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1000 Foot Tsunami Waves. ..on June 15,2011. ?????? check this alarming,latest news.

1000 Foot Tsunami Waves.

Crystalai (c) 2011

I will make this announcement brief and explain in detail later. It is important for as many to know as soon as possible what is on the horizon.

June 15 Japan will completely fall into and under the ocean. It will fall deep to the bottom of the ocean and connect into the plates of Atlantis. I will give the details of why all this is happening later.

Minutes after Japan sinks there will be a 1000 foot tsunami wave hitting the Western Coast of Alaska, Canada, Washington, Oregon, California, Mexico and on down to South America.

The tsunami wave that hit Japan was a 30 foot tsunami. This will be a 1000 foot tsunami. The speed of this wave will be 1000 miles per hour. The wave will hit Washington hardest at Seattle. There will also be a 10 earthquake in Seattle and in Northern California. The waves will hit all of the coast lines. The waves will hit Los Angeles once, twice, three, and maybe more times in a row. San Francisco and L.A will be gone. The waves will go as far as Santa Rosa and Sacramento from the San Francisco waves.

The waves could actually go as far inland as Las Vegas the first round. By the end of the year, Las Vegas will also be under water.
All cities that are not 1000 feet elevation are in danger.

Also, those of you taking a vacation in Hawaii at this time, Hawaii and all Pacific Ocean islands will also be hit with the same waves and the same conditions. If you choose to stay in Hawaii to the high mountains and wait there until July.

All of the islands around Australia will sink under water. Mexico will be under water; that includes Baja, Equador, Panama.

Later this year New York and the East Coast will go under water as well. Next will be all of Europe, later India will be completely flooded.

This will also be the time period when the Great Intimidation begins of all space ships becoming activated that have been waiting under our oceans for many eons. They are here to help us be free from all tyrants of our governments and to seek out and save the star seeds that are theirs. They will be with us guiding us and protecting us. But, remember, they do not have the right to interfere in our affairs unless we ask them to. They can take us on their spaceships for protection until 2013 if we ask them to.

Crystalai (c) 2011


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Love that picture btw! I would have to say something is coming. If you look at Earth's history, huge events of extinction happen when the poles either melt too fast or freeze too fast. Not that I am bible savvy, yet the account of the "end-as-we-know" it times, is that whole eco-systems flip. Deserts become forest, and vise versa. Scientifically, what can cause this is when the poles melt too fast. Some people get theatrical about it, but I just think it is simple. The sea levels are rising, and the Earth's plates are shifting. When she has shifted enough, the fluid to her joints is missing (oil) so its going to be big; its going to put much land that is now above sea level, below sea level, and that water needs to go somewhere. Which, as some of you may know, this has happened before in human history. Although I was sad at first; I have come to accept it. Its all in love!


There is a map on youtube that says it all "New World Map 2012". He is right, when you know this is going to happen you feel obligated to tell those whom will listen. Even though most will not. Now I know how Noah felt.

Earth changes will be there, but not of this magnitude ... 2 days and then we will we know that Crystalai must polish again her crystal ball ...because nothing will happen :)))


'Atomic Clocks' are large instruments which measure the amount of vibrations in a decaying atom within their core. This vibration is constant and can be measured precisely. Much like an actual clockwork clock, the second only ticks by after a certain number of vibrations has passed. It is a fairly standard and accurate conventional timekeeping system and has been in use for decades.

However, technology has now allowed for this information to be broadcast to other clocks and setting them remotely. From time to time, your clock will receive a pulse of information from a nearby telecom tower which sets it to the exact time, thus keeping the clock running to exact time even if it does not contain the reference atom itself.

Problems with these clocks normally occur when the data transmission is somehow blocked, interrupted or corrupted. If the pulse received is of the wrong frequency, then the seconds will tick by much faster than should be the case, and will continue to do so until the data received is once again correct. In essence, the clock reprograms itself every time an update is received, which can lead to inconsistent timekeeping if you're at the edge of the telecom tower range, or the pulse transmission somehow doesn't quite make it to the clock.

In all likelyhood nothing is wrong with the decay rate of atoms in Colorado, but it is likely there's interference around your house that interacts with wireless transmissions. Check to make sure your wifi router is set correctly, and check your clock's manual to make sure these two do not negatively interact.


I hope this was enlightening.

paTricia T. said:

Remember last year when I was going on about my clock always going in a circle at 4am or pm. I found out it is because it is an atomic clock and keeps its time by the constant vibration of an atom in Colorado. Well right now it is going in fast mode around the clock and it hasn't stopped for awhile. It is acting very odd. Does this mean that the vibration of the atom in Colorado is somewhat off balance?
PA, next time, can you post your reply on this side of the veil? ;)  lol  might be fixed when I post this comment, but right now, as I'm typing it, I can't see your reply  lol
LOL ME. I could see part of PA's reply on the main page, but when I came here to read it...nothing!!!

I went over to the darkside and pulled his reply...


Just jk.... i can see it above yours ME... but here it is just in case.


So did those 1000 ft tsunami waves ever happen.??  It's the 19th....


Of course they didn't happen.


Blossom Goodchild scenario....didn't happen.

Harold Camping....didn't happen, twice.

All this other BS..........didn't happen.


One thing is for certain. The end times spoke of many many false prophets, all spouting their bullshit. At least THAT prediction came true, hahahahahahahaaaaaaa.

lol Tony thank you, but i can send you a screenshot if you don't believe me, but if his reply is part of your reply right here, I still can't see it.   Maybe I should cross to the darkside and read it myself. lol


Maybe it's because i'm using the new and improved firefox 4.0.1. lol

Exactly, in general people are not thinking about tsunami 's or weird earth changes, they are thinking about paying the bills. That could change in a day of course. Lol

paTricia T. said:

I cannot see the reply either...but there is enough on PA's home page recorded to understand how he is feeling. I find irony on that because I came to this post to say the exact opposite.


I didn't understand why people could not see what I am seeing.  And realized that it would take a 1000 foot tsunami for them to finally were in the thick shit now.  By having this expectation people have become desensitized of what disasters are already occurring on our planet. Right as I you read this...people are fleeing from their homes to find safer ground.  Or people trying to get their lives back together

Volcano's are exploding causing health problems and affecting air quality. The ash is also affecting the lakes and rivers that people depend upon.

Farmers cannot plant their seeds because of too much water


I do not easily follow along with the many predictions that are being broadcasted, but I cannot deny my own truths of knowing that we are indeed in the midst of the earth changes and there are many of our brothers and sisters  suffering.  For me to see this as mentioned above...and only a small portion of what is being experienced to millions of is enough. I do not need to see a 1000 foot wall of water to be convinced that anything can happen right now. Things ARE happening right now.

It almost seems like it is part of the program to need these massive least to meet the Hollywood level of experience.  We have become desensitized to the level of suffering we must endure to be worthy of mention.  Perhaps that is the media's / Hollywood intention...if we expect really big mind blowing disasters, we may not notice the ones that are happening all around us. 




Must indeed be  a browser issue ME..... but feel free to crossover ;-)

Remember that 'civilisation' as many understand it, is only two meals away from utter chaos.


To paraphrase Pratchett 'People are willing to wait a long time for stable government and eternal salvation, but would like their next meal to be on time.' (Night Watch)


In classic times, the people were kept docile and content through bread and games. These days that's beer and sports, but the principle is still the same. As long as these exist, a vast majority will never /want/ to see what's going on.


A 1000 foot tsunami (330 meters) would be a rather drastic way of forcing people to look at the world for the first time, and a shame the world they'd be seeing for the first time wouldn't exist for much longer. Apart from slightly too drastic a measure, like a sledgehammer to crack a walnut, it would also be physically impossible to produce. For a 1000 feet of water to rise up and move in a continuous wave, the sea floor would need to subside by at least the same distance in the matter of an instant. Consider the likelihood of your house suddenly falling 300 meters beneath the earth in the time it takes to take a breath, and you have the likelihood you'll ever see a 1000 foot tsunami.


If you believe it's possible, by all means play the lottery... you'll like those odds.

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