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There IS something about the moon! Dear god, nearly crashed the car when I noticed - so I then pulled over in the fields, went out and looked again. There is a redish light glowing from the left side (so where the moon is devided in light and shadow now) and a blue light at the bottom and slightly to the right. I have been rubbing my eyes just to make sure they were OK, but it is there!! Look at it for 15 to 20 seconds and you'll see. And the longer you look, the brighter it gets. It was 17h30, if that should be of importance to any one.
I hope there is no scientifical explanation for that... if there is, then I am truly sorry for giving you hope... But it looks great!

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Hi Simmy
I really want to keep options open for a scientific explanation... But how come then that I had never noticed this before?

What you said about the binoculars is true, I tried it last night, it then is gone indeed.
Only thing I had is that my eyes had to adjust very abruptly to the extreme bright light that was reflected by the moon. Was very intense. :)

Simmy said:
I looked at the Moon and I also saw a blueish and pinkish aura that would grow bigger the longer you look; but I am pretty sure is a natural phenomenon, when your eyes are trying to focus on something bright.. When I looked through binoculars, the moon didn't have any aura...
I think that many of you have just realized that we have a moon..and that our moon does change color depending on a lot of's been that way since I could remember. There is nothing odd about it.
Just watched the moon yesterday... went for a jog and went outside later... I spent some time watching and looking vor something new or special, but I couldn't find anything.
So it seems to be just our good old moon as I have always known it

Love and Light
I have some video of the moon I took back on October 14. Something does seem different about since then. I will try to get that video uploaded soon.
there has been a lot of moon talk on here lately, so it prompted me to find a little flash song I saw years ago about the moon. Hope you enjoy:

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