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Comment by Carolyn on Friday

What in HELL is happening!  loll

That's what Mark said in what his his podcasts. He wants to change it to What in Hell is happening 

Comment by Carolyn on Friday

Or yes using it as a tool to peddle the truth and joining in in this spiritual war that holds the key to humanity's future and future generations to come. Evolve or perish. Rise to the occasion or drives yourselves into extinction by stupidity apathy and naivete. 

Use it to fulfill your mission and soul contract Starseeds so you can reach a wider audience and spread the truth far and wide.

Not for purposes of garnishing compliments and attention

Comment by CHRISTINA on Friday

david icke and mark passio have been using facebook as a tool to raise awareness about what on earth is happening 

Comment by Carolyn on Friday

See everything could be offset by our unwillingness to oblige them and play along. They knee this Facebook who ensnare humans because they know how human consciousness ticks but people could have foiled their plan by using t for reasonable purposes instead of the frankenstein monster they helped it to become. So they are always falling into their dysfunctionals trap.

If people used it for purposes like their business to advertise or just to stayn in touch with family or friends long distance much of their plans would have been foiled. Or atleast off set quite a bit.

Comment by Carolyn on Friday

If Facebook had ever been used properly as it was originally intended and not used and abused like it is or used as an escape from real life interactions,  or as a tool to harm people or self promote,  videos like these would never have to be made.

Its outlived its usefulness and it IS destroying society even further which was its intent. It was done by design by the owners to further in humanity's degradation. 

Just another enslavement tool that everybody subscribed to. And they can monitor the population as well so its really a win win for them.

Comment by CHRISTINA on Friday

i'm not on FBook either.

but if you want to peddle truth you can use it as a tool, why not?

Comment by Carolyn on Friday

I must be a real hermit and recluse. i don't social network at all. Sometimes i may browse some of these social media pages if their is a meme that resonates with me , of if there's an important message Id like to share but that's about it.

My only social media platforms are Ning. This one for other Lightworkers and starseeds and one other. I use them as tools to peddle truth and to share images and messages of high vibration i don't socialize on them.

Yup i guess I'm anti social and proud of it. I have pressing urge to let the world know what i'm ''Up to"

There's only a couple of people i care to share than info with and i'll CALL them. No social media middleman required

Comment by Carolyn on Friday

Is he going to f*ck me with his dick or f*ck me with Facebook! 

That's what i always say!  LOLL

Comment by Carolyn on Friday

Sharing tanks

Comment by Carolyn on Friday


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