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I was at a party this week, when my best friend decided she finally had the courage to tell me my stories on my website were 'a little too out there.' Quintessential Energy Works is a page I created on Facebook to share uplifting information on raising the vibration of this planet, aka THE SHIFT.

I realized that spirituality is like math. There's basic math to know, and without it, it is very difficult to go onto algebra, geometry, calculus. So I thought I would share a some basic things about energy work and healing.

I have been on the spiritual path since my early 20's; although I remember as early as 7 years old having conversations with my Angels about being here, and that I had to stay to help. I was a odd ball child, without a lot of friends, and I found myself fascinated with astrology when I was about 8.

(I found all of my mom's Linda Goodman books!) I learned numerology later on, and was awakened to vibration, energy, and feeling things-with the heart, the gut,my mind'e eye. I studied theology in high school and became passionate in learning about all the religions and why they competed with each-other. I saw universal links between them and then took the best of the best from each.

God is one, we are God, there is no separateness. I realized at this young age, all paths lead to God. I set about my mission in life to help bridge people back to God, by seeing the Christ Light in everyone I see.

I went to school in New Mexico and received a degree in Natural Healing, so that I may have lots of avenues to assist. New Mexico is where I was taught about the chakras, and chakra work became my focused intent on most all of my clients I have worked on in my 22 years of body work.

Chakras are like little energy data banks that contain our Prana, our Chi, our Divine Light. They are located in strategic parts of our body, and correspond to our physical body (nerves-therefore organs and systems), emotional, spiritual, and mental bodies.

Based along the spine, the chakras feed into the nervous system, (nadi) feeding our body systems with life force and vitality. There are seven main chakras that we as human beings have fully functioning.

They begin at the base of your spine to the top of your head, each one associated with a different color, physiological function, and level of consciousness. As we grow spiritually, so do our chakras. I work on plenty of people that have developed their 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13th chakra.

Or perhaps that is all I am able to feel! I feel with my heart, my gut, and of course literally with my hands; I do understand how to balance energy. I don't pretend to say that I can interpret, make any claims that I am a medical intuitive intuit or completely understand what is going on with your particular chakra system, however, I am a channel for the Divine Energy to flow and assist in balancing the body systems.

(Chakras, organs, glands) I feel. I stay put until energy is balanced and I have developed techniques through breathing, hand positions and intent to assist whomever I am helping. There are two principals I adhere to. The two things that heal are God and Nature, and "Do No Harm" Hippocrates.

So, now you have heard of a chakra, have you heard of a Ray? I'd like to take this opportunity to share very basic information of the Rays. They are so intense, and multi-faceted that this is a very brief overview on the first seven Rays. There are many more, however at this writing, I don't want to overwhelm you! Get these down, and you're doing fantastic!!!

"There is no work more important on the spiritual path than learning to properly master, develop, balance and integrate The Seven Great Rays"- Dr. Joshua David Stone.

GOD's personality is made up of these seven rays. Since we are made in the image of God, it is the configuration of our personality as well. God's personality is divided into three parts and seven parts. The three parts are God, Christ and the Holy Spirit.

God being the creator, Christ being the eternal self as the sons and daughters of God are and the Holy Spirit, which is the voice of God.

The Seven aspects that make up his personality are as follows:

Ray One-Power; Divine will of the Creator Color~ Red Ray Two-Love and Wisdom Color ~Blue Ray Three-Active Intelligence Color ~Yellow Ray Four-Harmony and Beauty Color ~Green Ray Five-New Age Science Developments and Soul Enhancements Color~ Green Ray Six-Devotion, Faith, union with the Creator Color~ Indigo Ray Seven-Freedom/Transmutation/Alchemy and Divine Structure, transforming negativity. Color~Violet

There are actions that will corrupt rays as well as glorify them, I will attempt to explain what each ray means and let you know what destroys a ray and what will develop a ray. It is our human nature to corrupt our rays with our selfish little ego.

Ray One- This is about surrendering to the will of God while keeping 100% of your personal power. It's about being in service to God, and not the ego's lower self. Glory-speak your truth! tenderness, humility, sympathy, tolerance and patience develop this ray.

Corruption of this ray is when a person uses their power to control, harm, deceive, manipulate or hurt others for narcissistic, self centered selfish gain. Being better than everyone else, having power trips, and those that are constantly angry and attacking others are classic examples of corruption.

Ray Two-This is all about unconditional love and the psychological wisdom that one is infused with to help people. Glory-kindness, generosity, compassion, love of truth, serene temper

Corruption-Conditional Love! Or loving too much without a backbone. Women Who Love too Much-addicted, obsessed and co-dependent. Also, not being self controlled, tactful or spiritually discerning and being a know it all.

Ray Three-This is all about how we incorporate our God consciousness into the world, on all levels, not just the spiritual. It is about manifesting the creators highest intent on the physical plane. It is about manifesting the creators highest vision via receiving guidance through feelings and intuition.

Glory-compassion, tolerance, devotion Corruption-Always being busy, being materialistic, and pre-occupied with detail. (Think OCD). Cold, selfish and overly critical of others will harm this ray.

Ray Four-This is all about the arts and how they invoke harmony, love and God consciousness into our lives. Creating peace, and at one -ness.

Glory-Serenity, self control, Purity, unselfishness and moral balance. Corruption-using the arts to pander to lower vibrations like porn, violence, dark song lyrics, horror movies and anything else that panders to lower self, lower nature and does not satisfy God.

Ray Five-Science and Research. This is about use of the mind in a scientific way. Cutting edge breakthroughs in science, technology, medicine, gardening, ecology, social work, business, etc. Glory-being open minded, making only very accurate statements, keen intellect, great judgement, and fairness.

Corruption-being so intellectual that you are cut off from your emotional body, that in turn cuts you off from your intuition. also, being a prejudiced, narrow minded arrogant, lack of sympathy type of person. Otherwise...jerk!

Ray Six-This is about devotion to the Creator, surrendering to the Creator. This Ray helps us strive to be the highest vibration we can be. It's essential to embrace the emotional body and have spiritual passion. Spiritual discernment.

Glory-Strength, self sacrifice, the power to transcend desire, burning enthusiasm for a cause. Corruption-selfish and jealous love, becoming overly emotional or victimized, giving your power away.

Ray Seven-this is about alchemy, transforming negativity and transmuting it into Pure White Light. This is about transforming mis-qualified energy into purity and substance of God. Glory-gaining mastery in one's energy, thoughts, actions deeds and words.

Corruption-too much structure, not enough. Not spending money appropriately, and the worst is a mind in bondage when it is always free.

We cycle through the rays to in order to develop the specific qualities, attributes and aspects of the rays within ourselves. We have more of one Ray that is more inherent than the next. Each ray is associated with a color and a chakra. . For more information, please visit


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SAUL: Please make sure to spend time meditating each day – without fail; by John Smallman

Please make sure to spend time meditating each day – without fail



Today, September 18th 2013, is a very important one for humanity as will become apparent a little later.  (This is John: I have no idea what this sentence is suggesting, we will just have to wait and see.)
Time, as you well know, is an important aspect of the illusion because it defines the way you experience life within it: the past with its many memories, frequently unhappy, and to which you often cling with anger or regret; the future to which you mostly look forward, hoping for improvements that will make your lives happier and more secure; and the present which is constantly changing as it passes and yet is often unnoticed by you unless something unusual or striking happens.
But it is on the present moment that you need to focus your attention because that is where you make choices and decisions, of which you are often almost unaware but which can be life-altering.  Many wise ones have told you that living consciously requires that you maintain awareness of every thought, word, and action – however insignificant it may appear to be – by living consciously in the now moment. However, most of you find that very difficult to do for more than very brief periods.
In Reality, into which you are to awaken – your journey's end – your thoughts create instantly, so it is essential that you be aware of what you choose to think about.  Of course when you awaken from the illusion you will do this naturally, almost automatically, but while you are still enclosed within it, it is important that you practice constant awareness, because doing so makes it far easier for you to maintain your intent to be always loving, compassionate, and forgiving.  In other words it helps you to avoid making fast and rash judgments or decisions followed by words or actions that you will later regret.
An obvious example of the latter is being distracted while driving a motor vehicle and causing or nearly causing an accident, and yet many of you do allow yourselves to be distracted very regularly, even while driving.  Ask yourselves why?  And be honest with yourselves.  Basically, you have chosen to be distracted because the present moment seems boring, and what you are doing is so easy that you believe you could do it with your eyes closed.
Remember, there truly are no accidents!  You planned and created individual lifepaths for yourselves as humans to present you with the lessons that, with wisdom and foresight, you decided, before you incarnated, you wished to learn.  And, as you know from many experiences during your childhood and school days, if you do not pay attention you do not learn your lessons and you get poor grades.
And why are you not paying attention?  It is because you choose to become embroiled in the memories of past, quite possibly painful, events, and imagine how you, or someone else, might have or should have acted differently.  But the event has passed; you are unable to change it, as you are only too well aware, and yet you continue to replay those old and sometimes very distracting “recordings,” mentally reliving those events and re-experiencing the emotions involved.
Meditation is strongly recommended as a way to relieve the excess stress in your lives.  It is, as you know, a practice in which you choose to be mindful, to notice your thoughts while consciously not engaging with them.  The constant flow of thoughts that humans experience are a bit like reading a bad novel or watching a bad movie – they have no meaningful storyline, flowing from one unrelated event to another – and when you try to retrace your steps from the present thought back to the one that started it all, the experience can be quite startling.  The point of meditation is to rouse yourselves into awareness so that you can stop, or at least slow down, the constant and mostly meaningless flow of distracting thoughts and be quietly present right now.
Life as a human these days is filled chock-a-block with noise and distractions – from text and instant messages, calls on your phone, the always-on TV, loud music, and in a city, traffic noise and police, fire, and ambulance sirens.  You seriously do need to make space available each and every day to be quiet, alone, and free from all that noise – inner and outer.
You can and do choose, every day, whether or not to spend some time quietly being at peace in your inner space.  You never “just happen” to take time out to meditate; it is always a very conscious decision, and nor do you just forget to meditate.  You do have the time for meditation daily, and no excuses you can think of for not meditating are valid.  Your egos do not like you to meditate because they then lose control of you.  Consequently, they attack you when you attempt to meditate by presenting you with reminders about things that apparently need your most urgent attention.  But of course 95% of the time that is not the case.
So the message for today is: “Please make sure to spend time meditating each day – without fail.”  It relieves your stress, your anxieties, and your doubts, but most importantly, you renew at the same time your intent to be loving, compassionate, and forgiving, thus strengthening and further empowering the collective in its intent to release all that is not in alignment with Love.  You have been doing very well on the whole, and some of the more restrained statements and decisions of your elected officials in recent weeks demonstrate the effectiveness of your collective efforts.  Keep the pressure on – the gentle and irresistible pressure of Love – as the awareness that this is indeed a New Age dawns on humanity, and the old and unseemly ways of relating to one another increasingly cease to occur.  You are changing the world, and it is essential that you continue to do so.
With so very much love, Saul.
John Smallman | 09/18/2013


I'd like to share a little connected with the photo below, taken in May this year. Going through photos, I found more than 20 with this little disc-shaped lightship, which has been a constant visitor, but this was its first appearance, under the mantle of this brilliant orb of white and pale green light, an energy projection of Horus (he also appears to me in the forms of a hawk and dove of white light).

  I've since realized that his Twin Soul, BaRaTa, is 'on board' this craft in 5D form. No wonder he was/is guarding/protecting it. She projects to me often as a purple orb, bird or butterfly form, always that colour. Both of them have helped me with techniques to 'tune up' the DNA/chakras/light filaments, which I'll share in another post for anyone interested in reading about them.
They wish to speak now of the re-mergence of the Divine Masculine and Feminine, represented in the 'Polarity Growth Experience' (they don't call it a 'game' or an 'experiment') in this Universe by the Carian (birdlike) and Leonine/feline energies, under the auspices of Angelic Light.
The ancient symbol of the gryphon, or simurgh, is a memory of Oneness from before the decision to undertake polarity and contrast growth (the gryphon being a mythical eagle-headed, lion-bodied creature). 

I hear the word Shi Mu Ra, in Arua (leonine dialect), but it also crosses over Carian and Angelic words/soundforms. It is a synthesis of the feminine principle 'Shi' and the masculine principle 'Ra' held together by angelic frequencies 'Mu' of Source Love.

With the agreement for duality, the synthesis unbound, and through many Ages of this Universe, leonines held the role of 'light faction' and carians of the 'separating from light faction'. They were, in themselves, beings of Light, yet they took on the role to create contrast, in the High Dragons (which Earth myths recall as both positive and negative, as creative - especially in the East - and destructive - especially in the West) and the Draconians (negative, power to self oriented), who then created greys as their servants.

  The leonines created the first humans on Avyon, a planet of Vega in the constellation Lyra - I have direct memories of the history, and spread, of the leonines and humanity, but will not go into that here. Would like to have a tail again though. 

Now, in this time, is a momentous reuniting, here around Earth, of the Leonines and Carians, as a group of High Carian beings have come forward this year to join with the galactic fleet in clearing out from the Earth zone, their reptilian offspring. Which they have now done. 

Horus came down, thousands of years ago, to counteract the Orion-Sirian reduction of human DNA, then under the control of Set/Seth (who was actually a feline 'altered' by the reptilians) and Sobek (the 'crocodile god' of ancient Egypt) and 'friends'. The ancient myths carry some truths, or seeds of truths, but many distortions, as they came from only what could be understood at the time in humanity. 
Now is an incredibly beautiful moment in this long story of the Universe, here in our sector, with the rejoining in Love of those who held the duality poles. The Shi Mu Ra becomes One again. The flow through effect of this, is that the 'bedrock' under the power-to-self souls on Earth is dissolving........
If this speaks to you, feel in deeper beneath the 'play' and hold the Earth and all of humanity in the purple light of compassion and mercy, the violet light of transformation, and the rose light of pure Love.
With love to All,


BaRaTa appears to me often as a purple orb...

Stone carving of a simurgh on a church at Samtavisi.

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