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Letters and answers between Michael Horn, and Alex Collier, a.k.a. Ralph Amagran, fraud backing down. After 4 year of battle between the truth and non-truth Alex 'gives up the fight' and goes back into his proverbial corner.

Hi there Gaz,

I think that you may find the following interesting:

To All Concerned,

I recently asked Michael Salla and Paola Harris to provide me with credible, substantiated evidence for their claims that "Alex Collier" (Ralph Amagran) is a "genuine lifelong Andromedan contactee". In response to their threats to sue me, I told them that I would immediately apologize for my expressing my opinion that they, along with "Collier", were perpetrating and perpetuating a hoax, upon receipt of said evidence from them. I should add that I have been requesting this evidence for the past four years.

I just received a response, though not from Salla or Harris but from "Collier". That response makes it crystal clear that there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever, existing anywhere, to support any of their claims. None. Not one photo or film. Not a single, solitary witness. Not a piece of credible information. Not anything...just a self-serving, embarrassing cop-out from the perpetrator of this nearly 20-year fraud, Ralph Amagran, aka "Alex Collier".

While I have included below the letter that "Collier" published, interspersed with specific comments by me, I will state some of the more obvious revelations here, in briefer form.

"Collier", who is forced to admit that he changed his name from Ralph Amagran, attributes this to fear that coming forward as a "genuine lifelong Andromedan contactee" under his real name would have endangered his family, presumably by government and religious agents. We immediately understand the illogical, preposterousness of such a statement - certainly no "operatives" worth their salt would be fooled by someone changing their name! I'm an ordinary person and I wasn't fooled by it.

He then goes on, unrepentantly, to steal a page, so to speak, from Billy Meier's true life experiences as he still tries to legitimize his claimed "contacts" - naturally without a speck of evidence to substantiate them. He alludes to "information" that he disseminated that his imaginary Andromedan ETs ("A's", as he puts it) "asked" him to. Never mind the beyond idiotic notion that an advanced race of space travelers, from millions of light years away, contacted a former IRS agent, the delusional gibberish that constitutes "Collier's" best evidence ( as was provided to me by Michael Salla, should be enough for any intelligent person, even one who entertained the possibility of truthfulness here, to immediately see through this shameful hoax.

He then goes on to actually complain about having been challenged to substantiate his evidence and about the stress this has brought his family. Such grandiose nonsense is typical of people who are narcissists, sociopaths and con artists, and who always blame someone else for their troubles - as well as the pain that they themselves cause their own family members, friends, etc.

But while "Collier" reveals himself as a shallow, opportunistic huckster, he effectively reveals Michael Salla and Paola Harris as very willing accomplices in this fraud - since the evidence that they themselves claimed to have been aware of for years, simply doesn't I have long suggested.

The only reason that any of them should ever be invited to set foot on any stage, anywhere, should be solely to account for this stupid hoax, and their belligerent, unwavering support and promotion of it. If Michael Salla has any sense, and we've never seen any evidence of that, he would take down his nonsense filled website(s) and also beg forgiveness from all of the people that ever got involved in this "Alex Collier" farce, upon which he has effectively based his own, now totally demolished, credibility and reputation.

While doubtless there exist dopey New Agers, conspiracy theorists and UFO enthusiasts who may prefer to see something else other than "Collier's" own, self-pitying admission, it bears repeating: This has been a cynical, opportunistic hoax, which is now over. And, as I suggest in my expanded response below, the next heap to be cleaned up is what remains of "exopolitics", its equally delusional, unsubstantiated claims...and those who perpetrate them.


Footnotes about a Fraud

Read on, dear readers, and let this be a huge lesson to all about discernment, standards of evidence and proof, integrity and truthfulness, among other things.

An Open Letter from Alex Collier

As many of he are aware, I am being bitterly attacked from the Billy Meier /FIGU Cult camp.

MH: Not at all, especially since there's no "Billy Meier/FIGU Cult camp". But he is being challenged, by me, to prove his claims of the last nearly 20 years, which certainly shouldn't be too much to ask, especially since, if they are true, they would constitute the most important story in human history, right?

AC: I am being addressed as a liar and a fraud. Apparently because I changed my name. And because at certain times in my life during ongoing contacts I wasn't sharing this reality with people who were acquaintances. I want he to know that I have addressed this issue publicly in earlier lectures years ago. But maybe its necessary to deal with it for the last time.

MH: No, he's being addressed as a liar and a fraud because of the absolutely delusional, inaccurate, unsubstantiated information that he claims was given to him by extraterrestrials. And because people (like Steve, Rose, Ron, Dore and me) who knew him then also know that he used, and altered, the Meier information in order to make himself appear to be someone that he's not. Changing his name was part of that fraud. And he's still trying to get away with it. Case in point: "at certain times in my life during ongoing contacts". Exactly where is the evidence for those "contacts"? Did he share it with Michael Salla and Paola Harris (whose sad situation will be addressed later in this response)?

AC: In the early 90's when I came forward, the talks were very small. More like living room talks . Just a hand full of people. I stopped speaking in 2002. After being addressed in front of my mailbox by 3 well dressed men that were part of a "Program". I was told to "Shut the Blank up". I was then told that friends were going to be hurt if I did not shut up. The names were given to me. They were not kidding and it wasn't a joke. They were going to kill friends and family members.

MH: Anecdotal at best. And should anyone indeed have threatened him it in no way makes his obviously fake story more credible. Frankly, many people tried to tell him to "Shut the Blank up" simply because he's a liar and, as we shall see, it's obvious that people, like his own family, were hurt because he continued with his hoax.

AC: Fast forward the internet. I had no idea that the information would go where it has. I had none at all.

MH: "No idea", really? Some not so very smart ETs he's got there. Of course Meier had already written about the internet and where it "would go"...back in 1958 (see: Nos. 93 and 127). But he was already so deep into his hoax that he didn't see that information of Meier's and tried to make it his own.

AC: In 1990 when Morenay had asked me to speak and share "some of my experiences" I reluctantly said yes. I spoke to my Dad regarding this. My dad had an experience of my contacts when we lived in up state NY. We spoke of it that morning and as my Dad was a strong catholic, his questions were very direct. I felt that if I was going to speak he needed to know. Dad was afraid of what would not only happen to me but our family. My brothers and sisters, and himself by government and religious harassment etc..... We spoke about using another name to share the info in someway.

MH: So we are to believe that some nefarious "government" agents, who would presumably threaten Ralph Amagran and his family, wouldn't have the faintest idea that "Alex Collier" was actually the same guy? Really? Wow, if they're that stupid, what would he have been afraid of? The problem is that liars tend to get their stories mixed up, since they aren't recalling memories of actual events but are trying to remember the lies they made up in the first place, like Ralph does above. So logic and reason, as well as any evidence to back up their lies, are non-existent.

AC: In times in my life while contacts were occurring it has been very difficult and hard to share it. I had a head full of knowledge, and experiences but could not share it. I was told that at those times there was no one I could truly trust. When I did not listen to them, I would be proven to be wrong. Supposed friends betrayed and stole from me. Enough said about that.

MH: Enough said? Not at all. What still needs to be said is how closely that parallels what Meier wrote - and Ralph read - about some of Meier's own actual experiences. And just what did these "supposed friends" steal from Ralph, his hundreds of still irreproducible, clear, daytime UFO photos, films, video, etc. - like actually happened to...Meier?

AC: I have shared the information that I was asked to. I don't sell anything. I have no copyrights . I was told by the "A's " not to make a business of this in anyway. And so I haven't.

MH: So some supposed extraterrestrials, from the Andromeda galaxy no less, came zillions of light years all the way to earth to tell him to "share" the absolutely delusional pile of crap that can be found here: And let's remember that this was also the best (and the only) evidence that Michael Salla could refer me to. Anybody still fooled by these hoaxers?

AC: As for wanting 15 minutes of fame, well as I have said many times before, if I had really known it would come to this, I never would have opened my mouth. I am sick of being attacked and even though I have tried very hard to keep a low profile and protect my family from hurt and prejudice, by those who don't give a damn about my family so they can keep there name in lights and beat there chest, by declaring they have the secret and they are the one......

MH: So he's saying that if he knew that people would actually put him in the horrendously unfair and intolerable position of having to substantiate his garbage claims - he'd never have perpetrated this hoax? Hasn't it occurred to him that he's the one who didn't "give a damn about" his own family, that he's bringing shame and hurt to them, because of his lies? A classic case of a delusional narcissist masquerading, under an alias to conceal his true identity, and then playing the martyr card yet...delightful. And, while Meier has dodged assassins 21 times, we've never heard one word of complaint or self-pity from him, like this arrogant phony who finds legitimate, critical words too much to bear.

AC: Ladies and Gentlemen, I have given what I can. Its out there and That’s what I agreed to do. You can choose to read it, listen to it, research it or not. The information is the "A's" perspective. That’s it.

MH: Yes, he's "out there" alright. And can he substantiate that claim of his, about, "The information is the 'A's' perspective."? "A's", what "A's"? Any evidence for these imaginary "A's" of his, did we miss it somewhere, sometime...over the past 20 years? Any witnesses who've ever come forward, such as Meier has ( Maybe the good "Ladies and Gentlemen" here you can now see that he's still trying to play them for fools and suckers.

AC: I would of course always encourage you to research the field.

MH: I'll bet that I'm one guy that he wishes didn't "research the field", that he wishes he never met, that he wishes he never gave the original 1,800 pages of Meier's Contact Notes to, the ones from which he stole information, from Meier's life story, to begin to create his hoax.

AC: There is a wealth of information out there by many great dedicated researchers and speakers. NO ONE HAS THE WHOLE STORY. It’s for you to discover who you are and your place in this drama of conscious evolution. Be your own savior. Take the pressure off of GOD and help yourself. The worst case is you will be an inspiration and leader to others to invest in themselves. To be themselves as they truly are.

MH: Yes, "many great dedicated researchers and speakers", like Michael Salla and Paola Harris, perhaps? Did he ever give them "THE WHOLE STORY"...because they sure need it now! Yes, of course, throw in the imaginary "God" thing, too; but that isn't going to help him or them either.

AC: I feel its necessary to add this last clarification for he. I have no vested interest in this information. And as such I really could care less what anyone thinks. My intention was to share the info and give a different perspective. I have had a lot of growth to go through and am now the father of 5. I must put the welfare of my family first and not this horse shit with FIGU.

I am done with this........I have moved on.........Think what he will, But please think for theirselves.........

Alex Collier

MH: So, he has "no vested interest in this information" and he "really could care less what anyone thinks"? What a cowardly, shamelessly selfish,'s about the "vested interest" of Michael Salla and Paola Harris and what they "think"? He's content to hang them out and let them twist slowly and nakedly in the wind - while he turns tail and runs. They're stuck now without a shred of evidence to substantiate their foolish, unwaveringly stubborn support for his stupid "Andromedan contactee" claims, and thoroughly humiliated for their own incompetence, gullibility and over-ambition. But they are responsible for their own actions and have done themselves irreparable harm, including forever absolutely destroying their credibility as any kind of researchers.

The only "horse shit" here is contained, from head to toe, inside one Ralph Amagran, posing as "Alex Collier". Don't blame FIGU for his troubles, Ralphie, that's not being very self-responsible.

He's right about one thing though, he's done alright, finished, over and - good riddance.

And the least he could have done was to sign his real name.

Michael Horn

Note to all concerned: So there you have it. Complete and utter nonsense, a stupid, delusional fraud perpetrated for almost 20 years by a shameless pathological liar...with the help of two willing accomplices in the persons of Michael Salla and Paola Harris, and one Rick Keefe who, despite my pointing this out to him some time ago, persists in peddling videos of this psychopath on the internet. And, while this should forever close the door on this dreadful, imbecilic distraction from the pursuit of the truth about UFOs and actual extraterrestrial contact...we're not quite finished yet.

There still remains the matter of the other completely unsubstantiated, nonsensical, hallucinatory claims by "exopolitics" and people like Alfred Webre, etc., such as "benevolent extraterrestrials walking among us", "Reptilians kidnapping and eating our children", "over 1 billion people have been abducted by negative aliens"...and all of the other gibberish about "alien agreements with our government", "ETs landing in 2012", etc.

My suggestion to Mr. Webre, and all of the other (remaining) proponents of this nonsense, is that they immediately put their proof - not anecdotal, channeled information or other hearsay - on the table. While it has taken the last four years to fumigate the infestation of lies, deceit, opportunism, etc. of the Collier/Salla/Harris hoax, I hope that we won't see the same kind of stubborn, intransigent attitudes from the rest of the "exopolitics" group - even though their reason for being is rapidly diminishing with each close examination of their also unsubstantiated claims.

The truth is necessarily harsh, and all the more so in this matter as people in the largely unscientific, so-called "UFO community" have demonstrated themselves to be far too gullible, uncritical and naive when it comes to using discernment in matters like these. And pardon me if I'm not cutting any slack for people who have accused me of being the liar in this matter, who've threatened me with lawsuits because I've dared to fight to bring out the truth. They only have themselves to blame for the damaging fallout from this fraud, as I warned them - years ago - would surely be the case in the future if they didn't come clean then with the truth.

Poor Michael Salla, who "found no evidence of fraud" in the "Alex Collier" that "Collier" has provided it to him himself.

Well, the future has arrived and, for some, it's not looking all that rosy.


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Simone...why not put your reading skill to work, and find out what he's been trying to tell you. Reading is knowledge, accumulated knowledge is wisdom and wisdom is able to find truth. Love you ...Lea

Simone said:
He he he, yes, LEARN do a google search 'billy meier hoax' he he he, I see that any response further feeds the ego and defensiveness. Why do you try so hard to convince... and yet claim that each person must seek their own truth?

Michael Horn said:
Simone and Lea Anna Cooper can i ask u two what are your belives on 2012 and on ascension? L&L By Jure
Now okay ...let us all join together in Peace and lets sing :

Thank you for your respond :) I just had to ask because i wanted to see your view on this. But i still dont understand why do we people have to argue what is right and wrong and what is hoax and what is not :) i know that it makes us mad if someone says this is right and your stuff is wrong :) but still we have a choice to say in our minds "ok this is your truth and not mine" and just send a smille on their way:). What im trying to say is that more we argue about this things more we as people get separated :( for 0 reason because someone says eggs are better than pizza ^^. Jure loves u all @-->--
There are things that are matters of opinion...and then there are facts.

Opinions can be argued, facts can't be.

Facts, of course, have to be established through scientific, logical means.
Another thing about this picture...Billy's pictures are not, as I recall, done in antique black and white. In other words, black and white IS black and white..not antiqued, which this obviously someone.

Lea Anna Cooper said:
The hoaxers are the people who are the 'debunkers' of the Meier case. Did you see the video of the two huge saucers being carried on truck-beds through the streets of Russia? Um, why not post those? They can be flown remotely to get peoples attention away from what is currently happening on the ground. Love and light..Lea

Simone said:
Oh hee hee hee, I'm having so much fun what a good laugh.
Just do a search on 'Billy Meier hoax' and there is plenty of free information available, this is just one link... how can anybody can take that 'wedding cake' photo seriously? It's the funniest thing I have ever seen.
NO pick-up by ETs, no saviors or higher intelligence coming to bail out anyone. It is WE who must make the transition because NO ONE can do this for us. What will happen, I believe, in 2012 is that our spiritual outlook will change, and we will have to face the reality that man has made a mess of this planet and must deal with it, or pay the price of those errors. Our attitudes must change for the betterment of mankind, for not only our sake, but the sake of our children. This is NOT to predict that those who are ready will not ascend. That would depend largely if or not you choose to leave this life on your own. If a person has the mindset, that they will ascend at the end of the Mayan calender, then so they they shall. To higher dimensions? That would be a yes..but it would be of your own choosing because of 'free will' that no one interferes with...or at least they shouldn't. Many have said that the end of the calendar is just the end of the calender, period..nothing else.

Everything in this 3 dimensional reality is a complete and total illusion. It's not real...Creation began this is a dark stars, no planets..and certainly no earth. THOUGHT created...not speech, for Creation is ALL. Therefore, when you look into the mirror, you see view his works. Our spirits took on tasks before there was anything here...and we agreed to go though this portal of time and space, to finish these tasks; for as we accumulate knowledge, so does Creation. This is his game. No one person, not even Jmmanuel knew all, for he had to learn from the masters of knowledge before him. Religion is the tie that binds man to ignorance; and this I've found out, even though born and raised a staunch Roman Catholic, I was never comfortable with being forced to go to church and only read scripture. With all the things I'd seen as a child, and the prophetic dreams that didn't make sense until I pulled away from the church, finally began to take shape in my life.

The difference between others and that I do not claim to have any answers for anyone but me. My search for years now, has been for the truth. To find that which I've now seen as ugly and hurtful to mankind by those that have hidden it for centuries until they now have so much control, it will be difficult to take it back, or to fix it.

If people choose to ascend, then they choose to leave behind the MESS for our offspring and grandchildren. Is that the correct thing to do? Would it be fair to them, to leave them in the dark for centuries before they found out the truth and wouldn't they have the same revile for us, as some of us now have for those who lust for power and more and more money. Is it them you want to leave this planet to?

These are the questions we need to ask..not whether or not we'll be saved or picked up and ascent to the stars. The answers lie here with us...and how we reclaim what we once had for what we have now is next to nothing. In a sense you're right, there isn't much time, but those who want to give up shall leave behind a legacy of cowardliness; just because they were so starved for love, they could not stay here to fix the problems and reverse the damage.

There are things that Billy has said that I do not agree with. One is overpopulation and reducing it to 500 million because that's all this planet was engineered for. I can say with all certainty that if Creation...God, if you will, meant this planet to only hold 500 million people, women would have been designed to carry only 2 children each, and would not be bound by Chinese laws, with horrible punishments for more than 2. We were created to carry children because it was Creations wish...his desire...his Creation; not some elitist person who want to control the world..and everything and everyone in it. People don't understand all that is involved and much of Billy's information includes, if you read it ALL, the fact that we were given the technology decades ago, to run this earth in a clean and eco healthy manner. Even ways to take the salt from the ocean water. This earth is 92% water (or thereabouts) It's government, Monsanto, Oil companies and the greed of the rich to control our food and water supply that has made us look like animals, and they as superior. They want you to ascend...they want you out of here...they want the population down to 500 million as the Georgia Guidestones state. They had those put in Georgia... and it's nothing more than another pagan statue. Another place to give your energy and belief to.

You have to dig for the truth. I've been at this for years and I'm still searching. I read everything I can get my hands on...I suggest that everyone do the same. People who channel this information are loving souls...but you cannot judge what goes on around you when you're wrapped up in this web of deception. Everyone needs to untangle because you have absolutely no idea what they are channeling...or which deceptive energy interferes.

There was no Billy Meier hoax. I was 17 years old when those stories broke in the media and got here to the US. If everyone would use their the 1960's and 70's how else could a hole burned into a tree by a laser happen, without the gun? They were using those lasers in a demo, to prove it wasn't a hoax. You have to equate the time with the evidence. No, I don't believe any part of the population thing. No one will ever get me to. Even in the Christan teaching..or any teachings..did anyone mention population control? If that were true....absolutely true...then that information would have been handed down because of it's importance to the earth. I'll never buy it. But there are others out that should be heard. Love and light...Lea

Jure said:
Simone and Lea Anna Cooper can i ask u two what are your belives on 2012 and on ascension? L&L By Jure
Thank you, Clauss. It's appreciated. I truly cannot see why anyone cares to argue facts and accurate predictions, by Meier. He's been very accurate, if people would just take time and actually read the information. But...I guess many just don't have the time. Oh well, their loss. I still keep an open mind for all possibilities, with the exception of anyone flying down here to save us. That be up to WE...the people. Love and light...Lea

Clauss Koch said:
Simone, Trudy and others please be respectful of Lea Anna and Michael. They have given you respect please give them the same.
Thank you Lea Anna Cooper and Simone for your time and view on 2012 and ascension :) im glad that i ask both of u about this stuff. U two have opened my eye's a little bit more too all of this soo i thank you very much :) and too u too michael for sharing info. Love love by Jure :) @-->--

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