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I am a supporter of April Crawford and her channeling of Veronica.  I do receive her newsletters and enjoy them. Today I received one that included an interview that had transpired by radio and put into email format.  If you ever have the time...please watch one of April's sessions...she is so fantastic and sincere.  I really like Veronica and agree with much of what she/they say.  I cannot recall them talking about 2012 before and thought it important to share... it is...bit long sorry for that.

FILIPPO:  Chow, everyone.  I'm Filippo with Life Changes with Filippo.  And today our guest is April Crawford/Veronica, and I say "slash Veronica" because on the screen you're seeing April Crawford right now, but she will be channeling Veronica, an entity, in just a few moments...

VERONICA:   New place.  New energy.  And who are you?

FILIPPO:   I'm Filippo.

VERONICA:   Good day, Filippo.  We are Veronica.

FILIPPO:   Good day.  I'm excited to be here with you.

VERONICA:   As we are with you, my dear.  How may we help you?

FILIPPO:   Well, a lot of people are going to be watching this video that just saw April Crawford, and we had an opportunity to speak with her, and now all of a sudden this entity, as we know you, Veronica, has come through.


FILIPPO:   Can you tell us where are you?  Are you physically inside April's body or are you just controlling her...

VERONICA:   We have no physicality.

FILIPPO:   ...mouth?

VERONICA:   We are energy inhabiting the form.

FILIPPO:   Okay.  And is April...are you feeding her mind?  Are you telling her what to say or are you actually...

VERONICA:   She is not here.  We are speaking using the facilities.

FILIPPO:   Very interesting.  Why did you choose April?

VERONICA:   It was a good match, and we saw the opportunity and realized the potential, so we made an overture.

FILIPPO:   So is it an energetic match or is it a match that April was willing or able...

VERONICA:   It was an energetic match.  The vibratory moment of the energy within the form was a good match for us, and the form was energetically able to sustain the energy, so we took the opportunity.

FILIPPO:   Okay.  Now, you say "us" and "we."  How...

VERONICA:   We are many.

FILIPPO:   And many is more than a few?

VERONICA:   More than you can count.

FILIPPO:   Okay.  And since it just this one big ball of energy that sometimes separates itself just to get to know itself and comes back as a ball or...or...

VERONICA:   No.  There are as many individualistic energies as there are individualistic individuals upon your planet, all blended together in a cooperative but also still having their singularity and opportunity to venture outward from here.

FILIPPO:   Okay.  So parts of you might choose to be channeled through somebody else, for example?

VERONICA:   Not at this time.

FILIPPO:   Okay.  And parts...can you separate into parts and be channeled through Veronica or...I mean through April, or you're always one entity as Veronica?

VERONICA:   We always come through full-force through the April Crawford. 

FILIPPO:   Okay.  You understood my question even though I didn't ask it correctly.

VERONICA:   Yes, dear.  We'll help you through this.

FILIPPO:   So there a possibility you're also reading my mind? 

VERONICA:   Well, we are privy to some things, yes.

FILIPPO:   Okay.  So where...where are you when you're not here with April and with us?

VERONICA:   We can be in many places at the same time.  We can create a reality that's not as dense as this one.  The physical reality is a rather interesting environment because of the density and complexity of it, but there are many other environments as well that an energy can exist in and participate in without the denseness. 

FILIPPO:   Is it where we might go after we leave this body and this lifetime?

VERONICA:   There are levels to it, and someone who leaves this life, say crosses from the body into the eternal is not necessarily on the same plane as we are, but they can achieve it if they so choose.

FILIPPO:   And so it also a level that is much more intelligent?

VERONICA:   We would not say intelligence is a part of it.  We would say that the vibration of energy is more of a definition.

FILIPPO:   Or evolved?

VERONICA:   Yes, that would be a good word.

FILIPPO:   Okay.  So you are...must be benevolent to come down and want to share information then?

VERONICA:   We wouldn't say the word is "benevolent."  We say we are interested.

FILIPPO:   Ummm.  And what is the interest?

VERONICA:   Where we are at in our development, it is incredibly important to view those who are participating in the physical and offer those who would need a little extra help or clarity the opportunity to have it so that they may advance their energy and evolve more.

FILIPPO:   If we wanted to put a word to it, could we say "angels" or "extraterrestrials"?  What could we say?

VERONICA:   Well, let us define those things for you first.


VERONICA:   Angels are a species, similar to human but not what one would call ethereal or an entity.  They're...there's a species that is nonphysical. 

FILIPPO:   Okay.  I didn't know that.

VERONICA:   Extraterrestrials are dense physical beings similar yours only with a different perspective and a different point of view because they are manifesting in different environments which would make their physicality much different. 

FILIPPO:   Ummm.

VERONICA:   You learned a little bit today.

FILIPPO:   I'm learning, absolutely.  Well, what else is there that I don't know?  What other beings?  I'm thinking archangels must be with the angels...


FILIPPO:   ...and so what...what else is there?  There's more.  Obviously there's you.

VERONICA:   Yes, there are, of course.

FILIPPO:   Well, can you expand upon that, please.

VERONICA:   There are many different things that...some you don't even know about.

FILIPPO:   Okay.  We are too young to know about them now?

VERONICA:   Some, yes.

FILIPPO:   Okay.  And what do we call you?

VERONICA:   We are an energy...

FILIPPO:   An energy.

VERONICA:   ...with focus and a grand opportunity to speak in this form. 

FILIPPO:   So this energy that has evolved to your level can look upon us and say there is an opportunity to help some of us who are willing to listen with certain areas of our lives.  What are the...what is the top area that we as humans experiencing our life on this planet in this time need to focus most on?

VERONICA:   Being very clear with yourself and not getting caught up in all the linear drama is one of the biggies that we speak about, especially in individualistic way, one on one with someone.  We can help them find clarity in this swirl of experience that they are creating for themselves, and most feel lost in that circle of creation.  We perhaps can offer them a bit of clarity about why they're circling around or why they feel lost.  We can look into their energy and say here's where you made the wrong turn or here's in the intersection of other energy that's prohibiting you from evolving.  We can look at them very individualistic and help them in an individualistic way.

FILIPPO:   Well, it feels as a civilization, we have made a wrong turn somewhere.


FILIPPO:   And maybe that's not the case and maybe it's exactly what we needed, but...

VERONICA:   Well, this is a cleaning-up period. 

FILIPPO:   Okay.

VERONICA:   We call it...we refer to it as someone's house.  You have a very dirty house.  And the first time you pick up the rug and shake it out, it's a big mess, and you say why did I ever shake this rug, because all of this stuff is coming into the air and all this stuff is happening, and it feels like everything is falling apart.  But we  counsel that when you first shake the rug out, it's always a bit difficult because then there's more dirt than you thought, and you have to set about to clean it up.  And the cleaning-up process, as one well knows when they're cleaning their house, not fun.  And you as a species are cleaning your house. 

FILIPPO:   So this is the not-fun part.

VERONICA:   This is the not-fun part, yes, but moving out of it.

FILIPPO:   When we're cleaning our house, usually we are able to see the light at the end of the tunnel, we know where we're headed. 


FILIPPO:   As a civilization we don't always know, as, for example, the left hand might not know what the right hand is doing...

VERONICA:   Right.

FILIPPO:   ...and so we might feel like sure, we're doing this, but is everybody doing this, are we all moving together as a civilization?  Do you see this...

VERONICA:   We think you are.  We think that the dust is so high at the moment that no one can see anyone else really, not clear enough.  Still feels like this very gray area, and you can see a few people but it's the first shake of the rug that needed to be shaken.  And the dust is very high.  It's starting to settle, but in the interim, you all feel like you're moored on a planet all by yourself, and you can't really trust the person next to you because you don't even know who that is.  It will settle.

FILIPPO:   In the meantime, it seems like everything is changing so fast; is that part of the dust being in the air?

VERONICA:   It's important that everything changes real fast, dear.

FILIPPO:   Because?

VERONICA:   You were all heading in a rather dismal direction.  So the expediency of the change it important.

FILIPPO:   Have...are we in time in your opinion?

VERONICA:   Yes, we think so.

FILIPPO:   Okay.  And so you are helping us individually.  So individually without getting into specifics about me or this person or that person, is there something general that each one of us needs to focus on?

VERONICA:   The connection with your soul and the thought of something beyond your fingertips is incredibly important.  To remember who you are as a soul is the most profound thing that any of you can be thinking of at this time.  Don't forget who you are and the energy that you come from and how powerful that really is.  And what you're doing here is having a dense experience so that you connect even further with that energy.

FILIPPO:   So who are we, according to you?

VERONICA:   You're all energies similar to ourselves, still having physical experiences to advance your energy.

FILIPPO:   And we've chosen this.

VERONICA:   Absolutely.

FILIPPO:   And we are to learn something from this.

VERONICA:   Absolutely.

FILIPPO:   Okay.  I'm not sure we are learning it.

VERONICA:   We'd say some of you are, and we think that you will drag along behind you those who are not quite getting it yet, but we think there's grand hope here.  We think that there are enough energies who are realizing the importance of the connection with their energy and soul that even though you feel like isolated and there's no one else around, there is.  And we think as a planet, you're doing better work than you have, so we say there's great hope.

FILIPPO:   Now, some might say if we chose this planet, then we chose it just as it is with all the problems that it has to have the experience that we hare having.  Why come in and ruin the experience for everybody else that wants to come and have a terrible experience?

VERONICA:   (Laughs)  And perhaps you're leaving out the reincarnational part, perhaps you came in and contributed negatively and you're coming back to fix that.

FILIPPO:   Ummm.  I hope you don't mean me specifically, but in any event...

VERONICA:   Oh, don't be nervous, dear.

FILIPPO:   No...

VERONICA:   We are merely stating it as a general.  We wouldn't pick on you that way yet.

FILIPPO:   Ah.  Okay.  I have that to look forward to.  So you are saying we came and had the experience perhaps of the planet one way, and we messed it up or played with it a certain way...

VERONICA:   And made some grave errors, and now some of you are back to rectify that.  So you're not coming back to ruin the negative experience; you're coming back to say oh, last time I was here, didn't do so well, I'm going to focus on this this time and karmically balance my energy so that the planet becomes better.  So it's more individualistic than you think, my dear.  And you all play a very important part in it.  You're not just one little speck.  You are part of a grand energy.  And most of you have come back in this particular environment to fix it.

FILIPPO:   And the process of fixing is connecting with our soul.

VERONICA:   Connecting with your soul and participating in a soulful way while being in that physical body and not an ego way in the body.  Do you understand that?

FILIPPO:   I think you're headed towards oneness.

VERONICA:   No, we're not.

FILIPPO:   Uh-oh.  Okay.  Then no, I don't understand.

VERONICA:   (Laughs)  There's ego energy, which is your participation as an energy in your physical form.  It's very easy to become very engaged with the ego part of Filippo or the ego part of Mark and participate in a whole life participating in the body dimension of Mark and disconnecting from the soul and not coming in to do your karmic attempt but be distracted by the physical dramatic parts of you.  Many do that.  So there is where the difference lies.  Do you understand?

FILIPPO:   Uh-huh.  Could that person who engages in that in this lifetime say well, this is my lifetime to do this and I'll come back and fix another time?

VERONICA:   We think that those who would engage it that way don't have any idea that they can possibly come back and do that again.  They're very involved in who they are at the moment, and it's a one-shot deal; most of them think that.

FILIPPO:   All right.  So you weren't taking us towards oneness.  What about oneness?

VERONICA:   Oneness is there, but the individuality of all of your energies remains as well.  And there's where a lot of religious moments on your planet tend to lead one astray or instill the fear of once you leave this form, your energy will become homogenized in a grand thing and you won't remember who you are.  And we say you do.  We remember all of ours.

FILIPPO:   Do you remember past-life experiences?

VERONICA:   Absolutely.

FILIPPO:   Does that serve you?

VERONICA:   Absolutely.  We can draw upon the experience, we can apply it to individuals that we speak to.  If we decided to incarnate again, we would at this stage remember all of the lives and remember the mistakes, remember the progress, remember the triumphs and apply it to the life that we would live if we chose to incarnate again.  That is the level we are at at this time.  Many, like yourself, maybe not remember everything, but we think some of you have hints of remembering things.

FILIPPO:   Would it help us if we did remember?

VERONICA:   We think so. 

FILIPPO:   Then why do we not?

VERONICA:   Many become very distracted or have belief systems instilled in them at a very young age that that is not an opportunity.  And younger souls tend not to remember as well as older souls.

FILIPPO: there something we can do to remember?

VERONICA:   Yes, there is.  Oh, now you're going to ask me?  Well, it's very individualistic, my dear.  It's very individualistic.  We can't give you across-the-board generalization on that.  But just the idea that reincarnation exists, that perhaps you've been here a couple of times, and perhaps maybe you had a life of two that wasn't so great, or maybe you had a really great one, and to apply those experiences to your moment now we think is incredibly important.  You have a lot of religious moments that don't allow for that, that say you must behave, and you only have one opportunity, and if you don't behave, it's either below or up.  And if you behave, you'll go up; if you don't behave, you'll go down.  But that was instilled in a very primitive culture on your planet where there many young souls at the time, and those who were more intellectual had to control them in some way.  And the demonstration of burnin


FILIPPO:   And...

VERONICA:   Each experience can be a little bit different.  Nostradamus was a little bit more conscious and the connection was not quite so clear as this one.  But Nostradamus was lucid enough to write it all down but in code so it would not be put back on him and his family, mostly his family, people he cared about.  He didn't really care about himself, but in that particular life he cared very deeply about certain members of his family, so he made it so that it could not come back on them.

FILIPPO:   So fortunately some of us have listened to some of these prophets, and now we're listening to you, and you are sharing with us that there is time rectify some of the damage that's already been done...


FILIPPO:   ...and we have shaken the carpet or the rug, and the dust is in the air, but it's going to be settling.  Within this time that we speak of, is this the time that people are putting a date on being 2012?

VERONICA:   Well, you must remember that outside of this environment there is no time, that in the linear it is almost an obsession to mark time, to measure it, to mark it.  And there really isn't any marking really.  This is all an illusion that you've put together to keep track of your days.  2012 is an indicator that there will be some changes, that there's going to be a shift, not necessarily a negative one.  And yes, there will be an end to a lot of negativity, but we will also say that it is a beginning of a golden age where things are going to be much better.  So if you are participating in negativity, yes, you should be a little scared.  But if you are participating in positiveness, expansiveness, connecting to your soul, living in a kind way towards others, there's nothing to worry about. It is only the naysayers and the evildoers that should be alarmed at this time.  And it's not necessarily 2012; it's already st

VERONICA:   We won't say evil; we'll just say those who make inappropriate choices that are negative.  No one is evil.  We'd say that they...we call them evildoers because they participate in negative actions towards others, towards the planet, towards existence itself.

FILIPPO:   And there's a lot of that.

VERONICA:   Yes, there has been.

FILIPPO:   And...

VERONICA:   And a lot of it has risen to the surface, which is why you see it so much; it's just coming up and coming up and coming up and coming because the rug has been shaken and this is all coming up.

FILIPPO:   So those of us who feel that this period is going to end up positive...


FILIPPO:   ...are trying to focus on connecting with our soul, as you say, and stay positive...


FILIPPO:   ...and yet we see some quickening of some of these more negative aspects.


FILIPPO:   And...

VERONICA:   And they are quickening because they know their time is coming.

FILIPPO:   Uh-huh.


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