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♥The King of the Elementals speaks for the first time to humanity ♥ Part 1 of 3

this is a beautiful beautiful beautiful story...this will touch your hearts and help awaken and remembering of you being in the garden of eden...and its please listen and enjoy...i will list the other 2 parts in a comment and also the info for this video.....June 24, 2010

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Comment by star man on June 29, 2010 at 10:20pm
part 2.

part 3.

Why the Elementals left the surface of the Earth? The destruction of the Garden of Eden
After the 2nd Golden Age upon the Earth, WE,human beings decided to disconnect from our higher self experiencing life on Earth in a whole new different way, this decision created the world of duality that we are living at this time.
This is what is called " the fall from Grace", we close all the chambers of the heart and we forgot who we are.....
The Elemental beings and the angels lived with us in the first and Second Golden ages and we were all lived in peace , and with so much love and light ....there was no discord upon this Earth, this is what was called "The Garden of Eden "....we all suffered A LOT from the fall from grace , selfishness , discord, and killing between humans started to enfold .
What the King of the Elementals is sharing in this 3 videos of 10 minutes (the whole discourse is 60 minutes) is the shock and the sadness that they experienced when they saw for the first time how one human being killed another one...and how the discord of the human beings was destructing mother Earth as the Garden of Eden was starting to die and disappear.
They( the Elemental beings ) were with the 7 mighty Elohim of Creation the ones who created all the kingdoms of Mother Nature .
There has been so much darkness in this planet so this is why the King of the Elementals talk about destructive human beings...there have always been human beings with light and love in their hearts asking and reaching for help and thanks God now there is more Light in the planet than ever......thanks to these precious souls(human beings) that reached for help and Sanat Kumara , the Ascended and Angelic Beings and Planet Venus that responded to our call.
So please don't take his words personally.......he is referring to a human beings that the hatred within them was so strong that they were destroying all beauty and purity of Creation that it was created upon this planet.
And because of this...... the Elementals (creators of nature) they started to die so Peter asked for help and this is WHY THE ELEMENTAL BEINGS LEFT THE SURFACE OF THE EARTH....
So please send them your love .....because they can listen to your heart....they have been waiting for centuries to come back to the Surface of the Earth.....and they are just so happy to hear from us...human beings.

Peter , king of the Elementals speaks in the "Radian Rose conclave " 2009,He shared with us how sad was to leave this Earth because of the hatred on surface of our the Planet and the precious elemental kingdoms started to die.He shared with us how the Land Pan in the Atlantic Ocean was their home and why it was removed from the surface of the Earth by the 7 Mighty Elohims of Creation ....this is an amazing discourse I had tears overtime I listen to this discourse
He also named Atlantis and Lemuria ...(the whole discourse is about an hour )
God bless him and all the precious elementals ♥ ♥ ♥
FOR MORE INFO about this discourse and conclave :
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