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911 truth Switzerland : Ritual murder of children at Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, Ley lines and proof

911 truth Switzerland : Ritual murder of children at Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting,...

2012/12/15 23:40:00

Illuminati card Sandy Hook shooting

"One can get the same effect with dancing and drum-beating; that's what is called a 'primitive' religion. Use drugs, nowadays, and you're a hippie. Do it with sex, and you're a witch, or one of the Knights Templar. Mass participation in an animal sacrifice has the same effect. Human sacrifice has been used in many religions, including the Aztec cult everybody has heard about, as well as in Satanism. Modern psychologists say that the force released is Freud's libidinal energy. Mystics call it prajna or the Astral Light. Whatever it is, human sacrifice seems to release more of it than sex or drugs or dancing or drumbeating or any less violent method and mass human sacrifice unleashes a ton of it..." *Father James Augustine Muldoon from the novel The Illuminatus trilogy by Wilson Robert Anton and Shea Robert, * the original source that inspired the 1995 Illuminati card game

The terms I will use should be comprehensive, but I will have to assume the correct definition and meaning is understood, including semantic discernment in case of synonymous, colloquial, historical variations etc.
I will prove that a satanic sacrifice ritual was the motive of the massacre at Connecticut, a logical argument against it would be that if there is no proof about the "satanic realm" existence, there cannot be proof about a conspiracy incriminated for its "involvement in it", but this is faulty logic, regardless of the existence of a satanic realm, satanic rituals and brutal, cruel sacrifices are documented and proven to take place in this very dense and material realm of the world.
In other words, Christmas takes place regardless of the existence of Santaclaus. To prove that a particular gathering took place with the intention to celebrate Christmas is perfectly possible, and even easier while regarding the existence of Santaclaus as irrelevant for this case.  But this also adds weight to the already proven existence of Ley lines themselves.

I want to thank Andrew Johnson , as I told him yesterday before breaking this story: "After all this years I cannot think of anyone anymore than you and Dr.Judy Wood to help me approach and disseminate this issue with intellectual integrity and courage..."

Introduction and familiarization with terms

You can also download an excellent book at this link Antigravity and the World Grid-1987 David Hatcher Childress (Right click and Save as pdf if you wish to download The copyright issues are assumed to form part of the constitutionally guaranteed right of dissemination of urgent public concern and freedom of information in Switzerland, so eventually please buy a copy of the book and respect the laws of your country)
Feel free to skip to Ley lines on 9/11 and 14 12 2012 if familiarized with these terms: earth grid, anti-gravity etc...
From almost all perspectives: secular, scientific and religious perspectives, including modern Gnosticism and new age collectivism, spun by  Blavatsky, Aleister Crowley, and (who dwelt and purchased property in locations significant to the planetary grid and Ley_lines), and pseudo scientific morality of the kind of Jung, Freud, or Reich, (who in turn were fed Rosicrucian clever systems of mind and spiritual control deployed by the Venice secret service since the 16th century), although I am not an expert, I am broadly familiar and have been surrounded by people who know such perspectives well.
A retired physicist from CERN, told me about the symmetry of the collapse of the twin towers, I looked down on him condescendingly and sympathetic for my friend was one of those geniuses so smart, that had apparently snapped and was now uttering stupid conspiracy theories. So to "help him", I went to have a look online with my computer and a cup of coffee, but I have't put  that cup down in 7 years.
What changed in seven years? Everything other than a cup stuck onto my hand: One shock that destroyed my preconceptions of reality followed another, when the worst had passed I only realized it was a warm-up for the next one, in fact, the last one came just yesterday during the Connecticut Sandy Hook massacre and the ley lines it encompasses.
In a broad sense, Ley lines are electromagnetic paths of currents if one considers the basic core of this universe reduced to electromagnetism, an electric universe. This view is increasingly corroborated by quantum physics experiments, the discovery of plasmoids and their patterns and behaviors and many other findings in a very short and steep learning curve and timeline.
The planet has by itself a geometrical pattern of currents that has been called the electromagnetic earth grid system, this name existed even when the ideas rested as mere hypotheses and speculation. It is not the purpose of this article to provide exhaustive information about Ley lines per-se because today it is already a huge field of investigation. But I will refer to sources of information when I see necessary.
The same thing when dealing with the context: witchcraft, satanism, ritual sacrifice, its history etc. For my objective, a semantic reading should be sufficient to prove my contention:
The Connecticut Sandy Hook Elementary shootings were a satanic ritual involving the blood sacrifice of children.
To complement the context I will link to articles and make books available in pdf, many audio files and documentaries. The context of such proof is very broad , and one that could not possibly include even a superficial synopsis without distracting my goal. But if in the end I have contributed in creating interest and reasonable doubt and to exhort readers to follow along those lines of investigation, I will have consider that alone already a success.

Ley Lines on 9/11 and 14 12 2012

As I progress in the writing of this article I will show what ley hunters will see as the longest, most accurate and most significant ever, this was drawn just yesterday, and the alignment spots are no less disturbing than the horrors of yesterday's massacre, and you will agree, to call it by name: black magic, a ritual sacrifice, The Great Sabbath.
During these days I will also expand explaning the significance of it and in what ways investigators and prosecutors can find light into fighting this evil, if not successfully, at least with growing clarity and determination. For this is not the first time or an isolated incident, it takes only a few hours searching for the right terms online to realize the magnitude.
But already, I give you the basics, and continue the 17th of December 2012, brace:
ley lines sonehege teotihuacan Mexico and Sandy Hook
The Google earth .kmz file with the vector and locations: The Pyramid of the Sun at Teotihuacán Mexico City, Sandy Hook Elementary School, and Stonehenge in perfect alignment along one vector. is available for download here
ley lines witchcraft black magic
... Stonehenge southwest heading 287 and 3,347 miles to
ley lines Stonehenge Teotihuacan Mexico and Sandy Hook Elementary Connecticut Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting actual door used by the killer to begin his rampage, this door and the interior had recently installed cameras,...anyway,
The same line continues 2,121 miles to Teotihuacán Pyramid of the Sun,  NE of Mexico City,
ley lines witchcraft black magic ...still further 42 miles, still same line is the top of Mexico City's highest southern mountain Ajusco, at its highest point.
There is a negative value of margin of error, that is less than zero for the areas to consider are no factor, only the big distance, which may be at odds in the order of billions to one because the width of the line which is what reduces the odds according to the method proposed by Alfred Watkins in 1921 ,which in this case can be reduced to infinity, (of course taking mathematical philosophy aside it may be less than billions) but still  the odds are unbelievably high in the very unforgiving equation of the antagonist team of scientists to whitewash such odds:
Perhaps because as Watkins was gathering a degree of  attention in a few months that most other Newtonian determinism oriented scholars of the time would not get in a lifetime, German archaeologists that simply couldn't be modest enough to accept that their math couldn't explain the  significance of the evidence they faced, they came up with things like:   (Don't worry about loosing your time with the above monster, it is based on a billiard balls notion of the universe, but apparently these scholars could have learned a few things from actually playing pool)
Although accurate in many ways, I will later show a more honest and simple way to calculate such odds of random alignment of points. But even their formula would show the astronomical odds without even considering human intent.

But first lets have fun with "human intent", consider  low odds 1 to 20, if you are sitting alone in a bus with 19 other places available, the chance of the next passenger to sit right next to you, you can argue that he randomly chose to sit there at odds 1 to 10 (he can sit at either your right or left available seats), and perhaps you had nothing to do with his "random" choice, but if you are an attractive woman and an old drunkard is the one that sits right next to you, you are rather likely not to even consider it an unintentional 1 in 10 chance and think out loud, "he's got the whole damn bus!"
Now consider the situation in a 40000 empty  seat stadium? well: "hes got the whole stadium!!!" A German archaeologist might calm you down:" relax!, maybe it was a 1 to 40000 coincidence". Granted, yes it is possible, but ridiculously improbable.
Arguments against are usually simplistic and reductionist, as "there are infinite number of points and events to choose from" but this is simply not true, we are not talking about trees, or hills, or even cities, the points selected are usually very few, very related events, with probable cause , with mass murder, with a wide population emotionally shocked, with historical precedent, with a clearly  established  modus-operandi of black magic, and the space between them is huge.

So one could argue that 9/11 and Oklahoma weren't related as much as ground zero and flight 93 crash site was, perhaps.
But that is only so if you overlook that the Murray building bombing was the biggest terrorist attack in the U.S. before 9/11, this without even going into numerology, astrology and dates. But to clarify, the fact that events, like on 9/11's ground zero and flight 93 drew the first line within minutes or hours greatly increases the odds.
Logicians will acknowledge that today formal and mathematical logic are limited systems because rarely, but often enough, conclusions have resulted in a paradox.
And when to human affairs an extra time dimension is added into consideration formal logic is further limited. Relying at this point on academic philosophical logic may, funny enough, result in a loss of your time. Formal logic here should not be underestimated, it actually should be very well understood to even attempt to go further. I don't know, perhaps philosophical logic may have some hope if only reconsidering many of the presumptuous premises that it attempts to build itself upon.
The 9/11 ley line between flight 93 crash site, ground zero, and Oklahoma building bombing is 1 to (4000 to 10000)
Sandy Hook Elementary odds  would be as hundreds of  empty stadiums together and the drunkard sits right in-front of you, but suspiciously surprised, turns his head around to greet you: " OH!,...  high there!"
At this point though, a common blind-spot is not going beyond human intent into the consideration of a very real, living and knowable spiritual realm, a realm including the existence of Evil.
Check back soon for many other ley lines, kmz files and a kmz file with vectors of the whole planetary grid. Of particular interest is from Ground zero 9/11, to flight 93 crash site, to Oklahoma building memorial, with 500 meters separation making it still beyond chance, at odds of 1 to about 4000.
I will also inculde auschwitz, Chelmo, Darfur massacre, Pretoria stadium,  4 points are related, 1 to about 1600000 The following days I will also add many very high odd aligned events.
*added December 17
The world basic grid for google earth zip file containing the .kmz file and a read_me text file
You will need google earth installed in your computer: Google earth website for free download and info
Stonehenge_Sandy_Hook_Teotihuacan.kmz is available for download here

kmz google earth satanic ley lines Beslan Jonestown Dracula Jassenovac

Ley line over 10,000 Kilometers, if 4 points are related, 1 line, odds 1 to 9.5 million, if 3 odds are 1 to 3 million: Jonestown Peoples Temple, Jassenovac, Poienari Vlad (Dracula), Beslan Massacre

kmz file available here

( this writting is being completed and in current progress) Home


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