faintest idea that "Alex Collier" was actually the same guy? Really? Wow, if they're that stupid, what would he have been afraid of? The problem is that liars tend to get their stories mixed up, since they aren't recalling memories of actual events but are trying to remember the lies they made up in the first place, like Ralph does above. So logic and reason, as well as any evidence to back up their lies, are non-existent.

AC: In times in my life while contacts were occurring it has been very difficult and hard to share it. I had a head full of knowledge, and experiences but could not share it. I was told that at those times there was no one I could truly trust. When I did not listen to them, I would be proven to be wrong. Supposed friends betrayed and stole from me. Enough said about that.

MH: Enough said? Not at all. What still needs to be said is how closely that parallels what Meier wrote - and Ralph read - about some of Meier's own actual experiences. And just what did these "supposed friends" steal from Ralph, his hundreds of still irreproducible, clear, daytime UFO photos, films, video, etc. - like actually happened to...Meier?

AC: I have shared the information that I was asked to. I don't sell anything. I have no copyrights . I was told by the "A's " not to make a business of this in anyway. And so I haven't.

MH: So some supposed extraterrestrials, from the Andromeda galaxy no less, came zillions of light years all the way to earth to tell him to "share" the absolutely delusional pile of crap that can be found here: And let's remember that this was also the best (and the only) evidence that Michael Salla could refer me to. Anybody still fooled by these hoaxers?

AC: As for wanting 15 minutes of fame, well as I have said many times before, if I had really known it would come to this, I never would have opened my mouth. I am sick of being attacked and even though I have tried very hard to keep a low profile and protect my family from hurt and prejudice, by those who don't give a damn about my family so they can keep there name in lights and beat there chest, by declaring they have the secret and they are the one......

MH: So he's saying that if he knew that people would actually put him in the horrendously unfair and intolerable position of having to substantiate his garbage claims - he'd never have perpetrated this hoax? Hasn't it occurred to him that he's the one who didn't "give a damn about" his own family, that he's bringing shame and hurt to them, because of his lies? A classic case of a delusional narcissist masquerading, under an alias to conceal his true identity, and then playing the martyr card yet...delightful. And, while Meier has dodged assassins 21 times, we've never heard one word of complaint or self-pity from him, like this arrogant phony who finds legitimate, critical words too much to bear.

AC: Ladies and Gentlemen, I have given what I can. Its out there and That’s what I agreed to do. You can choose to read it, listen to it, research it or not. The information is the "A's" perspective. That’s it.

MH: Yes, he's "out there" alright. And can he substantiate that claim of his, about, "The information is the 'A's' perspective."? "A's", what "A's"? Any evidence for these imaginary "A's" of his, did we miss it somewhere, sometime...over the past 20 years? Any witnesses who've ever come forward, such as Meier has ( Maybe the good "Ladies and Gentlemen" here you can now see that he's still trying to play them for fools and suckers.

AC: I would of course always encourage you to research the field.

MH: I'll bet that I'm one guy that he wishes didn't "research the field", that he wishes he never met, that he wishes he never gave the original 1,800 pages of Meier's Contact Notes to, the ones from which he stole information, from Meier's life story, to begin to create his hoax.

AC: There is a wealth of information out there by many great dedicated researchers and speakers. NO ONE HAS THE WHOLE STORY. It’s for you to discover who you are and your place in this drama of conscious evolution. Be your own savior. Take the pressure off of GOD and help yourself. The worst case is you will be an inspiration and leader to others to invest in themselves. To be themselves as they truly are.

MH: Yes, "many great dedicated researchers and speakers", like Michael Salla and Paola Harris, perhaps? Did he ever give them "THE WHOLE STORY"...because they sure need it now! Yes, of course, throw in the imaginary "God" thing, too; but that isn't going to help him or them either.

AC: I feel its necessary to add this last clarification for he. I have no vested interest in this information. And as such I really could care less what anyone thinks. My intention was to share the info and give a different perspective. I have had a lot of growth to go through and am now the father of 5. I must put the welfare of my family first and not this horse shit with FIGU.

I am done with this........I have moved on.........Think what he will, But please think for theirselves.........

Alex Collier

MH: So, he has "no vested interest in this information" and he "really could care less what anyone thinks"? What a cowardly, shamelessly selfish,'s about the "vested interest" of Michael Salla and Paola Harris and what they "think"? He's content to hang them out and let them twist slowly and nakedly in the wind - while he turns tail and runs. They're stuck now without a shred of evidence to substantiate their foolish, unwaveringly stubborn support for his stupid "Andromedan contactee" claims, and thoroughly humiliated for their own incompetence, gullibility and over-ambition. But they are responsible for their own actions and have done themselves irreparable harm, including forever absolutely destroying their credibility as any kind of researchers.

The only "horse shit" here is contained, from head to toe, inside one Ralph Amagran, posing as "Alex Collier". Don't blame FIGU for his troubles, Ralphie, that's not being very self-responsible.

He's right about one thing though, he's done alright, finished, over and - good riddance.

And the least he could have done was to sign his real name.

Michael Horn

Note to all concerned: So there you have it. Complete and utter nonsense, a stupid, delusional fraud perpetrated for almost 20 years by a shameless pathological liar...with the help of two willing accomplices in the persons of Michael Salla and Paola Harris, and one Rick Keefe who, despite my pointing this out to him some time ago, persists in peddling videos of this psychopath on the internet. And, while this should forever close the door on this dreadful, imbecilic distraction from the pursuit of the truth about UFOs and actual extraterrestrial contact...we're not quite finished yet.

There still remains the matter of the other completely unsubstantiated, nonsensical, hallucinatory claims by "exopolitics" and people like Alfred Webre, etc., such as "benevolent extraterrestrials walking among us", "Reptilians kidnapping and eating our children", "over 1 billion people have been abducted by negative aliens"...and all of the other gibberish about "alien agreements with our government", "ETs landing in 2012", etc.

My suggestion to Mr. Webre, and all of the other (remaining) proponents of this nonsense, is that they immediately put their proof - not anecdotal, channeled information or other hearsay - on the table. While it has taken the last four years to fumigate the infestation of lies, deceit, opportunism, etc. of the Collier/Salla/Harris hoax, I hope that we won't see the same kind of stubborn, intransigent attitudes from the rest of the "exopolitics" group - even though their reason for being is rapidly diminishing with each close examination of their also unsubstantiated claims.

The truth is necessarily harsh, and all the more so in this matter as people in the largely unscientific, so-called "UFO community" have demonstrated themselves to be far too gullible, uncritical and naive when it comes to using discernment in matters like these. And pardon me if I'm not cutting any slack for people who have accused me of being the liar in this matter, who've threatened me with lawsuits because I've dared to fight to bring out the truth. They only have themselves to blame for the damaging fallout from this fraud, as I warned them - years ago - would surely be the case in the future if they didn't come clean then with the truth.

Poor Michael Salla, who "found no evidence of fraud" in the "Alex Collier" that "Collier" has provided it to him himself.

Well, the future has arrived and, for some, it's not looking all that rosy.


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Well ! Michael Horn has joined Saviors of Earth just now.
Maybe he will bring some more light ,to this matter.
So much love to him ,and to all of you.Namaste.
Does it matter who is hoax-er and who is not? Peoplel u dont have to bump on every tree in the forest. :) If its good info take it to your heart if not leave it alone :) This things just make's us seperated. Even if they are hoax-er's and wanted to get some money from this ... Those two still made a huge difference in people's life wich is good at least for me :). And btw i didnt read the post only few sentences. Anyway love love love by Jure :)
I find this all very pathetic, and is not of unconditional love. Alex Collier is not a human error and Billie Meier is not a human error, they are people who have had an encounter with extraterrestrials, surely. We have learned much about the pleiadians among others.
But this story of M. Horn is full of sensation ... a bad human characteristic ... Let us respect each other at all times and please let each of us remain in his/her own truth .
Saviors , we can only survive if we continue in our unconditional love for each other ...So unconditional love for Alex Collier and unconditional love for Bllie Meier and, of course, for the spokesman from Mr. Billie Meier, Mr. M. Horn ...

Do not be tempted to lower vibrations ...

Namaste Saviors of Earth

Trudy said:
I find this all very pathetic, and is not of unconditional love. Alex Collier is not a human error and Billie Meier is not a human error, they are people who have had an encounter with extraterrestrials, surely. We have learned much about the pleiadians among others.
But this story of M. Horn is full of sensation ... a bad human characteristic ... Let us respect each other at all times and please let each of us remain in his/her own truth .
Saviors , we can only survive if we continue in our unconditional love for each other ...So unconditional love for Alex Collier and unconditional love for Bllie Meier and, of course, for the spokesman from Mr. Billie Meier, Mr. M. Horn ...

Do not be tempted to lower vibrations ...

Namaste Saviors of Earth
I understand that people are upset by my often harsh tone regarding the "Alex Collier" hoax. When I first when public with my knowledge about this, in an article in UFO magazine, it was in a bit of humorous tone, as I figured that once Ralph knew that the word was out he'd have the good sense to stop it.

He didn't. And, starting four years ago, I was being called a liar by the people promoting him. But really, why is any of this important? Well, in some sense, it may not be at all. After all, what we have here is someone making wild and delusional claims - without a shred of ANY evidence to support them. In any legitimate field of study such things would be revealed as nonsense and fraud and probably very quickly forgotten.

But the so-called UFO and New Age communities are populated in large numbers by people with very little discernment, logical thinking abilities, experience in research, or even healthy...skepticism. Nor do they like having this pointed out to them.

Having had to take responsibility to evolve the aforementioned skills myself over the past several decades, and having spent time checking out all sorts of channeled material, claims of "contact", predictions and prophecies, etc., I have a perspective that is not simply a matter of feel-good, wishful thinking.

Naturally in my 30 years of work on the Meier case, which has included meeting with him 11 times in the past 10 years (as well as with his friends, family and fellow FIGU members) and with the original investigators, various experts, scientists, etc., I've put in some serious, critical time and thinking into the matter. I've also done the work of searching the prophetic information in the English translations of Meier's material to check it for accuracy, as well as consider the reasons, value and importance of it. I took on virtually every top professional skeptic, challenged and defeated them, as can be learned about at my site. And this is really just a brief and partial overview.

Then a long comes a man that I personally know to be a fraud and impostor, without any of his own evidence, who altered Meier's material, added his own hallucinatory nonsense and...we have a bunch of nice, well-intentioned but completely gullible people swallowing the foolishness, hook, line and sinker, and spouting off about "unconditional love" without even a nod to discernment.

Again, one may ask, so what does it matter? Let's say, just for the sake of introducing something that one doesn't need to accept or believe but can take the time to think through if they wish, that in addition to being a verifiably authentic contactee, Meier really is the prophet for this time. And let's also say that by using that term we are not connecting it/him to any specialness, celebrity, guru, master, religious status, etc., whatsoever.

Should it be true, and not simply a matter of opinion, that Meier indeed has this role, and should it be true that there's a weighty reason for the actual contacts connected to them, and should it be true that it does concern our future survival, true and eternally valid spiritual teaching, etc., wouldn't we want to know and wouldn't we want to not - again - have the truth delayed, altered, corrupted, etc., by selfish, power hungry individuals who had no regard for it whatsoever?

I much prefer reasonable discourse to red hot battles. But, unfortunately, in the real world, there often are unrepentant, belligerent, conniving people who will seemingly stop at nothing to corrupt the truth for their own selfish purposes - and mislead many people in the process.

Of course people are free to believe anything they want. But if the truth matters to you, then you will find that things are often quite different, and less pleasant, than you would like. So you will have the choice of either backing away to seemingly more comfortable, less confrontational matters, or finding out where it leads and becoming the hero - in your own life.
What I don't understand, Michael, is how people can receive messages, telepathically that is, from the Paladies when in fact there isn't an actual population of ETs in that area specifically. In other words, with no inhabitable planets in that star system. Or could it be that the people who are supposedly receiving these messages are basically receiving 'ego' messages as they wish things to be?

Maybe you could elaborate a bit here, for that understanding, since and especially when we know that Billy's contacts have been from the Plejaren, who are from a different time/space area, away from the Palaidies. I believe that an understanding of this for everyone is important so they realize that ships are not coming in to save this planet...or am I incorrect in making this presumption? Thanks much, Lea
Hi Clauss and Lea,

Thanks for your comments and understanding.

Regarding telepathic contact, first there are very few people who have any conscious control/ability regarding telepathy. And, what most people also don't know, is that there are two forms of telepathy, material and spiritual. I'm not going to go deeply into this since my knowledge is not sufficient and because Meier has written about this, mostly available only in German though.

Meier was trained, starting at five years of age, to receive and send information telepathically. He learned to recognize and identify several MILLION different telepathic symbols (that represented different words and/or concepts), which he would have to learn in order to, later in life, transcribe his face-to-face conversations with the Plejaren, which were recorded and beamed back to him telepathically after the contacts. As we show in our film, he then types them out, with one hand, at about 60 words per minute in German (receiving and simultaneously translating them almost simultaneously mentally).

Obviously, in one of his few strokes of wisdom, "Alex Collier" has decided not to claim the same abilities for himself, though he read about them in the material that he plagiarized.

As for anyone coming to save us from ourselves, our own errors, our stupidity, etc., absolutely not. There will be no lift off, no going into our "light bodies", no "ascending", no "going into the 4th density", or any other escapist nonsense, etc., etc. And this is precisely why I object to all of the distractions of these kinds of misleading messages, i.e. they delay us from taking full and complete self-responsibility for EVERY aspects of our lives which is one of the core teachings in the Meier material.

The damage done by the various religions, sects, belief systems, false leaders, teachers, etc., is enormous. And, if you'll pardon me for saying it, most New Age stuff is simply rehashed Christianity with (very selective) elements taken from ancient cultures that existed in Egypt, India and South America, England, etc. We have romanticized some pretty unpleasant stuff, we just don't know enough of the true histories to understand that.
With all due respect Mr. Horn, it caresses perhaps your ego to say ... I have the truth, but ... the truth will become clear when there is open contact with extraterrestrials on a global scale.

Until that moment for me each channeler, contactee, abducted ones or viewers of UFO's, they have the benefit of the doubt from me at all time ...

Always with Love for all of You true Saviors of Earth
In my estimation, using logical reasoning, I would say that if Alex(Ralph) was threatened, it was more because of the political content and accusations against government and their plans, that he was spouting, and not the idea he was supposedly having contact with the A's. Unless, however, logic has no place here.

I can understand how people believe they need to be saved; however, if they dogged religion for attempts to save people's souls...then why accept a cult that is romanticized? This is something that is way beyond wishful thinking. Even by reading Billy's material and his question to the Plejaren, it has been SO noted that even those who believe they will be saved by a second coming of Christ is incorrect.

I would say, if anything, there is coming a conscious awareness of the wrong moves that we've made, a recalling of mistakes and finding ways to correct them, for the good of the entire planet; meaning...lets get that new earth saving technology out here, and stop playing with OIL and taking more minerals from the ground. Let us not forget that as we see all these trees die off, that means this planet is without minerals to survive, or to at the very least...give back to man what has been taken from it. Our earth is trembling severely, and cannot take much more.

In my heart, I don't really believe that people understand this at all. They appear to be seeking out saviors, but in reality the 'savior' is within us...not an outside source, for it is not the outside sources that destroyed what we have...I would say..big corporations, industry, dumping poisons back into the ground when they should be cleaning it up in other ways...dumping highly toxic chemicals into the ground, and is man which brings on the demise of this planet. And surely carbon taxes, aren't going to save anything except the millionaire, elitist status. So, how far off am I? :>)
In order to not have this turn into a predictable flaming war, etc., may I suggest that rather than comment about my ego that you, Trudy, examine where, why and how you came to adopt a completely unsubstantiated, non self-responsible belief that "open contact with extraterrestrials on a global scale" is what we need to wait for in order to have "the truth"?

As I said before, "...the so-called UFO and New Age communities are populated in large numbers by people with very little discernment, logical thinking abilities, experience in research, or even healthy...skepticism. Nor do they like having this pointed out to them."

When we hear something that we "take personally", i.e. feel upset or attacked by, it usually means that there's some internal examination, of our own thoughts, feelings, beliefs, to examine. In simple terms, when something "pushes our buttons" it's best to find those buttons and see if they serve us, or if we should...disconnect them.
In respect to the saviors of the earth, your points are duly noted. However, your analogy regarding the true saviors of the earth? That would be US. No one, but no one, is coming to save us. When using logic and reasoning...if you flew off to a distant planet, that you'd helped populate, with everything from people to the smallest life form, and watched them over the millenniums completely and disrespectfully destroying everything, take from the ground, putting nothing back, hiding safe and alternative ways to run this planet that's been available since the 1960s (or earlier), would you, as a more intelligent species want to save those that destroy?

Using logic and common sense, and even with all the love you could muster, would an indignant, destructive population be worth the trouble? Let's use our heads for a change, and take a good look around at the condition of earth. It will take another 90,000 year ice age, to fix what man has destroyed. Check your research, and you'll find that unless we break out ALL those alternative forms of energy and transportation within this next year, this planet is doomed and there isn't going to be any intelligent lifeform who will come to save it. Besides, within 4 years...the new ice age will begin; it's already proven; we're at the 10,000 year mark and it will soon be the end of warming, now to reverse; the ocean currents are down to 20% and people better get their eyes out of the sky and into the real research. It's important at this point to cease listening to people who distract with promises that they cannot fulfill, and who are writing checks for people they cannot cash, and begin researching all these truths on our own.

With love and truth..Lea

Trudy said:
With all due respect Mr. Horn, it caresses perhaps your ego to say ... I have the truth, but ... the truth will become clear when there is open contact with extraterrestrials on a global scale.
Until that moment for me each channeler, contactee, abducted ones or viewers of UFO's, they have the benefit of the doubt from me at all time ... Always with Love for all of You true Saviors of Earth
:))) no buttons are pushed, _lol_

This answer was expected of U ..U pretends the truth about everything and everyone ... This says enough about you ...
Remain in the Light new savior ..It will oblige you


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