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7/5/09 4:52:26 PM
Ariguli and Michkael
The Galactic Federation of Light

We have been attempting to speak with these channels for some hours now, so WE apologize for the delay in posting of this documentation.

Prepare for proper channeling in “trance” state please, for there is much information to give and not enough timing to give it now. WE are in somewhat of a hurry to process all of this information. In such, WE may be doing this in segments for the health of the Channeler known as Jen. Is this allowable?

WE seek first to speak with you on a matter you questioned US about earlier, in the effect and natters of the Intra-Earth light beings. WE will discuss this at this timing if you wish. Please feel free to ask us any questions on this matter.

JzS2: If you could give a short discourse, I am sure WE would be able to go from there.

Please ask the questions already posed, as a result of the posting spoke upon previously, if you would. It is timing that your Gaia know all there is to know on these “be-ings” that We are able to divulge at this timing.

JzS2: There have been many cavernous pathways underneath the surface that have been used in past civilizations. These paths seemingly are being used for Darkness. I have read a recent posting concerning these, this matter. And, it seems that Sheldon Niddle has channeled information from “The Galactic Federation of Light” stating that these are of the Light. This causes great concern. If there is any information you can give, would you please do so?

Yes, there is LIGHT we may shed upon this topic. There are both beings of LIGHT and DARKNESS that use these “pathways”. However, it is the beings of LIGHT that made them originally, as a method to move about your planet during certain weather patterns, and global shifts that were occurring during that timing. However, as the process of your planet’s civilizations devolved over timing, these pathways were left unguarded, and open, and unchecked. As the further deterioration of civilization continued, moving away from the great technologies that once served them well, into more “dense” and “primal” technologies, moving back to simple stone weaponry and tools, and then once again having to progress forward, however in an altered state of “reality”, having lost almost all of the knowledge they were left with, and destroying or ignoring many of the “documentations” that remained behind to “teach” these “new” technologies, the pathways became abandoned, and thusly the Dark was able to begin utilizing them freely without constraint, or restraint. It has only been in recent “years” as many of the “deeper” archeological sites have been uncovered, and many openings deeper into your “earth” have been discovered, that many more have been attempting access to these “tunnels” or “passage ways”. In your NOW, there are many LIGHT beings who are attempting to “clear the cobwebs” and Darkness from these “passages”, however at this timing they have been “settled” by more forces of Darkness than of Light.

Why, you ask in heart-source, would the LIGHT choose to move in “the darkness”, underground, for passage? It was because overland travel at that timing became tedious, and travel was either limited or non-existent, due to “man’s” lack of “respect” for the information and technology that was provided. Many “ships” for air travel were left behind, however they “died” as a result of lack of nutrition and care (“maintenance”), and were eventually removed from your planet as the de-evolution of “mankind” progressed. It became obvious to those that left them behind, that in future “timings”, the discovery of such technology would only create warfare rather than the progression of technological invention. It became obvious, as well, that these technologies would not be used for the LIGHT, as the Darkness had already began permeating societies very heavily.

At this timing, WE also wished to prevent Niburu, and its “ilk” from capturing/containing this technology for their own use.

In reference to the “tunnels” or “pathways”, not all of these are Physical. Some move through what you know as the Astral Plane, yet below the surface of Gaia, near her heart-source, where there was safer passage to be had. Those that exist in the physical, at this timing, are not all that had once existed, due to the shifting of land-bodies and water-bodies on Gaia’s surface over the time periods in which “man” has inhabited her surface.

It is in this timing that ALL of them need to be cleared out so that Darkness may no longer be using them in attempts to destroy, dis-illusion, move freely, or restrict Gaia’s heart source, any more than it already has. Once these passages are cleared, it will enable MANY to bring her much closer to the Ultimate Evolution – Ascension. In this, there will no longer BE a third-dimensional “Earth” as you know it. There will yet be a planetary body that remains behind in the third dimension, however, depending upon the Free Will actions of the inhabitants of Gaia, will determine if it ends up more like the planetary body you refer to as Mars, or more as Gaia once was, a lush green planet with very little inhabitants, who wish peace and solitude, yet have many lessons yet to learn, before Ascension themselves.

There is much mis-communication and mis-understanding in these areas. Yes, WE speak of the “Sun Children”, Jeremiah. These are the beings that now ONLY resonant with Gaia, who have become in one fashion or another her TRUE children, the ones that are Truly meant to reside on her planet, in harmony with those “be-ings” that are now considered “fantastical”, which once reigns supreme on that planet.

It was the actions of “man” that drove these Light-hearted “be-ings” underground, so to speak, into hiding, whether through gateways into other dimensions, or forced ascension, or into the Darkness itself. These WE have spoken upon in the past. Your mate has been working intensely with Gaia, encouraging her moment by moment to regain her “magic”. In this, as Gaia raises in vibration and frequency, and Unconditional Love becomes more of the “normal”, rather than the “minority”, many will begin to witness increased sightings of these “be-ings”, until it can no longer be ignored. This is the plan, for Gaia. Bring her Truth to the “surface”. Allowing her to be as she once was, so that she may become that which she is meant to be. To HEAL her in full, not just her surface, but her heart-source, as well as her ESSENCE, for much of her ESSENCE has been tainted or destroyed. It is timing to reverse these matters, in this NOW.

Does this answer your question?

Are there any more inquiries into this matter?

JzS2: If there are no other informations to be transmitted, at this timing, I have no further line of questioning on this matter. As it has been describe in full. Thank you.

There is much more information to be given to All, however WE are limited to the questions that your “earthly” “be-ings” inquire of us. For, at this timing, there is much information that is not so much being withheld, as the Universal Laws dis-allow the revelation of such things without the proper LIGHT intent by the parties inquiring of Free Will. For there are many on your planet, Gaia, who would use this information for Darker purposes, including many within the Lightworker’s community, who are not as they seem.

JzS2: It is the past civilizations that have my attentions. Did they not move objects with SOUND/VIBRATIONS/FREQUENCIES through these passageways, from “outpost” to “outpost”? If it will help further enlightenment for this civilization, may we have information regarding this?

Yes, and no. We will provide some minimal information to You, Jeremiah, for the All. However, at this timing there are many who are learning, or will be learning, of the exact nature of these “tunnels” or “pathways” through other channels, whom have the “architectural” knowledge with which to crate the “blueprints” of ALL of the underground passages. Please be “on the lookout” for these postings on a global scale. If all continues as it should, and Free Will does not turn against US, then this information will be shared with the ALL shortly, in very soon timing.

In this matter, however, WE may speak on the SOUND movement, as you refer to it. Yes, indeed there is Truth in what you speak. For, how else would one move massive blocks of stone, from one area to another, even over-land, without the use of Other technologies, in order to build the massive pyramids on your surface? Such things were done across your globe to create massive “statues”, “pyramids”, and other destinations/landmarks, that marked certain pathways, passageways, as well as entrance/exit points from your planet. In addition, these “locations” also indicated high-energy LIGHT polarization points that could be utilized for manifestation of energy sources, such as Stonehenge, or the pyramids of Egypt. WE have spoken with you previously about the use of these pyramids and other locations that were intended for use as power sources, and still may be utilized in full, if the proper INTENT is applied. Be aware however, that the LIGHT is not the only one(s) to attempt the usage of these “power sources”.

For YOU this is a given, a statement of “common-sense”, but there are man who will dis-believe this, until they finally see its effects for themselves. In this we wish to eventually enlighten ALL through others, and in future channel sessions, perhaps.

Does this answer your question?

Yes. Many Thanks. Many, many thanks.

It is at this timing WE wish to conclude this particular portion of this channeling session. WE will assist you both, IN Unconditional Love, in the healing of Mate from the side-effects” of “trance channeling” while she drinks some water, and breaks for a few moments.

In this timing, please be aware, there are MANY more things WE need to speak on. It would be beneficial to post each of these channeling sessions individually and to the locations previously noted earlier “today”, while Mate takes a break. However, it is requested you post these channelings under her information, if you will. It is OUR wish.


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