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7/5/09 6:07:10 PM
The Galactic Federation of Light

Greetings once again. This is The Galactic Federation of Light, to continue our previous channeling session(s). Are you prepared to begin?

WE wish you to be in proper heart source, please, before commencing with Trance channeling, if you would, please.

In this section, WE wish to expound on topics in relation to Relationship Harmony, and matters that occur between “humans” on your planet, or rather inhabitants of your planet, Gaia. WE wish to speak on INTEGRITY.

Integrity is a term with deep meaning for such a “small” word. WE wish to speak on this topic for ALL at this timing. Maintaining Integrity within Self appears to have become an issue on much more than a global scale, however WE wish to speak on the individual’s Integrity.

Integrity, Jeremiah, what dos this word mean to you?

JzS2: Within self, personally, I have a “code’ in which I have a “belief” system structured upon. Taken into consideration, this structure, holding true to the values, which are this very structure. Truth is the foundation for Integrity, within Self. For without Truth, there can be no Integrity. Integrity… hmm. Integrity is not compromising Self to fit in where others judge and pass judgment. In the face of adversity, one may hold their Integrity, while remaining in Truth. Speak your Truth, and hold your Light, this is Integrity to Me.

What else do you feel Integrity holds within it?

JzS2: Unconditional Love. For Unconditional Love IS the highest Truth. And, vice versa. Unconditional Love enables Integrity to remain within It. I feel the cycle between the two within Self, reinforcing the other. When one should not pass judgment, and does so anyway, it shows a lack of integrity.

WE agree on these which you have spoken. WE would like to expound upon these things, if WE may.

Integrity within Self. This is the highest form of Truth, within Self. For if one cannot maintain one’s Integrity, then one is merely lying to one’s Self. Is this not Truth?

JzS2: Yes. I agree. This does resonate as Truth.

It is this ability to hold onto one’s Integrity, that one is able to hold on to the higher frequencies that one must maintain in order to achieve the highest vibrations.

Maintaining Integrity is not just the concept of dis-allowing false information from leaving one’s mouth, or mind, or heart-source. It is also being willing to adhere to one’s Truth, unless there is valid reason to change that Truth within, dis-allowing others to “force” their truth upon Self, and dis-allowing your Self to alter your behavior based on someone else’s Truth that does not resonate with you. This includes Judgment. For once you have dis-allowed your own Truth, and ALLOWED Judgment to enter the “picture”, you have only dis-allowed your Self peace of mind and heart-source(s).

Judgment of others is one of the greatest forms of loss of integrity within the Light. For, there comes a time, within many be-ings’ heart-sources where they feel they must defend their own Truth by judging others harshly, in order to in-validate THEIR Truth, while validating their OWN. Is this not the CORE of Judgment?

JzS2: Yes. I agree.

While working to learn new ideas and higher Truths, and working to maintain one’s OWN truth, it is vital not to become judgmental of others, for just as YOUR truth is YOUR own, THEIR Truth is THEIR own, even if you feel it is “invalid”. This is not to say that WE wish those of the LIGHT to NOT spread their Truth. However, it IS to speak, that WE wish ALL Light be-ings to dis-continue the essential need for judgment of others in order to Pretend to validate Self. For once there is judgment, one is no longer validating Self, but in-validating Self. In order for true unconstructed heart-source to occur, one (All) must release their OLD judgments, and actively dis-allow the creation of NEW judgments. ALL on your planet are “raised” to create judgments of others. It is on this that WE speak.

It is not unusual for the inhabitants of your planet to determine the “worthiness” of companionship with another, even as an “associate” or “friend”, through a filter of judgment that has been placed within Mind and Heart-source(s). The release of these filters will ALLOW for a much more open heart-source, and additionally, ALLOW for the release of OLD within Self, and a re-evaluation of ALL previous, current, and future interactions.

Integrity also is vital when speaking with others in matters of dispute or dis-agreement. If one is to maintain their Integrity, they must also maintain their TEMPER. For losing one’s temper is merely a signal of judgment of another, and a sign that one is attempting to lift one’s Self ABOVE another. Instead, seek to see the other “side’s” point of view, remain peaceful in Self, and remain in Love. Seek peaceful mediation, for it is in this, maintenance of Integrity will/can occur, for then one seeks not to judge, or to be judged, but to CREATE. In this, one is Creating peaceful harmony. And in this, one is able to dis-allow judgment, and ALLOW the flow of positive energy vibrations between ALL parties involved.

This concept is vital in relationships of ALL forms/types/kinds. Not only between Mates/partners, but between neighbors, friends, relatives, and even those that are referred to as “enemies”. For without judgment, how can one be your “enemy”, but rather they are simply another “be-ing” requiring conscious Love. In this, one maintains harmony in Self, in respect to others, and in respect to Integrity within Self.

Is this concept understandable to Self?

JzS2: Very much so.

WE speak on these matters, as it is timing, as has been stated many times before, for the PERSONAL vibrations of Gaia’s inhabitants to be raised above that which was/is expected, so that COMPLETE healing of her heart-source may continue as it should be. For, in this, it is ALL that must know, when they dis-allow their own Integrity, they dis-continue or dis-allow many positive communications between Self and others.

Maintenance of Integrity includes the dis-allowance of those actions, or re-actions, that coincide with, and include: lying; stealing; cheating; mis-information; the intent to deceive; the intent to dis-allow full disclosure in any manner; and harming another in any manner in which they do not wish, themselves, to be treated.

When one gives in to “temptation” or in to another who is attempting to force one to act in a way that does not agree with their Truth, they lose aspects of Integrity. In this, is it any wonder why “many” would have difficulty putting themselves faithfully into the trust of one such as this? This is not as it should BE. It is the –opposite- of as it should be.

WE shall continue with the next topic during the next session.


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:):):) cool.
.thanx Lady Dream.Namaste
Every body has his or her own truth, and when you stay in your own truth you stay in your own integrity ...
Don't you let nobody tells you otherwise ...
Just be the love you seek
Namaste SoE

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