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Reality Check - The Real (Jesus) Jmmanual, and the 2nd coming Pt4/6

Stewart and Janet Swerdlow discuss the history of the real Jesus (Jmmanual). They discuss the evidence of Jmmanuels life from their recent tour of the South ...

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Comment by CHRISTINA on September 21, 2015 at 4:32am


Comment by CHRISTINA on September 20, 2015 at 7:51pm

Stewart Swerdlow - Hyperspace 101 Pt1/24

Comment by CHRISTINA on September 20, 2015 at 7:37pm

from the 10:56-minute mark: stewart swerdlow on Jesus (Jmmanuel):

"Jmmanuel was a genetic manipulation. And his role was to take certain segments of humanity and steer them in another direction, but you may recall that there were 20 years of his life where [he] was missing. From these 20 years [he was] in Tibet, he was in Egypt, all these mystery schools... and the answer is yes, he was in these places and I can’t prove it but I believe that he was aware of his programming but he was also aware of the true ancient, spiritual information and so what he presented was kind of a mix between true spirituality and the programming, but also let’s keep in mind in the 1800s, I believe it was in the 1800s in Egypt they uncovered the Nag Hammadi documents: the Gospel of Philip, the Gospel of Thomas and the Gospel of Mary Magdalene and each one of them showed that there should be no intermediary between mankind and God Mind [All That Is]. We can go directly there. That there is no need for ceremonies and ritual and religion, that is all in your mind and your being and I believe those documents showed the true revelation of what the Christ figure was speaking, not the programming version that we see in christianity now. That’s the programming version.


And so this is why the Vatican has kept it locked up and I had../...know some of those insiders in the Vatican and I can tell you that they have information there that would take away their religion...and here is, if I may talk about this, if it’s ok with you. This is something I will tell you this insider person told me the highest bishops in the Vatican told this person that they don’t believe in religion... that that’s for the people. They believe in other things and they know other things. This is what was told [by] the assistant to the pope.."

question from the interviewer: "Other things may be?"

stewart: "Like they do satanic ritual....

They have sexual orgies there...

This person told me he saw such things.... that they can’t even talk about it cause it makes them sick through the things he saw in the Vatican..


And the Vatican knows about Hyper Space language and they know about colour therapy. And this person was taught as they would be a spokes person for the Vatican at one time, that when they speak in front of an audience that they put themselves in bright red colour..

Now as you know from my Hyper Space classes that the bright red is anger and sexuality and hostility and aggression..

So why would the pope want the bishops and the spokes people from the Vatican to be in this colour?

to intimidate the audience, to make them afraid so that they listen to whatever they are told to do....

So it’s very interesting how the Vatican uses the colour therapy and uses it for their own method of control and programming of the population..."

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