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Letters and answers between Michael Horn, and Alex Collier, a.k.a. Ralph Amagran, fraud backing down. After 4 year of battle between the truth and non-truth Alex 'gives up the fight' and goes back into his proverbial corner.

Hi there Gaz,

I think that you may find the following interesting:

To All Concerned,

I recently asked Michael Salla and Paola Harris to provide me with credible, substantiated evidence for their claims that "Alex Collier" (Ralph Amagran) is a "genuine lifelong Andromedan contactee". In response to their threats to sue me, I told them that I would immediately apologize for my expressing my opinion that they, along with "Collier", were perpetrating and perpetuating a hoax, upon receipt of said evidence from them. I should add that I have been requesting this evidence for the past four years.

I just received a response, though not from Salla or Harris but from "Collier". That response makes it crystal clear that there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever, existing anywhere, to support any of their claims. None. Not one photo or film. Not a single, solitary witness. Not a piece of credible information. Not anything...just a self-serving, embarrassing cop-out from the perpetrator of this nearly 20-year fraud, Ralph Amagran, aka "Alex Collier".

While I have included below the letter that "Collier" published, interspersed with specific comments by me, I will state some of the more obvious revelations here, in briefer form.

"Collier", who is forced to admit that he changed his name from Ralph Amagran, attributes this to fear that coming forward as a "genuine lifelong Andromedan contactee" under his real name would have endangered his family, presumably by government and religious agents. We immediately understand the illogical, preposterousness of such a statement - certainly no "operatives" worth their salt would be fooled by someone changing their name! I'm an ordinary person and I wasn't fooled by it.

He then goes on, unrepentantly, to steal a page, so to speak, from Billy Meier's true life experiences as he still tries to legitimize his claimed "contacts" - naturally without a speck of evidence to substantiate them. He alludes to "information" that he disseminated that his imaginary Andromedan ETs ("A's", as he puts it) "asked" him to. Never mind the beyond idiotic notion that an advanced race of space travelers, from millions of light years away, contacted a former IRS agent, the delusional gibberish that constitutes "Collier's" best evidence ( as was provided to me by Michael Salla, should be enough for any intelligent person, even one who entertained the possibility of truthfulness here, to immediately see through this shameful hoax.

He then goes on to actually complain about having been challenged to substantiate his evidence and about the stress this has brought his family. Such grandiose nonsense is typical of people who are narcissists, sociopaths and con artists, and who always blame someone else for their troubles - as well as the pain that they themselves cause their own family members, friends, etc.

But while "Collier" reveals himself as a shallow, opportunistic huckster, he effectively reveals Michael Salla and Paola Harris as very willing accomplices in this fraud - since the evidence that they themselves claimed to have been aware of for years, simply doesn't I have long suggested.

The only reason that any of them should ever be invited to set foot on any stage, anywhere, should be solely to account for this stupid hoax, and their belligerent, unwavering support and promotion of it. If Michael Salla has any sense, and we've never seen any evidence of that, he would take down his nonsense filled website(s) and also beg forgiveness from all of the people that ever got involved in this "Alex Collier" farce, upon which he has effectively based his own, now totally demolished, credibility and reputation.

While doubtless there exist dopey New Agers, conspiracy theorists and UFO enthusiasts who may prefer to see something else other than "Collier's" own, self-pitying admission, it bears repeating: This has been a cynical, opportunistic hoax, which is now over. And, as I suggest in my expanded response below, the next heap to be cleaned up is what remains of "exopolitics", its equally delusional, unsubstantiated claims...and those who perpetrate them.


Footnotes about a Fraud

Read on, dear readers, and let this be a huge lesson to all about discernment, standards of evidence and proof, integrity and truthfulness, among other things.

An Open Letter from Alex Collier

As many of he are aware, I am being bitterly attacked from the Billy Meier /FIGU Cult camp.

MH: Not at all, especially since there's no "Billy Meier/FIGU Cult camp". But he is being challenged, by me, to prove his claims of the last nearly 20 years, which certainly shouldn't be too much to ask, especially since, if they are true, they would constitute the most important story in human history, right?

AC: I am being addressed as a liar and a fraud. Apparently because I changed my name. And because at certain times in my life during ongoing contacts I wasn't sharing this reality with people who were acquaintances. I want he to know that I have addressed this issue publicly in earlier lectures years ago. But maybe its necessary to deal with it for the last time.

MH: No, he's being addressed as a liar and a fraud because of the absolutely delusional, inaccurate, unsubstantiated information that he claims was given to him by extraterrestrials. And because people (like Steve, Rose, Ron, Dore and me) who knew him then also know that he used, and altered, the Meier information in order to make himself appear to be someone that he's not. Changing his name was part of that fraud. And he's still trying to get away with it. Case in point: "at certain times in my life during ongoing contacts". Exactly where is the evidence for those "contacts"? Did he share it with Michael Salla and Paola Harris (whose sad situation will be addressed later in this response)?

AC: In the early 90's when I came forward, the talks were very small. More like living room talks . Just a hand full of people. I stopped speaking in 2002. After being addressed in front of my mailbox by 3 well dressed men that were part of a "Program". I was told to "Shut the Blank up". I was then told that friends were going to be hurt if I did not shut up. The names were given to me. They were not kidding and it wasn't a joke. They were going to kill friends and family members.

MH: Anecdotal at best. And should anyone indeed have threatened him it in no way makes his obviously fake story more credible. Frankly, many people tried to tell him to "Shut the Blank up" simply because he's a liar and, as we shall see, it's obvious that people, like his own family, were hurt because he continued with his hoax.

AC: Fast forward the internet. I had no idea that the information would go where it has. I had none at all.

MH: "No idea", really? Some not so very smart ETs he's got there. Of course Meier had already written about the internet and where it "would go"...back in 1958 (see: Nos. 93 and 127). But he was already so deep into his hoax that he didn't see that information of Meier's and tried to make it his own.

AC: In 1990 when Morenay had asked me to speak and share "some of my experiences" I reluctantly said yes. I spoke to my Dad regarding this. My dad had an experience of my contacts when we lived in up state NY. We spoke of it that morning and as my Dad was a strong catholic, his questions were very direct. I felt that if I was going to speak he needed to know. Dad was afraid of what would not only happen to me but our family. My brothers and sisters, and himself by government and religious harassment etc..... We spoke about using another name to share the info in someway.

MH: So we are to believe that some nefarious "government" agents, who would presumably threaten Ralph Amagran and his family, wouldn't have the faintest idea that "Alex Collier" was actually the same guy? Really? Wow, if they're that stupid, what would he have been afraid of? The problem is that liars tend to get their stories mixed up, since they aren't recalling memories of actual events but are trying to remember the lies they made up in the first place, like Ralph does above. So logic and reason, as well as any evidence to back up their lies, are non-existent.

AC: In times in my life while contacts were occurring it has been very difficult and hard to share it. I had a head full of knowledge, and experiences but could not share it. I was told that at those times there was no one I could truly trust. When I did not listen to them, I would be proven to be wrong. Supposed friends betrayed and stole from me. Enough said about that.

MH: Enough said? Not at all. What still needs to be said is how closely that parallels what Meier wrote - and Ralph read - about some of Meier's own actual experiences. And just what did these "supposed friends" steal from Ralph, his hundreds of still irreproducible, clear, daytime UFO photos, films, video, etc. - like actually happened to...Meier?

AC: I have shared the information that I was asked to. I don't sell anything. I have no copyrights . I was told by the "A's " not to make a business of this in anyway. And so I haven't.

MH: So some supposed extraterrestrials, from the Andromeda galaxy no less, came zillions of light years all the way to earth to tell him to "share" the absolutely delusional pile of crap that can be found here: And let's remember that this was also the best (and the only) evidence that Michael Salla could refer me to. Anybody still fooled by these hoaxers?

AC: As for wanting 15 minutes of fame, well as I have said many times before, if I had really known it would come to this, I never would have opened my mouth. I am sick of being attacked and even though I have tried very hard to keep a low profile and protect my family from hurt and prejudice, by those who don't give a damn about my family so they can keep there name in lights and beat there chest, by declaring they have the secret and they are the one......

MH: So he's saying that if he knew that people would actually put him in the horrendously unfair and intolerable position of having to substantiate his garbage claims - he'd never have perpetrated this hoax? Hasn't it occurred to him that he's the one who didn't "give a damn about" his own family, that he's bringing shame and hurt to them, because of his lies? A classic case of a delusional narcissist masquerading, under an alias to conceal his true identity, and then playing the martyr card yet...delightful. And, while Meier has dodged assassins 21 times, we've never heard one word of complaint or self-pity from him, like this arrogant phony who finds legitimate, critical words too much to bear.

AC: Ladies and Gentlemen, I have given what I can. Its out there and That’s what I agreed to do. You can choose to read it, listen to it, research it or not. The information is the "A's" perspective. That’s it.

MH: Yes, he's "out there" alright. And can he substantiate that claim of his, about, "The information is the 'A's' perspective."? "A's", what "A's"? Any evidence for these imaginary "A's" of his, did we miss it somewhere, sometime...over the past 20 years? Any witnesses who've ever come forward, such as Meier has ( Maybe the good "Ladies and Gentlemen" here you can now see that he's still trying to play them for fools and suckers.

AC: I would of course always encourage you to research the field.

MH: I'll bet that I'm one guy that he wishes didn't "research the field", that he wishes he never met, that he wishes he never gave the original 1,800 pages of Meier's Contact Notes to, the ones from which he stole information, from Meier's life story, to begin to create his hoax.

AC: There is a wealth of information out there by many great dedicated researchers and speakers. NO ONE HAS THE WHOLE STORY. It’s for you to discover who you are and your place in this drama of conscious evolution. Be your own savior. Take the pressure off of GOD and help yourself. The worst case is you will be an inspiration and leader to others to invest in themselves. To be themselves as they truly are.

MH: Yes, "many great dedicated researchers and speakers", like Michael Salla and Paola Harris, perhaps? Did he ever give them "THE WHOLE STORY"...because they sure need it now! Yes, of course, throw in the imaginary "God" thing, too; but that isn't going to help him or them either.

AC: I feel its necessary to add this last clarification for he. I have no vested interest in this information. And as such I really could care less what anyone thinks. My intention was to share the info and give a different perspective. I have had a lot of growth to go through and am now the father of 5. I must put the welfare of my family first and not this horse shit with FIGU.

I am done with this........I have moved on.........Think what he will, But please think for theirselves.........

Alex Collier

MH: So, he has "no vested interest in this information" and he "really could care less what anyone thinks"? What a cowardly, shamelessly selfish,'s about the "vested interest" of Michael Salla and Paola Harris and what they "think"? He's content to hang them out and let them twist slowly and nakedly in the wind - while he turns tail and runs. They're stuck now without a shred of evidence to substantiate their foolish, unwaveringly stubborn support for his stupid "Andromedan contactee" claims, and thoroughly humiliated for their own incompetence, gullibility and over-ambition. But they are responsible for their own actions and have done themselves irreparable harm, including forever absolutely destroying their credibility as any kind of researchers.

The only "horse shit" here is contained, from head to toe, inside one Ralph Amagran, posing as "Alex Collier". Don't blame FIGU for his troubles, Ralphie, that's not being very self-responsible.

He's right about one thing though, he's done alright, finished, over and - good riddance.

And the least he could have done was to sign his real name.

Michael Horn

Note to all concerned: So there you have it. Complete and utter nonsense, a stupid, delusional fraud perpetrated for almost 20 years by a shameless pathological liar...with the help of two willing accomplices in the persons of Michael Salla and Paola Harris, and one Rick Keefe who, despite my pointing this out to him some time ago, persists in peddling videos of this psychopath on the internet. And, while this should forever close the door on this dreadful, imbecilic distraction from the pursuit of the truth about UFOs and actual extraterrestrial contact...we're not quite finished yet.

There still remains the matter of the other completely unsubstantiated, nonsensical, hallucinatory claims by "exopolitics" and people like Alfred Webre, etc., such as "benevolent extraterrestrials walking among us", "Reptilians kidnapping and eating our children", "over 1 billion people have been abducted by negative aliens"...and all of the other gibberish about "alien agreements with our government", "ETs landing in 2012", etc.

My suggestion to Mr. Webre, and all of the other (remaining) proponents of this nonsense, is that they immediately put their proof - not anecdotal, channeled information or other hearsay - on the table. While it has taken the last four years to fumigate the infestation of lies, deceit, opportunism, etc. of the Collier/Salla/Harris hoax, I hope that we won't see the same kind of stubborn, intransigent attitudes from the rest of the "exopolitics" group - even though their reason for being is rapidly diminishing with each close examination of their also unsubstantiated claims.

The truth is necessarily harsh, and all the more so in this matter as people in the largely unscientific, so-called "UFO community" have demonstrated themselves to be far too gullible, uncritical and naive when it comes to using discernment in matters like these. And pardon me if I'm not cutting any slack for people who have accused me of being the liar in this matter, who've threatened me with lawsuits because I've dared to fight to bring out the truth. They only have themselves to blame for the damaging fallout from this fraud, as I warned them - years ago - would surely be the case in the future if they didn't come clean then with the truth.

Poor Michael Salla, who "found no evidence of fraud" in the "Alex Collier" that "Collier" has provided it to him himself.

Well, the future has arrived and, for some, it's not looking all that rosy.


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this feels like a smear attack article to me. Alex Collier didn't profit from his story in any way.
Agreed Simone.
Im all a 50/50 on the topic ... im not that taken by Billy Meier either, so thats probably why.
Although, it really does sound like 'Alex' did steal some of Billys stuff...

One point id like to make though, is you dont have to profit from something in order to want to do something...
But then that gets into a discussion on his intentions and credibility.

Love n Kisses!

Simone said:
I don't understand what happened. Billy Meier has obviously faked photos that look so corny and old-fashioned it's laughable. I can't tell if you are defending Billy Meier, or what, you claim you are not a Billy Meier fan, but then you go on and on about how Alex Collier supposedly stole his info. This letter does look like a smear attack. The letter alone is not 'proof' to me that Alex Collier is a fake any more than Alex Collier's claims are 'proof' that they are true. The whole thing looks like a ridiculous petty fight. Of course someone is going to repond the way he did when they are attacked so viciously whether their experiences are 'real' or 'faked'. I'd hate to get on your bad side, and end up being attacked by you as well, but that is my opinion.
The galactics have said recently to the hoaxers and fraudsters...that we know who you are, and where you live. We know your agenda. I guess this is one of them taking off a black hat and putting on a white one probably he doesn't like the other option very much. Welcome him to the light of truth.
Why am I reminded of a lil bunny fufu when I read this ?
woooaa ! ...very ,very ,very interesting post Lea.
This than means, it could be one of the greatest hoaxes ever perpetrated.
.....people will be talking about this than,for long,long time to come....cause now massively UFO stories ,are being accepted as a real possibility by people.
...:):):) anyway ,this story continues,'s just a start for now. ..ahahha, can't believe it. A.C.???:):):).

I never had any doubt about Billy Meier da,cause of his evidence,handicaped,ordinary farmer with kids ect.And most of lessons on these ''extraordinaries'' I got from him. ...but I never had enything against A,C. too:):):) cause all I wanted
was to see ,so many people out-there,speaking about UFO-Extraterrestrial existance, in way to raise the awareness of
masses about them. You know UFO fenomenon can and is shattering all the Old foundation of lies and deceptions about our origine and truth. .....Alex C. even if, in it's ''fame-desire'' so to speak,he's done a lot to ''nudge'' the humanity on
UFO-Extr.Intelligence anyway. ...:):):) over-all he will remain one of those who spoke -up, even if credibility needs to be given back to Meier. ..............a lot will be talked about this ,as it will remain one of the greatest stories ever.
..........................................well story continues anyway ....lots of love Lea,keep on surching and shining girl.
No, but he did make profit from Salla and Harris and Exopolitics. He isn't just surviving, with a wife and 5 kids on social security, living in Malibu CA. I'm putting up more letters between Horn, Sallas and Harris from my e-mail contacts. Love and light, Lea

tranceman said:
this feels like a smear attack article to me. Alex Collier didn't profit from his story in any way.
One man vindicated, (At least) two indicted
Michael Horn

To all concerned,

My politically incorrect, and often unappreciated, attempts to enlighten the "exopolitics" community about a huge, ugly fraud being perpetrated in their midst by Michael Salla, Paola Harris and Ralph Amagran, aka "Alex Collier", has received some unexpected (and unsolicited) support and confirmation.

I just received information from a person, named Steve, who contacted me on myspace as to his own direct knowledge about this shameful situation and its main perpetrator, Amagran. Please note that Steve contacted me for the first time today to join my list of friends on myspace (

) where he is, as of this writing, the fourth in the New Friends category.

Please also note that the following post of his at

was made on May 31, 2009, before he contacted me. And, if people have any suspicions, etc. they can contact him directly. I am copying his post, #28 on the page, for all to see:

May 31, 2009 pm31 9:18 pm

Alex Collier is a fraud…..

I know (knew) him from years ago. That’s not even his real name! It’s “Ralph Amagran”.

Trust me on this; he a sociopath/schizophrenic. In the late eighties, my friends and I attended Pleiadian/Billy Meier contact meetings where we met Ralph. Some of these meetings further down the line were even at his house (shack) in Malibu canyon, CA. After a few months time of seeing him at the meetings, he suddenly began claiming to be himself a Pleiadian contactee. In reality, at least to me, he seemed to be mentally playing the role of Billy Meier. As time went on, we all started wondering (jokingly) what Ralph was going to claim by the next meeting. After a while this became spooky rather than amusing and we all realized he was quite seriously demented. It became less funny and more uncomfortable to be around him. He got so caught up in this delusion (now publicly) that we all finally stopped associating with him. Not too long after that, he was publicly discredited for essentially plagiarizing all of Billy Meier’s “questionable” contact information. After that he dropped out of sight for a period of time (years) and then simply re-emerged as “Alex Collier”, sole contactee for the Andromedan’s. If you’ve ever noticed, in his early “Alex Collier” vids, he spoke with some sort of phony accent which he later dropped.
Personally I’m amazed how far he’s actually gotten with his Andromedian fantasy.

Well that’s it in a nut shell….

Sorry to appear crass; I’m deeply involved and passionate about the UFO subject and have little tolerance for people who discredit it by using it to suit their own egos and wallets.


Instead of offering profuse - and well deserved - apologies to me, if the "exopolitics" community will now do the necessary due diligence to confirm the facts regarding this impostor that I have been trying to expose since 1999, and do some much needed housecleaning (especially at the top) maybe the organization can attain credibility and, likewise, focus on the actual, credible and authentic information and persons of value in the UFO field.

You may all wish to additionally consider if claims such as:

Alfred Lambremont Webre sent a message to the members of Exopolitics World Network (EWN).

Subject: Up to 1 billion humans are abducted by hyperdimensional ETs, and humans are in cognitive dissonance

Up to 1 billion humans are abducted by hyperdimensional ETs, and humans are in cognitive dissonance
June 4, 6:05 PM
Alfred Lambremont Webre
Seattle Exopolitics Examiner

...are really the kind of insane rambling that "exopolitics" also wishes to support and perpetuate.


Michael Horn
Authorized American Media Representative
The Billy Meier Contacts

Hi Lea,

If your friend uses his reasoning abilities and checks into this he'll realize that like a number of other people, unfortunately he's been lied to.

As far as the info below, it's always possible that the Plejaren don't know something - but then they usually say so, or say that they can't talk about certain things if they do know and it's really top secret. Whatever the case may be, the ship incident isn't that important to me, the mind control stuff is another matter, of course.

And regarding Ed Dames, let me just refer you to this page in order to put your mind at ease (and to clarify just how inaccurate this guy really is): you can tell by now, I've been around for a while!

Let me hear from you,


To all concerned,

UFOs and Whistleblowers

If we take them at their word, organizations like "exopolitics", PRG/X-Conference, MUFON, etc. are, and/or work with, whistleblowers in trying to "force the government to end the UFO cover-up". This presumes that the government is indeed covering up much information and that the organizations are themselves quite pure and noble in their purpose and efforts.

While most of us would agree with the first premise, the second one is showing itself to be quite questionable in regards to "exopolitics". After all, how can an organization righteously press for truth and full disclosure...when it's anything but truthful and determinedly resisting disclosure of its own very unfortunate cover-up? And while various internal whistleblowers have courageously stepped forward to try to poke holes in the government cover-up, it's quite obvious that similar efforts on my part to blow the whistle on a cynical hoax, which completely undermines the credibility of the organization supporting it, are not universally welcomed.

So to those who haven't yet written, as well as to those who have expressed their frustration, doubts, confusion and concern about what to do with this mess, I'm afraid that you will have to make those decisions yourselves. I can only persist in pointing out the arrogant stonewalling and denial on the part of the people who will be the cause of your collective and individual embarrassment and disappointment, should you not find a way to finally convince them to become truthful and clean house at "exopolitics".

As I suggest, being a whistleblower can be a somewhat difficult and partly thankless job, in the UFO field as well as elsewhere. Fortunately though, the characters perpetrating this fraud don't have the strength of the government behind them, only whatever support you still give them in hopes that everything will be just fine if you don't rock the boat.

So I can only suggest that you do indeed...rock that boat.

Impostors in Your Midst

You all now know that an impostor, Ralph Amagran, a former IRS agent (make of that what you will) has been posing as "Alex Collier, genuine lifelong Andromedan UFO contactee" for umpteen years. Despite the obvious silliness of the claims, some very gullible, mainly New Agey airheads bought into this masquerade and swallowed the story hook, line and stinker. Then along came Michael Salla, fresh from being thrown out of academia and looking for a much easier - and far less critical and demanding - environment in which to make himself authoritative, important...and wealthier. Naturally, he landed, a
were, in the UFO community.

And, as luck would have it, he somehow came upon..."Alex Collier", and thus began well, not exactly a marriage made in heaven but certainly a...divorce from reality. He was joined in this welded bliss by Paola Harris, who, equally uncritically, embraced Amagran's fictitious "Collier" character and his lunatic ravings, most likely also envisioning herself on the cover of some reputable publication as a "daring journalist who broke the story of the millennia", as opposed to breaking a number of cardinal rules of good research and journalism.

Not only didn't they have sufficient common sense to have seen through this Daffy Duck and his unbelievable tales of ET experiences, but in their ambition and zeal they had not done the necessary due diligence to have learned that this "Alex Collier" couldn't have been a "lifelong" anything since this middle-aged man didn't exist until sometime in the early 1990s. Having bypassed such minor details, and presuming themselves confidently bound for the history books (that may turn out to be true - but not in the way that they anticipated) they were not at all happy to have learned that I had, quite casually in fact, outted Amagran in an article that I wrote about the Meier UFO case for UFO magazine.

ere, in the UFO community.

And, as luck would have it, he somehow came
Perhaps sensing some bit of trouble looming on the horizon, they invited me onto Salla's online forum, where I found myself being attacked by them for having the poor taste to have told the truth about the perpetrator of this idiotic matter, the irony of which was that it was Amagran who gave me the copies of Meier's orignal Contact Notes, which he had studied, absorbed, altered and corrupted in creating the non-existent "Collier" persona.

It's Only a Matter of Time

And so it is that I became a whistleblower, who now relentlessly pursues getting these phonies and con artists out of the disinformation business, for that's exactly what it is. And, going back to what I said earlier, my blowing the whistle on this disinformation and dishonesty, while obviously being welcomed by some, including those who haven't written me to acknowledge it, is also creating the aforementioned internal conflicts for a number of people.

As I suggested in a previous post, which I directly addressed to Ralph Amagran, the deceitful coward who stoops so low in perpetuating this fraud that he brings shame to his own family, there's still time to confess and seek forgiveness from those of you who've invested your trust and...confidence in him and his accomplices. I would think that they would prefer to do this before the European Summit in a few weeks, if not actually using the event as an opportunity to come clean and clear the air, certainly for the sake of everyone associated with "exopolitics", as well as whatever is left to salvage of their own reputations.

The Ultimate Whistleblower

I also think I should give a clear answer to a question that has popped up more than once, i.e is this about my wanting "exopolitics" to be promoting the Billy Meier case? Let me give a clear, unambiguous answer, no...and an explanation as to why. The ultimate whistleblower in all UFO related matters is Meier himself. His is the only scientifically proven, still ongoing (more than 67 years) UFO contact case, with witnessed contacts occurring as recently as late May 2009. Now, ask yourselves, why on earth would we want the Meier case, with its six categories of still irreproducible physical evidence and its volumes of prophetically accurate scientific and world event related information, contaminated by the dubious endorsement of an organization that allows its leadership to promote liars and frauds?

In fact, at this time there's a kind of safety valve in place preventing the premature involvement of "exopolitics" in things related to the Meier case, i.e. the self-serving motivations of its aforementioned, ego-driven leaders who promote the "Collier" well as the unsubstantiated, hallucinatory ramblings of Alfred Webre, over whom much salivating is doubtless occurring in professional mental
health circles in anticipation of, someday, having the opportunity to more closely observe and treat him, under controlled, medical supervision.

That being said, should "exopolitics" actually clean its house and wish to discuss the merits of the Meier case, it's certainly free to do so. There's so much freely available information and documentation that, once clear headed, they'd have no problem in "discovering" what's been under their noses for years.

So thanks but no thanks, this is no attempt on my part to "join forces", etc. (Please read this article by a FIGU member that addresses one of the core principles of the spiritual teaching in the Meier case:

which is a far greater priority than wasting time discussing UFOs or ETs.)

This Didn't Have to Happen

And I have to say that I never wanted this to have to go so far. I never wanted to have to point out the unethical behavior of the persons involved in this. I originally thought that my casual, rather gentle exposure of "Alex Collier" would have been sufficient for him to get wind of the fact that I, and others, knew the truth about him, thereby causing him to dissolve the false persona and the hoax.

Likewise, I thought that Salla and Harris were reasonable, honest people who would be quick to correct their own errors - rather than to stubbornly continue to ignore all repeated requests for accountability. As everyone already knows, Salla's latest statement on record is a masterpiece of both denial and - incompetence:

"I have found no evidence of fraud in him claiming to have had extraterrestrial contact, nor has any evidence of fraud ever been presented to me by any critic making such a claim."

So, as someone who is of course not perfect, and who has been appropriately criticized throughout my life for my own errors, and who is also unjustly attacked online in some 200+ pages on online forums, etc. for my defense of the Meier case, I am not without understanding and compassion for my fellow, fallible human beings. But I'm no apologist for my own errors, nor for anyone who deliberately and defiantly commits such offenses against the truth and their fellow human beings.

While "Alex Collier", Salla and Harris may ignore communications and requests from me, as they're free to do, there's no reason that they shouldn't account to you who are involved in any way with "exopolitics", the UFO community, etc.

The European Exopolitics Summit is just weeks away. Will the organization clean up this mess before attempting to gain more public exposure? Will its members see to it that it does?

You're the ones who can provide "yes" answers to both of those questions if truth, honesty, integrity and credibility are values that still mean something to you...since they apparently don't to the people who are - still - perpetrating this fraud.


Re: To Michael Horn and Jim Deardorff from Alfred Webre - Re: The Ultimate Whistleblower
Michael Horn

Dear Alfred,

I will be glad to address your email.

FIrst, I say to you directly that I find your emailing about completely unsubstantiated nonsense such as "Reptilians eating our children" and "one billion people have been abducted by negative aliens", to say nothing of the equally preposterous "benevolent ETs walking among us", beyond irresponsible. Where is the proof for any of this, in Michael Salla's silly, sloppy, poorly researched, "footnoted" double talk?

Then there is your complicity in the utterly shameful, ongoing "Alex Collier" fraud, whereby a delusional mental case, named Ralph Amagran, has been bamboozling people with his phony, hallucinatory tales about being a "genuine lifelong Andormedan contactee", a lie filled story that I am in the unique position to expose because of my personal association with Amagran in the late 1980s. I should add that other people who also knew this impostor then are now coming forward. (You will be hearing more about this, should you continue to promote this con artist.) Nonetheless, this cynical, profit motivated deception is conducted with your approval, as is your refusal to hold your associates Michael Salla and Paola Harris, accountable for stubbornly perpetuating this horrendous scam.

Where else but in "exopolitics" would this lack of self-policing, of critical self-accountability, be allowed to run unchecked. And Ms. Harris has the unmitigated nerve to chastise me for "criticizing fellow researchers"! In what other field of endeavor, in what other field with "politics" at its foundation, would such a precious, irresponsible, unprofessional attitude be tolerated for a minute?

Then there is the very essence of this whole pretense that any of the participants in "exopolitics" have any experience and/or qualifications to say anything regarding conduct by, and/or contact with, extraterrestrials, let alone to impose and project our idiot "political" concepts on such non-actual encounters anyway. It also follows that none of them are qualified to give moronic "galactic ambassador trainings" that only bilk gullible people out of their money. Hasn't it occurred to any of you that the only actual lifelong contactee, Meier, doesn't offer such nonsense...and certainly hasn't participated in such "trainngs"?

Not unimportant is the fact that the only proven and provable UFO contact case, Meier's, which is rich in actual, verifiably valuable information and evidence for humankind, is simply ignored in favor of promoting these naked lies, delusional "contactees" and absolutely false information. In the thousands of pages of Meier's transcripts with the Plejaren they have made perfectly clear exactly what they recommend for humanity, what is rapidly coming our way should we not heed their, decades long, warnings and specifically that there is NO ET contact to be expected for this planet for a long time...and that our dishonest political, diplomatic - i.e. lying - will not be a welcome means of communication when, centuries from now, actual contact may occur - should we survive ourselves, our wars and the damage that we've done to our planet.

Naturally, none of this information about the Plejaren need be accepted, believed, examined or adhered to. We have free will. But since there's isn't a shred of truth to the phony contactees, channels, etc., and their stories that you promote, should you choose not to recognize the most researched, corroborated and important UFO case of all times...just why in hell are you promoting all this nonsense instead?

That you and your associates, the principle parties in "exopolitics", have taken this long to even wonder just why I'm exposing this, despite my having begun some four years ago to virtually beg Salla and Harris to clean this mess up, is proof to me that there's a huge investment in something other than finding the truth.

Since you reproduce the page below containing quotes from the TJ and other information, why then is it that none of you have examined, in depth, the Meier material and found out for yourselves just how unfounded your "exopolitics" premises are in relation to the true ET contacts, and the reasons, purpose, message and teaching contained therein? Why do you exalt yourselves, with your complete lack of credentials and experience to the status of experts, representatives of human kind, presumed future contact persons, etc., when a bit of (testable) reading would have disabused you of these illusory, egocentric and completely unfounded assumptions?

Certainly you're free to proceed with this sham, as I am to continue to bring the truth about its perpetrators to all who are interested - as you can be absolutely certain that I shall if you persist. When people find out that they are mistaken, and on the wrong track - as every human being is from time to time - the right thing to do (as I've already suggested several times in my emails) is to correct the mistake, change to a true and positive course, apologize for the errors and move on in the direction of truth.

It is only because of the intractable, defiant, stubborn behavior of Salla and Harris, as well as your own unrelenting dissemination of false and unsubstantiated nonsense, that I find myself spending my time on this a whistleblower, ironically.

If this isn't clear to you, or if you would like to point out where I am in error, i.e. credibly substantiate your own claims that I specify above, substantiate the "Alex Collier" story, etc., please feel free to do so. And should you be able to do so, I will follow my own advice in correcting my errors and - publicly - apologize for them.


Michael Horn
Authorized American Media Representative
The Billy Meier Contacts

I didn't read all what you wrote, cause I felt so much negativity coming out of it. In MY opinion is that every human being has a free will to believe or not to believe what is out there. People are smart enough to make their own choices, and nothing is false or right. What matters is what YOU think is true and if you want to think Alex Meier is a fraud, then that is Your opinion only and it is not necessary to smear him.

Wish you lots of love and light and hope you'll find what you are looking for.
PS It is not an attack on you, just some thoughts of MINE
:>)...Welll, you sorta lost me in the 'bunny fufu' Love, Lea

patrick said:
Why am I reminded of a lil bunny fufu when I read this ?
Oh, I realize that. Personally, I only believe what I can find actual proof in. This is a case between Michael Horn, Salla, Harris and the Exopolitics people. I'm only posting the letters I received from Horn. It has nothing to do with 'smearing someone's name.' It does have everything to do with the truth. People can find their truth anywhere they that's not up to me. That's been the problem with people...because it's more time consuming to read, and less time consuming to watch a video interview. People get bored many times, or think that some are out to get others. When it comes to's finding the truth so that people are prepared, instead of being disappointed. Love and light...Lea

Liesbeth Swenne said:
I didn't read all what you wrote, cause I felt so much negativity coming out of it. In MY opinion is that every human being has a free will to believe or not to believe what is out there. People are smart enough to make their own choices, and nothing is false or right. What matters is what YOU think is true and if you want to think Alex Meier is a fraud, then that is Your opinion only and it is not necessary to smear him.

Wish you lots of love and light and hope you'll find what you are looking for.
PS It is not an attack on you, just some thoughts of MINE
Stuart Chase: “For those who believe, no proof is necessary. For those who don’t believe, no proof is possible.

Just a little something.
Yeah, I know it sounds like a silly fight, but Horn was only attempting to find the truth, which he did when that letter came from Alex Collier...Ralph. But the guys who knew him 'back in the day,' also knew his real name, and it's not misspelled or anything. The major point that was being made was that the people who wrote Exopolitics, based everything on one man's story, without any form of proof and just by what he told them. Then, when they begin questioning the validity, after the fact, they wanted Michael Horn to bring in the Meier case and merge the two. Of course, Michael and I'm certain FIGU didn't want that. So, Michael went searching for the absolute truth, and finally got it. It's a sad situation that Salla and Harris are going to lose a ton of money with this exposure, however, since they refused to listen to Horn in the beginning and really investigate Collier's claims, they've only themselves to blame. But, it's up for everyone to decide what they want to believe. The government information is available at sites like and from Alex Jones. Alex has been on for years...since the 1990's and Collier could have very easily gotten the information from there as well. So, as Liesbeth said, "For those who believe, no proof is necessary. For those who don't believe, no proof is possible. Love and Light...Lea

Simone said:
Le Anne Cooper, my apologies for mistaking the opinions of the authors of the letters as your opinions, I understand now that you are just posting the information, thank you for clearing that up. Wow, I really don't have the patience to read all the letters. They are long and just part of a ridiculous fight... who knows who is telling the truth any more. I hope this all gets cleared up. The name Amagran to me sounds like the fake name still he he he... that is such a funny name to me because Amagran is an anagram of the word 'anagram'. Seems very appropriate since the argument is about 'Alex Collier' re-hashing Billy Meier information.
From Wikipedia:
An anagram is a type of word play, the result of rearranging the letters of a word or phrase to produce a new word or phrase, using all the original letters exactly once; e.g., orchestra = carthorse, Eleven plus two = Twelve plus one, A decimal point = I'm a dot in place. Someone who creates anagrams is called an anagrammatist.[1] The original word or phrase is known as the subject of the anagram.

Any word or phrase that exactly reproduces the letters in another order is an anagram. Skill in creating an anagram is permutation to produce phrases which, in some way, reflect or comment on the subject. Such an anagram may be a synonym or antonym of its subject, a parody, a criticism, or praise; e.g. George Bush = He bugs Gore.; Madonna Louise Ciccone = Occasional nude income; William Shakespeare = I am a weakish speller, Roger Meddows-Taylor = Great words or melody. Another goal of anagrammatists is to produce an anagram which becomes widely known: there are famous or classic anagrams, like "est vir qui adest" below, which was cited as the example in Samuel Johnson's A Dictionary of the English Language.

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