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9/21-9/22 Equinox Celebration-Kumaras Return with Decloakings

Breaking News Update: Mark Huber/BethTrutwin
The following report is of such importance that we delayed it until we could verify details with Sanat Kumara. Beth/Mark met him along with Ashtar and Cdr Soltec--in charge of all earth communications--aboard the New Jerusalem yesterday. We are well aware of how other reports were misunderstood on another occasion. We present this information as the best available, while directly in their presence. Some details are still in the field of potentials and will be reported later. Ashtar will be talking to us all on the 9/22 CC with Susan Leland. He will clarify these matters at that time. Be assured that this is of the highest importance to each and all upon, within or above this planet. This historical event will commence at 9:09PM on 9/21 and will continue until Noon on 9/22, in the Lake Titicaca area of Peru & border of Bolivia.

Here is the latest report from A-Team Members in Peru, headed by Madame X. The prior two reports[9/16 & 9/17] on the Equinox Event, were posted on our Yahoo Group: MarkHuber_GRT_Intel.
When it was considered to take a few people to Qoa Island, the Portal opening is so big, the energy will be so strong, you would combust. The site was changed and you were moved a safe distance away. Later, a
group of you will go there. The Diamond Heart, the Cosmic Heart of the Earth Mother, Gaia. The Diamond heart is opening to the eternal flame, Source Flame, brought by the Kumaras.

Master, Keeper-Guardian, of Qoa-The Eternal Flame of Life needs to be integrated into the physical bodies first or this high energy could sicken or destroy all attuned present. What do we have to do now? Physical relocation to another nearby site at the 13,000'-14,000' elevation has been chosen and is already known to your group.
Sanat Kumara's Starship is coming. The fleet represents 9 Different Commands--Directed by Sanat Kumara-- who must enter first, then the others can follow.
Sanat Kumara and Twin Flame:Lady Venus- will come down and contact (Madame X's group) For whole A-Team. On September 21st, the Starships Will
appear over the Peruvian Andes and they will Open a path for all the Kumaras-The Highest Beings need to
come down through the Qoa Portal first. This is a Huge Celebration of Life-All these Ships will be entering the Earth Dimension and decloak.
They represent 12 Rays and 12 entrances or gateways...bringing the Solar Golden Energy of the Holy Kumaras. A-Team Ground units will form a pyramid from Peru, Kauai, Kona-HI, Santa Fe-NM and the Central US. This will activate a completely new timeline of Gaia's Golden Star.
Our group has decoded the old solar disk and taken the ancient energy which will be replaced with a pure new golden disk which we will encode for the new cycle.
Each of us is a Kumara from Earth. We will have more upgrades and we will be in position to do many things, including Invisibility; walking through walls. All of the higher gifts. America, Sourthern France, South Africa and many Shamanic groups are now working in Peru.
We are coding the new solar disks for humanity's use on Terra Nova. All need to be engraved on the new solar disk.
We are starting from zeropoint.
Each A-Team member should be in their assigned positions. Documenting the Opening of the Solar Portal will be done by video camera, other cameras and tape recorders. You will have involvements from 9AM to 9:09 PM when the ships arrive. The work will complete at noon on 9/22/09. There will be 9 motherships in Peru. It's very important to be centered in the heart. There will be a Big Show. It will start and spread with the 12 rays across the planet and there will be motherships decloaking over all major countries. 12 origins will be represented: Venus, Orion, Pleiades, Andromeda, Sirius, Arcturus, etc.


9/19/09 Sanat Kumara Explains Ascension and the Decloakings during the Equinox, beginning at 9:09PM on 9/21, and ending at Noon on 9/22/09. A few remote site landings may occur, but NO MASSIVE landings will take place until 7-10 days, after arrests and NESARA's Announcement occur.

Sanat Kumara...speaks to Beth/Mark...aboard the New Jerusalem on 9/19...with Ashtar and Soltec present:

The Fall Equinox will see decloakings of the Kumara Mother Ships in the Portals in Peru.
The A-Team will be there to witness and film this event.
The Egyptians called it Djed, our connection to the Galaxy and the Mayans called it Xibalba Portal,
The Gateway to the OtherWorld. Opening this portal, reestablishing this Love-Light Connection has been attempted and failed 6 times before.
This time we do it with love, this time we remember and we are successful.
When we open the portal, the Galaxy GateWay, we re-establish our Divine Extra-Terrestrial heritage. We arrive on Terra Nova - New Earth.
The Equinox is the great balancing point. It is when we walk through the Solar Disc and the Ancestors of Ra and The Ancestors of Light come together to Balance the Earth and Flood it with Love, Flood it with Light.
Xibalba originated on Orion. There was a period of time when the Lyra Humans lived on a Planet which orbited Sirius. Sirius Humans continued to remain in etheric bodies. The Kumaras decided to remain incarnate in bodies and moved to a constellation in Orion where there were Reptilian Humans. It was Sanat Kumara, the Heirarch of Venus, who led this group to Orion. The Kumaras are all Hybrids. They did this, so they would remain incarnate and combine the DNA of all 12 races. In time, each one of the Kumaras has incarnated into one of the 12 races of man and this formed the 13th. We are the 13th. We have learned through this experience, it is not the race that defines a person, but their Soul. It was a compassionate act of love to combine all the races of human. By doing this, it brings peace. Each One can see there is a part of them in everyone else; We Are All One. The Council of Kumaras have kept the lineage of the Anandas. All of the Kumaras have remained incarnate. They realized that only by entering Earth in incarnate body form, are they able to help ascend other incarnate realms. This time it is necessary to ascend Earth by living a 3D life and coming through that experience. The reptilians and humans must now integrate and must do this through peace. The time for peace is now. We on Earth are being given the chance to chose love, or leave to Herculobus. This is a parallel Planet which is pristine and carries on the reptilian way of life. If One choses peace, through love, compassion, and Oneness, they will ascend with Earth. There is no judgment, it is time now for Earth to ascend, and each Soul has a choice.

This Fall Equinox marks the time when the Kumaras have been successful in bringing Peace to Earth. The Children of the Sun, the Kumaras, place the Solar Disc of Peru, into the new Matrix Hologram of Earth. It is recoded to Terra Nova with the One Race - the 13. This Solar Disc will be attuned to the Ships decloaking. This will send light out across the 12 rays until they span the sky all over Earth. Synchronistically, Mother Ships all over the World will decloak. The Ancestors of Ra and the Ancestors of Light ascend into the 13th.

Sanat Kumara works with Lord Maitreya (The Path of Love) and St Germain (The Path of Ascension) in a separate group who work with Earth intelligence and secret service. Their headquarters is a large building in Shamballa on the etheric planes next to the Hall of Records. This is where supercomputers keep records on every incarnate Soul living on Earth. It is here King of Swords receives his intel, directed through the Ships computers. It is through these records Sanat Kumara decides if someone incarnate on Earth is able to be recruited by the King of Swords to carry out the Plan of Masters. This is the sequential flow Lord Ashtar speaks about. This plan includes arrests, announcements and mass landings. It is through these supercomputers that subversives of the Plan of Masters are viewed and followed and the KOS agents deal with them. It is those working with KOS who now, after the equinox, will have cloaks of invisibility, be able to teleport and have remote viewing capabilities.

The Brotherhood of Light, The Lords of Flame; Sanat Kumara-Shamballa's Flame- St Germain-Freedoms Flame-the Violet Flame, Sanatka-The Power of God-the Blue Flame in our Heart, Sa Ananda Kumara-Illuminations Flame-Golden Flame of Gods Illumination, Sa Na Tana-Keeper of the Immaculate Concept, the God Blueprint for the Body, Sanat Sujata-Pure Consciousness-Kapila Kumara-Truth's Flame. 144,000 came from Venus with Sanat Kumara,and are ascended masters, showing the way to ascension. Two of these are, Gautama Buddha, an Open Doorway to Shamballa, Sanat Kumara's Disciple, and his love is an example to opening the heart for ascension. Serapis Bey, just one of the ascended masters, who came with Sanat Kumara from Venus, has an office in the paw of the Great Sphinx, he says the path of love is the path of ascension.

It is time now, at the Fall Equinox, for The Kumaras, in their Ships, to come down through the Portals. This is a Huge Celebration of Life-All the Ships will be entering Earth. This is the Solar Portal, in Peru, where Gaia and Vywamus are en-lightened, raised in Ascension. This is The Sentinel Event Necessary to kick off decloakings and then will be followed [No Dates,No Nukes] by arrests, mass landings all over Earth. We will remember our extraterrestrial heritage. The arrests remove the last of the dark ones who have chosen not to ascend. Until they are removed from Earth, we cannot move forward with the next sequential step of announcements.

Announcements means we receive our packets and these equalize injustice and bring us into our freedom. They free our Souls to be the CoCreative Force with All That Is. Survival will no longer be an issue. We will be the One Race. With this comes our Family Reunions, our Twin Flame Reunions, and the One Race return to Earth: mass landings, joy, love, fulfillment of the Plan of Masters. So It is Said, So It is Done.
~Sanat Kumara

MarkHuber BethTrutwin

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