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Take a look at this picture;

This was described as some light pillar city lights reflecting off ice particles in the sky, in this article

I for one have never seen anything close to that in light pillars no matter how they describe these to be. What do you guys think? I think it has a nice shape for a ship or apparitions like the spiral of norway and the cross (or clean tesseract that has been shown too). the cross was shown on SOE before, but Carl Sagan talks about the 4th dimension here in this video which may help with understanding a few things.

Let's see what you guys think.

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That's just it, it's hard to say, the person that described it as a city lights reflecting off ice particles, if he's local to that town, maybe he recognized a street pattern in this if the town's center or something. It's hard to say from the article or just by looking at the picture. I just know that to me, it seems very geometric, it has a center point, but it doesn't really look like light pillars because they're all in the air, from other light pillars picture, those seem to come very close to the ground most of the time, hence the name. :) these ice particles, I want them to get over here and show me what they got lol
It looks like a cloaked ship, and it is being revealed by some sort of distortion in the weather at hand...
The different colored pillars look like people or beings. It may be a ship out of phase or cloaked or at a higher frequency.
I have seen some photos of something like this earlier this year.

Thanks ME

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