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First of, Happy Equinox everyone :D My Chakraz are really buzzing!




For a long time i have kept this site quite from people i talk to, and even my friends. SOE has always been my safe haven retreat to like minded people, a safe place free from ridacule (well mostly :P )


We have a great, friendly community here,  and even now we still get great material, and friendly banter to keep us coming back.

But it seems now more than ever that people i speak to are actually into this, and intrigued. i feel you al' may know a couple of people who are perhaps just discovering thier way, or maybe do healing or meditation, safe people who we feel are cool to join us her on soe, can never have to many frineds after all!


So please feel free to invite your friends to chat and share here :)


Much love!






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Sure. :)
my best friend just joined.. her name is christine.. =)

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