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7/6/09 12:41:58 AM The Galactic Federation of Light / Ashtar Command

7/6/09 12:41:58 AM

Michkael, Ariguli
The Galactic Federation of Light
Great Brotherhood of Light

Ashtar Command

Greetings Jeremiah. These are both Ashtar and Michkael come to speak with you. I, Ariguli, shall be monitoring any health issues that may arise during our discussion. This is allowable?

You, as a WHOLE, The All on Gaia, should begin to be able to see/view the actual solar flares begin by your mid-day around your “world.” There will be visible evidence of this in your skies. It is this that WE bring you information, as WE wish to warn you All, not in fear, but protection, NOT to stare at them, just as you would not focus directly on your Solar body, “Sun”.

WE are here tonight to shed enlightenment upon your be-ings.



Niburu is Rapidly moving toward your planet. Some change has occurred within the ship that has caused quite an uproar, and OUR senses indicate that they have added a (formerly) high-vibrational LIGHT being to their “ranks”, although this being is now well aware of where it is, and how it was formerly manipulated. This being seems to be quite “happy” to be with Niburu. WE have lost another to their side, Jeremiah.

WE wish you to know that your government (and many others) will do their best to “cloak” our arrival. They will do their essential best to capture, and destroy US. It is not that WE are not arriving, WE ARE. WE have had much timing to institute this technology, Jeremiah. It is not as you appear to believe, however. It is more as your Mate has attempted to explain. WE will not be bringing down THE MOTHER SHIPS. WE will be bringing down vessels of smaller size. Effectively they will be Large “hoppers” as Mate just referred to them, however they will be manned by many. IT would OT be Wise to attempt an initial Landing with ships that Large or of that vibrational frequency.

Jeremiah it is the MOST VITAL that you, and All, MAINTAIN the HIGHEST energy vibrations as often as you are physically able in the coming days/weeks. DO YOU UDERSTAND THIS? We as the be-ings WE are, will tell you that WE do not/will not appear until all is “ready”, for many more lives than “expected” would be at stake otherwise.

WE –must- calculate “casualties”, as WE do not expect these events to go over as smoothly as WE wish them to occur.

The effects of the Solar Storm are able to be “sensed” in this now. It is very possible that many electrical power sources, will be disabled. The Government of The United States of America, if not able to “cloak” and hide
Us, will claim that, WE, The Galactic Federation of Light and Ashtar Command are behind this. However, there are ambassadors at the United Nations, that will claim otherwise, and the United States of America, will lose good standing in this organization.

This is when modern society will start to fail. The economy will start to decline even more than it has been in years. The Governments of the Illuminati controlled countries will insist it is US reducing the population, when it is truly them. There are many resources to this matter on your “internet”.

The food and drinkable water supplies will be in HIGH Demand, as it is that which needs the most attention. WE will assist in many ways in this matter as it has been noted as needing FULL attention. WE understand that those who control the food sources and drinkable water sources will not be so justly compelled to share. The crops will seemingly start to fail in growing, as Gaia is healed, as the vibrational frequencies that will be involved, both positive and negative, will facilitate this.

When WE speak of food sources, we do not refer to any meat, fresh green growing vegetables. The fresh green growing vegetables, are the best sources of LIFE sustaining sustenance. They promote healthy physical vessels, along with balanced mind/ spirit complexes. For one wishing to remain in the top of conditions, for the endurance of these events, one should consider this to the fullest.

This information is no means, any intent, to bring fear or despair, however it is only for ENLIGHTENMENT, and to prepare to awareness truths that need to be in awareness. Those who are not ready will surely suffer. This is not our intent, as WE have made many preparations to ensure that there is enough sustenance available to ALL who need it.

The Angelics are in place for these events, and shall be so for the duration as WE. Any/All water to be distributed will be blessed water. The INTENT is to have all water sources in/on Gaia available for this purpose, blessed for drinking, and among other matters that Blessed water is handy for.

JzS2: I want to make a point that inhabitants of this planet cannot Drink or Consume the ocean's salt-water without very negative side-effects. They must boil it first, or find a way to separate out the salt-content. Due to the SALT content in the Oceans, it would have DE-HYDRATION effects, which if go un-treated, WILL KILL the inhabitants, this ALL NEED TO BE AWARE OF.

This is acknowledged and accepted, Jeremiah. WE are aware of these concerns for All. WE, however, appreciate you "making note" of these things for the All. WE thank you.

Niburu is by no means, quitters, or those who give up easily. These trials and tribulations need to be handled with Integrity Jeremiah; WE shall see just how well you handle yours. WE do not speak in this manner for insult or injury, however.

Not quite as expected, however, things lie in the manner they do, and WE shall prevail victorious, WE are the LIGHT!

Namaste’ for NOW.

Ashtar Command

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Can you go futher into detail or explain to me personally further the information contained in this post please. (Like the solar storm and the Galactic Federations Arrival and what you said about casualties or something like that). I do not understand some of the things in this article. Namaste.
Yeah, right. Where did you find this ?
"No Dates, No Nukes"
Many thanks Lady Dream
...very informative post. Namaste.
Thanks LadyDreamWolf, very informative.

About the water, here is some info I like to share "TWENTY-FOUR METHODS TO PURIFY WATER"



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