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The Upgrade: Fulfilling the Promise of Human Potential

The Upgrade: Fulfilling the Promise of Human Potential

Doug De Vito, BSChE, MBA, is the Head of Planning for The Reconnection and brings Reconnective Healing onto the planet along with Eric Pearl. With an education in Chemical Engineering and an MBA in Marketing, he thought he would be the last person to bring this work to a global level. However, that was before this work “found him.”

Doug joined The Reconnection in 2002 after working for 13 years in marketing and business development for Fortune 100 companies such as Procter & Gamble, AT&T and Walt Disney. Prior to beginning his professional career, Doug graduated from the 3/2 Honors Program at Washington University in St. Louis, where he received both a Chemical Engineering degree and an MBA in 5 years. During his career, Doug helped to create, brand and develop new businesses. He has also supported many new organizations to take root and grow with a clear focus and mission. All this changed one day when Doug’s CEO walked into his office and shut down his division. The next day, Doug met Eric Pearl and was immediately struck by a passion and curiosity to explore Reconnective Healing.

Since joining the teaching team, Doug has expanded and shaped The Reconnection’s mission. Along the way, he discovered a deep passion for this work and marvels at the power and grace with which it unfolds. He established the first practitioner support program and also created The Reconnection Teacher Development and Practitioner Mentoring programs, both of which he currently leads. Most recently, Doug began spearheading major research efforts with Reconnective Healing in collaboration with Dr. William A. Tiller, Dr. Gary Schwartz, Dr. Konstantin Korotkov and the University of Arizona, among others.

Doug is a Reconnective Healing Instructor and has taught hundreds of seminars worldwide over the past seven years. He was the first person selected and trained by Eric Pearl to teach The Reconnection Level I/II and Level III Seminars.

Doug continues to share the energy, light and information of The Reconnection with people all over the planet. He invites you to find your passion in this work and to step forward to share it with your own community.

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