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1000 Foot Tsunami Waves. ..on June 15,2011. ?????? check this alarming,latest news.

1000 Foot Tsunami Waves.

Crystalai (c) 2011

I will make this announcement brief and explain in detail later. It is important for as many to know as soon as possible what is on the horizon.

June 15 Japan will completely fall into and under the ocean. It will fall deep to the bottom of the ocean and connect into the plates of Atlantis. I will give the details of why all this is happening later.

Minutes after Japan sinks there will be a 1000 foot tsunami wave hitting the Western Coast of Alaska, Canada, Washington, Oregon, California, Mexico and on down to South America.

The tsunami wave that hit Japan was a 30 foot tsunami. This will be a 1000 foot tsunami. The speed of this wave will be 1000 miles per hour. The wave will hit Washington hardest at Seattle. There will also be a 10 earthquake in Seattle and in Northern California. The waves will hit all of the coast lines. The waves will hit Los Angeles once, twice, three, and maybe more times in a row. San Francisco and L.A will be gone. The waves will go as far as Santa Rosa and Sacramento from the San Francisco waves.

The waves could actually go as far inland as Las Vegas the first round. By the end of the year, Las Vegas will also be under water.
All cities that are not 1000 feet elevation are in danger.

Also, those of you taking a vacation in Hawaii at this time, Hawaii and all Pacific Ocean islands will also be hit with the same waves and the same conditions. If you choose to stay in Hawaii to the high mountains and wait there until July.

All of the islands around Australia will sink under water. Mexico will be under water; that includes Baja, Equador, Panama.

Later this year New York and the East Coast will go under water as well. Next will be all of Europe, later India will be completely flooded.

This will also be the time period when the Great Intimidation begins of all space ships becoming activated that have been waiting under our oceans for many eons. They are here to help us be free from all tyrants of our governments and to seek out and save the star seeds that are theirs. They will be with us guiding us and protecting us. But, remember, they do not have the right to interfere in our affairs unless we ask them to. They can take us on their spaceships for protection until 2013 if we ask them to.

Crystalai (c) 2011


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hmmmmmmm !
...well ! what's Gonna Be, It will Be. ....corresponds will latest many warning posts, but yet let's see.

.....people need to be informed,definately. ..and even nothing hapen on that day ...cause something of that nature is gonna happen soon anyway. (according to latest channelings, St. Germain and others). ??? !!!
ST. GERMAIN (One of His latest post):
'' Now my words are about things that appear materialized in my realm but have not as yet occurred in your dimension, but they are about to. No big catastrophy in the US? Wait - its coming. But my intention in telling you this is to query about your ability to deal with catastrophies, not to cause you angst.

More than 5 million people are going to be affected by my current concern, and when they are about to cross over, I want them to call to the Angels and act like they are Masters. This is how they will go to the dimension they have been preparing for this entire lifetime. More than 5 million in one country is a huge number of humans. Will they all be able to leave in a high consciousness? Can they leave in deep awareness that there is no concern big enough to demand their attention to the details? Only conscious death can get them an ascension.

I am not talking about the mass ascension also being created.. No matter how many ascend during this moment, another 5 million can die during the catastrophies my dimension can actually "see" happening at this moment. Peace and love are our goals. Inner peace and love of all that is cannot go away during an exit of the physical body. All of the lives of our ascension candidates have been leading to these catastrophic details. Not to open a door to more control of the future, but rather, a door to the consciousness that allows for ascension. Keep this in your awareness as you decide whether my words are accurate or not, and know that the cause of my concern is always the highest good for all. ''

Hi Besimi,


On 15th of june, there will be also a total eclipse of the moon. Do you think this is related?


Also my daughter will be six months old on that day, she is born on 15 December 2010, just on or wedding anniversary.

No disrespect to you Besimi,

but this Crystalai is plainly a joke.  aDolphino????!!!!!!! LOL

My name is Crystalai and I came to Earth ten thousand years ago as a Dolphinoid. My husband, aDolphino and I have been working on this job of Cosmic realignment with our starry brother from Sirius who left this matrix and went on to create his own star system. Markus is the head of our co-creation team. He says he was on the same creation team as those who have worked on this huge project of realigning all that has been created in the Cosmos into a brand new reality. We are told what many think of as their Higher Self is actually the head of their co-creation team. 


Wow Simmy when I clicked on  your link lunar visions I get a site where you can click on anything, including sex and porn??? what happen do you think!!


hahah... trudy.. k im not clickin anything lmao.....

Oooops Trudy!

To be honest I just copied the text + link from the website and I haven't clicked on the lunarvisons link. How bad!! Sorry about that!

Here is where I got the text + link from: (apparently they realized it was spam and there's a message saying they are cleaning the site for spam.




PT said:

"I think we can all agree that predictions or no predictions...we are in the moment of great change.  I don't think anyone ...human or spirit...can say how things will exactly turn out as the future is always pockets of possibilities...but we do understand that these are times of the earth changes and anything is possible."

That is a good idea Simone

Simone said:
Not going to happen.  Maybe we should have a summary or list of all the channels who gave false predictions.

love you guys :):):) hugs.

praying that, this is a spam,   ...cause really sounds alarming.

...but as Patricia said,  we are indeed in those Earth Changes, described by so many.

.....................Well ! now at least we got this latest info from Christ,that announce some Dusclosure on June 21, 2011. ( 10 days ahead)
.....................praying that this will happen,cause it's that time for disclosure also.   ....enough is enough :):):) LOVE.

'' Although we hope that none of you is apprehensive about the recent predictions of cataclysms, we shall tell you that there will be no 1000-foot tsunami; no celestial bodies will collide with Earth; radiation from Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant will not cause population extinction; no plague will annihilate most of the world’s peoples; living underground will not be necessary; the fight for freedom in Arab countries will not ignite WWIII. Your desires that none of those will occur are added to Earth’s intention that they will not, and the energy produced in the collective consciousness assures that none of those devastating events can be manifested. '' .......~ Matthew.

Right Simon, cause when you read the message of Mathew from  Suzy Ward, where Besimi refers too ... it is another tune overthere, but I put a link a side wich I remember about Suzy Ward she  had no clear reception of messages, according to another medium that channeled Mathew!!

And now this Crystalai, nice name btw, but people who ain't steadfast in their awareness, don't need this message full of   fear !!


Simone said:

Not going to happen.  Maybe we should have a summary or list of all the channels who gave false predictions.

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