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Hello everyone im Stuart some of you might now me from the xat chat groups but i moved on and forgot all of it and im wondering it still their. I have encoutered UFO's in Falkirk Camelon at 3AM to evenings in Autum. My closest one was last year in summer when a light was shining through my bedroom window, later a small light craft circled around my house 4 times untill it landed on top of my bathroom roof which is flat. And few seconds later i started to hear a drill machine noise i freaked out and went uo stairs to check out. The noise stop for 5 minutes then it came back on for 3 times and after that the time was 3.30AM, I looked out the living room window and saw a light going away, I went outside of the back garden to look out at the bathroom boxed flat roof nothing was there. I was scared and confused that I was nearly been abducted. I was very lucky not to be abducted and if i haven't done this then im all doomed. thats my close encouter story and thankyou for reading. Peace

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Thanks Simone for your reading do you find this sighting is amazing or scary?

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