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Before the 21st comes and goes for the naysayers we would like to go on record as saying we do not and no one knows exactly how this is going to unfold. There will be as many realities unfolding, as there are people because we are all creating our tomorrow by the choices we make and the ability to access the higher consciousness and energy. There are some who are thick as a brick while others are ultrasensitive. There are those living in areas where the Earth will be making major adjustments to the new energies. Here are a few things to consider.

We are aligning with Galactic core, Sirius, Alcyone, our Sun, the Earth and Moon all line up on December 21st, 2012. This has NEVER happened before in this Galaxy.

We are moving through the dark rift with our magnetic fields weak and down in some areas, a place with a lot of debris.

According to Russian Scientists we are entering a highly charged place in the universe what some call the photon belt or null zone.

The Sun is responding to these alignments and the highly charged space with massive solar flares and CMEs affecting all the planets following it in their helical orbits. The Carrington effect taking down the grind and satellites has had several near misses. The Sun is also sending new particles, accelerating the decay rate or isotopes, altering carbon, activating DNA.

Other large bodies have been spotted passing the Sun much larger than Earth, some say there are massive ships recorded by SOHO as well near the Sun.

Massive Storms, droughts, hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes have increased exponentially. 

The power elite is using every means possible to take advantage of natural disasters steering and amplifying storms with HAARP and generating Earthquakes in areas already under pressure. They have poisoned our air, "Chemtrails", water with "Fracking", "Fluoride", "Chlorine". Poisoned our Food with "Aspertame", GMO's "Roundup", pesticides and herbicides. Inocculated our children with carcinogens and toxins, virus, etc. in a massive depopulation program. Hooked them on dead acidic foods laced with preservatives, sugar and white flour in a profit driven path with no respect for humanity and the Earth.


We have a corporate sponsored dictorial democracy with insane men/women who lust for power and wealth who will do anything including the killing of millions selling their souls to the power elite for power and wealth. They have created massive underground cities to avoid their fate yet there is no place to hide. Where ever you go there you are which includes your karma.

Ever hear of a Republic?  Ever hear of Karma, action/reaction, what goes around comes around? You can't take it with you, all you can take is your consciousness and if it is filled with shame and guilt for what one has done to humanity and the Earth guess where they end up after facing themselves in their light review? When the beast falls those who serve the beast will fall with it.  It is unsustainable and inevitable.

Now considering all this, how can anyone with any logic or critical thinking be lie ve everything is going to continue business as usual. For those with a business mind what happens when the banksters steal 16 trillion dollars and print 85 billion dollars a week with nothing to back it? This is just the tip of the iceberg.

We have divine intervention, inner guidance and actions based on inner guidance. We have individual and collective consciousness evolving and devolving. We have the Earth and her destiny to heal and ascend to the next level. We have  Masters, Saints, Sages, ultradimensionals, offworlders assisting in this process with whole fleets appearing over major cities. We have psychopaths we have given our power to doing all they can to stop the awakening and healing process, Unity Consciousness because there is no elite in Unity Consciousness.

It is up to us to see where we fit into this scenario, what are we creating, supporting, are we doing all we can to assist in the awakening and healing process? Are we living according to universal law?  Are we entrenched in social consciousness, serving the beast in actions that are not in alignment with universal law and harmful to humanity and the Earth? Are we willing participants in the upward spiral or the downward spiral?  

There is a grand awakening, action/reaction and karma is being accelerated, no rock shall be left unturned and the apocalypse, The Great Uncovering", is upon us. Many will be caught unaware because they have chosen to ignore the signs and the information already given to them redundantly. The denial and attachment is too great for them. Despite their attempts to maintain the status quo it will be in vain because it is unsustainable socially, economically and environmentally.

Do we see it all happening on December 21st? No.  These are peak periods with changes on every level building up to them and when the energy is set the changes continue. There is a process in manifesting which goes from consciousness, to light, then energy and mass. The old grid is failing, the new consciousness and energy grid is in place. The physical is the hard copy and is adjusting; which includes Earth, all its inhabitants and your physical bodies are not exempt nor your empires. Enjoy the ride we all signed up for it. And for those who say nothing is happening do you have any idea what you look like to awakened ones? It is like the UFO debunkers when fleets fly over cities. They look rather silly. As silly as the power elite thinking they are going to escape being exposed and the reaction to their actions.

Be well,
James Gilliland

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DOWN with the house of cards,

DOWN with the NWO,

DOWN with the new day,

so be it!


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