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11:11 Ritual - 2012 Enochian portal between seen and unseen worlds

Ok, this is a little fast, but for anyone interested, the following is a ritual which will aide the spiritual energies moving towards 2012. It has been performed before in history, and has allowed us small glimpses of the unseen world- allowing it to easily effect us through our higher selves.

The ritual is to be started on 31st October, using the Samhain energies during the peak and finishes on the 11th of November.
This ritual is not to be performed on anything but those dates - the enochian magick as a whole creates the same effect as this ritual, my inner self told me not to perform this exact ritual at any other time though.

The general time to perform the ritual is at 11:11am and or 11:11pm of the day.
It needs to be performed once per day, there is a different invocation for each day.

This is very important to the 2012 frequency shift, it is NOT REQUIRED as such, but has been and will be a big help in our transition. The more people we get doing this yearly... the easier the ride between this plane and the next will be.

PM me if you need more help, ill try and be on next few days before i start this ritual.
The pronunciation of enochian is exactly like English, however you will be making different sylable sounds, just sound them out... they will vibrate within you, that is the best way to put it.

Enochian works through sylables and power words which activate certain archetypal energies.
Do not worry if you are not an expert on ritual, your ritual can be just the basic bones - using the 4 watchtowers and symbols of creation - and just the enochian words in order to gain its effect. You dont NEED to do an elaborate ritual.

Do as thou wilt, love is the law, love under will.

Ritual Key:
" " - text within speech marks is to be spoken (entoned)
[ ] - text within these brackets indicates an action
// - Notes

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