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For many of us here at saviors, today marks an event that radically changed our lives forever. Our eyes were opened, peeled open for most of us. For me it was a close second to love because I felt many things at once(excitement, frustration, amazement, curiosity), as I'm sure many others did. I even took many days off work just to keep up with the research I felt was paramount, drawing ever so close to 10.14.08. For many of us, we gave that date our all, we hopped on that bus and never looked back, with blossom goodchild behind the wheel, we all sat quietly in waiting. When the hours finally counted down, we were all tested, our courage was tested, our integrity, our credability. We waited through the day, most of us through the night prior aswell, depending on our schedule, some listned at work, others took the day off, lightworkers, all of us, connected at the core of our being with the exact same feeling and hope. When the sunset many were still looking to the sky, and through the night we waited still. Anger and defeat filled our minds... but then one by one we realized, the misson was accomplished, without any ships coming into our sky. Millions of sleeping sheeple we're jutted out of their sleep, and shooken to life by this miraculous event.. and look at us now, just one lightworker community out of thousands, now standing 2000 strong with our light shining so strong that the entire conscious universe feels our presence of love, and the powers that be here on earth tremble in their beds knowing that change is just on the horizon.

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amen to that, matt
i thought i was going mad last year
No kidding eh, I was living in a house with 11 other guys at the time, none of which were really interested in this kind of stuff but by Oct. 13th they were all chomping at the bit for any update but imagine the following day when I had to explain myself lol, it wasnt a very fun day, thats for sure!
"Millions of sleeping sheeple"

There's that word "sheeple" again. Perhaps I would agree with the idea of an awakening if people we would quit dividing humanity into the "awoken" ones and the "sheeple". If anything, October 14, 2008, should have served us lightworkers a huge slice of humble pie.
Yep brother!...i do felt all of that was a fantastic time!...and look at us!..united as One!....i do believe that we have achieved much in only just one year with all obstacles that were oppositing to us....

Light and Love!
'' that change is just on the horizon. '' ....couldn't agree better Matt.
,,much love to you bro.Namaste.
That seems like yesterday, already a year passed?

It was a positive awakening day, i've changed a lot since then. :)
Oh to look back at the day when my whole world changed.A year already? and what a rollacoaster of a year it has been. Never have i been so positive when everything around me seems to have been crashing down. Its the day (MOMENT) i will never forget in my infinate existance.

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