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part 2 of best official ivestigation on climategate

This one is very well done for those who want to know who recieved the bogus data to use to promote agendas based solely on this data very god how can they defend such damning evidence that shows the end game from this would be to hand over to a global government control of the United States .And know you want to know why Obama was sending the last remaining troops here in the states to afganistan that was so there would be no one here to dehend off a power grab of the states from harming the citizens who would resist sounds crazy but this is what this president was going to hand over but instead is trying to give that same power over to the EPA to which the EPA is know in a global accordance of law with the UN .This sounds like a movie out of hollywood these bastards will not give there rule of the world up WITH ALL THEY HAVE INVESTED IN IMPLEMENTING THERE RULE OF THE WHOLE WORLD

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