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Comment by JIM4HOPE on July 14, 2011 at 9:13am
The thing that just makes this shit so 100 percent insane is that it is because of a FALSE FLAG ATTACK WHERE OUR OWN GOVERNMENT STAGED 911 SO THEY WOULD HAVE A FAKE ENEMY TO SCARE THE MASSES WITH IN ORDER TO GET THERE SUPORT FOR THIS fake fu-king war .If all the evidence was put out for a jury to judge I feel certain  that the real independent experts evidence would prove to them with out any doubts that the government investigation was fraudulant in its entirety which means a COVER-UP and a government coverup means the white house top ranking officials were in on it ,and w3orse yet Obama is just as guilty for not reinvestigating 911 after all the overwhelming evidence that there is no way he could not say 1500 ARCHITECS AND ENGINEERS(PROFESIONAL LICENSED EXPERTS)who have stated that the 911 commisions report is totaly fraudulant along with other experts in other fields of expertise ..OBAMA HAS IGNORED ALL THESE TESTIMONIES OF FRAUD .So to say this is a complete wrong in everway puts our government law enforcement in the same damn boat with Adolf Hitlers GESTAPO ,all propaganda induced false flag attacks ,so to strip every one of there civil liberties ,this means they have no accoutability to our constitution which at one time protected us from these tyrants lust to control every part of our lives with the only ones who can stop them is we the people  have to stand up and say no more control freaks no more corporate profits over human life any more ever and throw there empire straight into hell where it belongs it no longer has a place here 
Comment by Trudy on July 13, 2011 at 8:00am

I hope that all those people have sued the U.S. !!!


Comment by Tiger Lee on July 12, 2011 at 6:45pm

lol, reminds me - you have to sign up to come back into the country. I really wonder what Benjamin Franklin would think about these things........

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