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This morning, Darius asked me to write something about the weekend, and instead of talking about the future, I thought it would be fun to make something to help you CREATE and author the future! So, I've been in my studio most of the morning mixing way, lol, and I made two versions: One is a downloadable version for PC and MAC, and the other is a video link for those of you who have tablets (confession: everyone in my office is on vacation but me, and I only know how to load thing into certain programs).

If you have a PC or MAC, you can download the new 10 minute journey here -

And, if you missed our call this week, it was DOOZEY! You may want to settle in when you press play. The replay is available here.:

We are looking forward to an awesome Summer of Miracles, Magic, and You! as we Explore Creation, Healing, Timelines, and so much more, in our Creating the Ultimate Reality Series.

Lots of love, J
Jarrad Hewett

And Infinite Blessings of Love & Light to all,
Steve Hutchinson

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