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Came across this site from all the great videos on it. A lot of information to ponder. I like to do alot of contemplation, introversion, and reaching to a higher level of truth in any way I can. I struggle with accepting negative people who are in close proximaty but I know I must try. The best way for that I know at the moment is to maintain positive influences in life (to gain inspiration), to balance the compassion given to those in relative states of darkness. I find thinking about the really positive people I know while in the process of giving compassion is great. I'm often reading, or absorbed in nature, or finding inspiration. I'm in the process of seeking, trying to find truth, some kind of deep satisfaction or peace, just seeking. I won't ever stop untill I reach my destination.

Anyway that's me,


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Welcome Isaac!
That's pretty much how I (try to) live my life.
I'm sure you'll find lots of great information on this site. You'll also find a lot of nonsense stuff; but that's for you to decide!
Enjoy!! :))))

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