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i have been seeying 11:11 for about 2 weeks now and i really dont know what 2 do with it can someone help me 2 weeks i see it in the morning at night over and over again please can someone tell me what to do with this and why me

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The Great Cornholio speaks!~

"Upon the urge to bestow your glance towards the digital sunwheel,
be still like the Ayahuasca leaf and live in the now for a full minute
contemplating the flowing stream of Lake Tittycaca.

If the hands read 11:11, the shining light of Quetzacoatl will have blessed you...
the serpent daemons are repelled by your synchronicity
For you are a unique child of the sun and moon

Acknowledge the Gods, for they acknowledge you
Praise Quetzacoatl by dancing inside a small circle of salt
and feast upon a boar's snout.
(microwave a "Hungry Man" Salisbury Steak frozen dinner entree for a more contemporary ritual)

May you be showered in the finest quilted TPs, italian soul brother Giovanni.
11:11 is Duality Coming Into One, the numbers over and over again are signs for you to awaken and understand this meaning.

: D welcome to 11:11 world

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