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I came to this topic, thanks to a subject that EaRtH523 pointed out in "Very distracted".

I believe there are two movies that are about to hit the theatres that are surely put together by illuminati, in a final (?) attempt to raise fear in peoples hearts: the 2012 movie and the movie "the day the earth stood still".

Actually, I have no doubt at all they must be behind it. The coincidence is just too overwhelming. I mean, a story with "bad" aliens coming down to earth to save earth but to destroy us?
And then the 2012 disasters? At this time of all times? No coincidence at all!

And I saw the trailers, the movies even look like as if they have been filmed and produced in a hurry. So people, get yourselves together, shine your light, spread your love! Because such movies will influence a certain amount of people. And it will not be in a way that we nor our "allies" would like them to be influenced.

But we can play the game with their cards: Thanks to their movies to keep us down in 3D, they have created plenty more possibilities for us to start the debate on the 2012 topic as we want to see it/create it, and the discussion about extraterrestial life and eventually the higher energies and vibrations.

Use their cards, but play your own game (our game), and follow your own strategy!

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lol... you are right, we should start celebrating... because they have :)

Bloodshotbuddah said:
OK, if the governement honestly believes it can scare us through a few movies then you should start celebrating cause that means they lost their grip on every other fabric of society.

Most of the movies are just misdirections.  Not just those two.  The movies are advertising their intentions but also at the same time to confuse you.  They use a simple but effective tactic- the best lie is one that is clothed in truth.  The advertised intentions in movies is based on the arrogance of those involved.  Laughing as the truth is shown but wrapped around a lie. 


You see the lie and discard everything else with it as well.  Thats the whole idea of it.  It works on many levels.  Part of it is to condition people to a main idea.  Another part is to hide in plain sight.  Deniabilty is easier as a result of the movies.  Anyone that steps forward will not be believed.  Hence the "You've been watching to many movies." reaction.  The only defense against any of the things pulled is to THINK for yourself. 


Separate what comes from without from within.  I am aware of other postings on this site talking about technology using waves and such on the mind/brain.  There are subtle differences in how it FEELS versus your thoughts and those from outside.  Hence "know thyself" is understoood on that level.   

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